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Books are powerful agents of change.

They deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. They inspire, motivate and illuminate. They facilitate community, encouraging empathy and connection.

That’s what Rodney’s book club is all about: Growth and fellowship.

When we share stories, we share strength. Join us.

How does Rodney’s book club work?

As a member of Rodney’s online reading community, you’ll join readers worldwide to explore a monthly selection that celebrates the power, courage and resilience of the human spirit.

Each month, Rodney – our discussion leader (and book-lover-in-chief) – selects a book intended to support self-discovery and personal development.

There’s no formula to the books we discuss – the only criteria is that they inspire, challenge or empower us to take action toward positive change.

Who is Rodney?

Rodney Flowers is an acclaimed resilience and reinvention expert who has dedicated his life and talents to sharing the lessons of his unique lived experience with others.

Known for his proven Game Changer Mentality method, Rodney helps individuals and audiences leverage the learned skill of resilience to bounce back from any challenge and realize their highest potential.
A book lover since childhood, he’s also an international bestselling author.

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