I’ve said before that true change is up to you, regardless of your circumstances. We can’t use situations or toxic people in our lives as an excuse to stay stagnant, letting our own lives slip through our fingers as the years pass. At the same time, I understand that the road can seem lonely. Change is painful. The struggle is real, as they say! So today I have an encouraging word to share about how you are not truly alone in the world, because there is a greater energy working for and within you. There’s more to your life than meets the eye: you are a spiritual being.

Let that sink in for a minute.

You— yes, you!— have access to the creative energy that moves with life-giving force across the universe.

In today’s article I’m going to cover the basics of why you should believe (as I do!) in the higher power that created everything. Then I’ll delve into the 3 steps for harnessing that power to work in, through, and for you. Tapping into this energy will make you a stronger, happier person. Get ready to let your light shine!

First things first. What is this higher power?

I believe that there is a force in the world that is at the center of everything. Yes, everything. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It is the cause and effect of itself. It is evenly present in all places at all times. It built the universe, causes the Earth to spin around the sun. It makes the grass grow. It turns an acorn into an oak tree. It causes the leaves to cascade from the trees in the Fall, and then return in the Springtime. It causes the waves to crash against the shoreline, the wind to blow, and your heart to beat without your prompting.

This energy is present in everything. Whether you call it God, or the Universe, or simply pure energy, it is there. Quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone could deny the existence of this creative energy. How do you think you were formed? This same energy that transforms a seed into a plant is the energy that formed you! It is constantly moving, and everything we see— everything we are— is the expression of this energy. You are an expression of this energy. How can you possibly believe you don’t have the power to live a fulfilling life when you were born of the same unwavering energy that holds the planets in space? The same energy that changes the seasons and allows life to bloom year after year is responsible for creating you.

So how can you let this higher power work in you, through you, and for you?

1. It starts with awareness.

As I’ve already mentioned, your own life began because of this creative energy. The beauty is that we humans have the unique ability to tap into that energy. We connect to this power through the creative process.

Let me explain: As humans, we are all born creative. This is a gift. You and I can think of an idea, which is evidence of how we’ve been created in the likeness of the Creator’s energy. Awareness of our own spiritual energy is important. We harness a bit of the universe’s or “God’s” power when we create an image in our minds. This creative energy has the potential to lift our lives from mediocre to absolute abundance, if only we allow it. It doesn’t take much. It all begins with you and your awareness of its existence.

2. Choose abundance.

Once you are aware of your connection to this energy, choose the path to abundance. Here’s where I remind you that it is your responsibility to harness this energy and aim it in the proper direction. You are not only a spiritual being. You also have intellect. Unlike the birds and the trees, which must naturally follow God’s order (or the order of the Universe), you have the ability to choose whether to follow the Divine order of abundance and creativity.

In other words, you can decide how much or how little you will use this energy and express it within your life. You get to write your own script and play the starring role.

There’s no limit to this power; thus there’s no limit to the life of abundance you can create for yourself.

The nature of this energy is the advancement and development of life (increase)—and it lives in all, and lives in you, and is constantly seeking the enlargement of itself. However, we have the freedom of choice. We can choose to let it work for us like electricity. We must choose to let it. Remember, you’re a spiritual being, and we know Spirit is always moving toward expansion and greater expression. By choosing to learn how we relate to this power and how to use it in our lives, we raise our level of knowledge and can begin to create a life we really want and enjoy.

It’s up to you! No excuses. You are created by a Higher Power, and made in that likeness, so do not let your situation convince you otherwise! Do not let your shadow-self take over. You must believe that you are meant for constructive, joyful, and abundant living (or whatever it is you really want). The choice is yours.

3. Set your eye on the prize.

So what is the image you have for your life? It’s not constructive to wish for success once in a while and spend most of your days whining about your sad circumstances. No! Now that you realize you have the potential to connect to the life-giving power of a Higher Being, and you’ve chosen the path of creativity or abundance, set an image for success in your mind and keep it there! Work with this image constantly. Build up your desire for change, and then your behavior will begin to change to match it. As change begins, you begin to experience what it means to harness the same energy that created you. Results will begin to show up in your life—propelling you toward the physical manifestation of the image you hold in your mind!— and you will know that you are using the spiritual energy in you to connect with the universal energy all around. This is called the creative process. This is creation on a small scale.

Remember how I said that this energy is like electricity? Imagine a light bulb. If you plug a 20-watt bulb into electricity, it will illuminate a 20-watt bulb. However, if you decided to put a 1000-watt light bulb into the same power source, that electricity will have no problem illuminating the higher-watt bulb. We all have access to this electric energy, and you can decide how bright you want your light to shine. So dream your dream. Create the vision you desire for your life.

Remember, regardless of how your life looks today, you were not created to be a victim.

Take heart in knowing that you are a spiritual being, who can choose to access the creative energy that exists all around you. This should bring you great peace, because now you know that while the choice is yours, you are not truly alone. Just think: The purpose of this Higher Power— this energy I’ve discussed— is for the fulfillment and sustainment of life. That includes your life.

I will leave you today with a quote from Bob Proctor, whose words have encouraged me even in my own journey to choose God’s order of creative living (the Divine call to “Get Up!” And progress my way through life):

This creative energy flows to you and through you, and you have the ability to give it form through the proper use of your imagination. As one of the first laws of the Universe, this perpetual transmutation of energy allows you to give form to the images you hold in your imagination and subconscious mind.

Remember, you have the ability, because you have in you a spark of the energy that is the Source of everything. It’s up to you to recognize it, choose it, and use it to create the life you desire.

To your Game Changing Success,