Reach a diverse audience of game-changers with your message.

Do you have an amazing story, inspiring message or unique insight the world needs to hear?

The Game Changer Mentality podcast, hosted by Rodney Flowers, is the platform for meaningful conversations and actionable advice about leveling up in life and business.

In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools his audience of over 50k listeners can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion.

All of Rodney’s keynotes are available as in-person and virtual presentations.

Who is Rodney, and who does he interview?

Rodney Flowers is an acclaimed resilience and reinvention expert who has dedicated his life and talents to sharing the lessons of his unique lived experience with others.

Known for his proven Game Changer Mentality method, Rodney helps individuals and audiences leverage the learned skill of resilience to bounce back from any challenge and realize their highest potential.

On his podcast, Rodney interviews authors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders – as well as everyday people with remarkable experiences and expertise.

What we look for in a podcast guest

The Game Changer Mentality podcast is all about real conversations with people who aren’t afraid to open up about their failures and successes along the path toward discovering their highest selves.

Rodney looks for guests who:
Are an open book about their journey, including the hardships and lessons learned

  • Have a topic they’re passionate about sharing
  • Lead with valuable takeaways for the audience (not a sales pitch)
  • Are willing to dive into tough issues with authenticity, kindness and humor
  • Present their topic in a clear, concise and easy-to-digest way

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