How many times have you found it difficult to stay focused on your goals and aspirations, especially during times of challenge an adversity? When times are tough, it is common to find yourself wondering when the hardships in your life will go away. The truth is, life’s hardships never truly fade away. They are ordinary experiences of life. However, you can use these experiences to your advantage by viewing them as growth or creative opportunities.

When you view life’s challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth, you position yourself to capitalize on the experience.

Consider the following insightful truths to gain the competitive advantage when experiencing tough times.

1. Pain can be a driving force.

Often challenges and adverse conditions causes pain. From an incredibly young age, we have been taught that pain is a negative force, however this is not always the case. Pain can sometime serve as a light house to help you navigate change.

I remember lying in bed one night, when I was paralyzed from the neck down. I was lying there in emotional and spiritual pain. The pain led me to ask myself certain questions about why I was emotionally and spiritually hurt and what I could do to change it. Asking myself these questions and being honest with myself led me to discover that my hurtful situation was one of the greatest opportunities for change, growth, and development. It allowed me to discover and revision the goals and objectives I have for myself. And because I was in so much pain, I was willing to commit to my newfound vision and goals as I knew it was the only thing that would replace my pain.

2. Your mindset determines your reset.

I believe that if you are alive and breathing, you are on the field of adversity in the game of life. And in this game, there are no rules, anything goes.

How you react to hardship often determines how much of it you will experience.

In the game of life, opposition, challenges, and resistance is a common element of the game. The more you accept that and stop expecting to experience life without challenge and opposition, the more prepared you will be to take on challenge and opposition as it presents itself in your life.

Having the right perspective and mindset in relation to the challenges you experience, places you in power position to learn, grow, develop, and overcome. It immediately puts in the position to progress beyond the obstacle and succeed.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” -Joseph Campbell

3. Most fears are false representations of reality.
Many of the fears that we experience are not fears physical threats, but more so fears developed from narratives we have created in our minds.

The lack of clarity creates uncertainty and left unchecked uncertainty breeds fear. Fear expresses false expectations appearing real.

To get beyond tough times, you must be able to face these fears head on and expose them for the false realities that they are. When you repeatedly put yourself in uncomfortable and fearful situations you convince your mind that there is nothing to fear. By forcing yourself through the discomfort via courage and determination, you cause the discomfort dissipates and you gain control.

“Overcoming Fear: The Only Way Out is Through,” by Psychology Today

Take action to practice these truths and keep them in mind to help you find solutions to the challenges in your life.

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