There is a saying that states, “Your success has an enemy, and its name is Stress.”
It almost feels as if not a day goes by without hearing the word stress, doesn’t it?
Innumerable studies have proven that stress not only stands in the way of achieving your personal and professional life goals, but also creates an environment that fosters tremendously dangerous health risks.

It is one of the most difficult reactions to conquer, which makes it one the most important coaching modules I offer.

Continuing a trajectory which promotes or indulges stress is a disaster waiting to happen. It impedes progress. Relationships. Productivity. Focus. Enjoyment. Happiness. Health…in a word, it impedes Everything. But with work, determination, and commitment, you can win the war against stress and reclaim a life where you hold the reins.

what We can control is how we react to stress. That’s where coaching enters the equation.

Rodney’s coaching emphasizes the importance of identifying the common and not-so-common stress triggers you face on a regular basis, and how to manage and even avert the amplified, stress-driven responses that follow.

These responses may be rooted in past negative experiences, irrational thoughts, or long-held anxieties or fears that have been allowed to exponentially grow. They can also spring from unexpected, unwanted life challenges – challenges such as financial problems, unemployment, illness, divorce, or the loss of a loved one. Some triggers are clearly idiosyncratic, like being stuck in traffic.

By acknowledging your triggers and responses to stress with honesty and candor, an actionable plan can be applied with measurable success.

From lifestyle changes, enhanced spirituality, and better fitness programs, to putting the brakes on everyday habits that invite and encourage stress, Rodney coaches how to transform your outlook on the situations and even the people who drive your stress, and adopt a new way of thinking, acting, and reacting.

With the proper coaching and guidance, you can beat stress, reclaim your control, and improve your health.

The sooner you do, the better. Your life – the one you deserve to enjoy – may depend on it. Act now!