An immersive 8-week program for getting
unstuck and taking bold action toward your dreams

Has life knocked you down?
Feel like you don’t have what it takes to get back up again?

You can rise above any obstacle — and be better than ever.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I can prove that it’s true. Let me show you…

“Rodney Flowers encourages you to think positive, never give up and keep working hard towards your dreams.
His ability to surpass obstacles, overcome adversity, and rise to his level of success is truly amazing.
For all he has done and continues to do to help those around him speaks volumes about his heart!
Rodney is truly an inspiration.”

– Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author

Books are powerful agents of change.

They deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. They inspire, motivate and illuminate. They facilitate community, encouraging empathy and connection.

That’s what Rodney’s book club is all about: Growth and fellowship.

When we share stories, we share strength. Join us.

How does Rodney’s book club work?

As a member of Rodney’s online reading community, you’ll join readers worldwide to explore a monthly selection that celebrates the power, courage and resilience of the human spirit.

Each month, Rodney – our discussion leader (and book-lover-in-chief) – selects a book intended to support self-discovery and personal development.

There’s no formula to the books we discuss – the only criteria is that they inspire, challenge or empower us to take action toward positive change.

Setbacks are a certainty in the game of life.

As a young man, one violent moment on the football field changed my life forever. Doctors told me I’d never walk again. My dreams of NFL stardom were instantly crushed, and in place of “Rodney Flowers, MVP,” I was given a devastating new label: Quadriplegic.

People who had once celebrated my limitless potential now felt pity. Hell, I threw a pity party for myself for quite some time. Simple things I had taken for granted — getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, dressing, brushing my teeth — felt utterly impossible.

At times, I wondered: Is this life worth living? I was desperate for answers and, eventually, I found them where I least expected it… within.

In the face of adversity, will you crumble or conquer?

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s this:

The power to conquer any challenge is already within you.

Skeptical? I get it. At the depths of my despair, I wouldn’t have believed it either. But I am living proof that it’s true.

Things started to shift the moment I decided I would not accept my “fate.” Determined to defy the odds, I set a new goal: To get up from my wheelchair and walk tall again.

Today, I’m walking, driving, lifting weights… all things doctors said I would never do again. Beyond that, I’m leading others to find their inner strength and achieve goals they once thought “impossible.”

Get up, bounce back and win — with me, Rodney Flowers, as your guide

There are moments that change the direction of your life. But they do not define you — unless you let them.

The life you want is on the other side of fear, doubt, and resignation. Do not give in. GET UP.

I did it, and you can too. Step by step, I’ll show you how. With me by your side, you cannot fail.

Ready to reach your greatest potential? Join me on this journey.

GET UP AND ACHIEVE MORE is an 8-week, action-oriented program that will empower you to:

✔ Break free from the self-imposed shackles holding you back
✔ Let go of limiting beliefs to make way for blessings and abundance
✔ Awaken the amazing power you have within to overcome any challenge
✔ Use past setbacks as fuel for your future successes
✔ Turn hopes and dreams into your everyday reality

You’ll learn how to put into practice all of the strategies, tools, and principles I’ve devised over the last three decades. Hundreds of individuals and organizations have worked with me to bounce back from adversity, develop unshakeable resilience, and cultivate a game-changer mentality toward life challenges. Will you be the next success story?

Build unstoppable momentum, week by week

Get Up and Achieve More is an 8-week online course that includes group discussions and activities, open forums, exercises, tools and practices built around 16 life-changing lessons.

The momentum you build as you move through each week will fill you with the energy, confidence and drive you need to achieve anything you can imagine for yourself.

Week 1
Lesson 1 – Grit up, don’t give up: Make the decision to realize your dream.
Lesson 2 – Failure is not an option. It’s only a state of mind.

Week 2
Lesson 3 – Don’t just do it for you. Lead by example.
Lesson 4 – Seek out life’s challenges: What goes unchallenged goes unimproved.

Week 3
Lesson 5 – Be willing to do whatever it takes. Action turns dreams into reality.
Lesson 6 – Ignite small accomplishments. Celebrate small wins.

Week 4
Lesson 7 – Fire and desire: You have to want it so bad you can feel it.
Lesson 8 – The power of belief: You have the ability to overcome any challenge.

Week 5
Lesson 9 – Your mind is your greatest asset. Control it or it controls you.

Week 6
Lesson 10 – Take responsibility for your success. Act with purpose. Lesson 11 – Defeat moments of despair through planned action.

Week 7
Lesson 12 – Give gratitude for your strengths while working on your weaknesses.
Lesson 13 – Energy flows where focus goes. Concentrate on what you can do.

Week 8
Lesson 14 – Count your blessings, but don’t use all your fingers.
Lesson 15 – The past is your experience. The future is your opportunity.
Lesson 16 – You can and you will. The world is waiting on you to win.

“What do you do when you get knocked down from the pinnacle of life? How do you recover when you find yourself stuck in the darkest place imaginable, unable to move? You have one of two choices: You languish in the quagmire or…you GET UP!
Rodney Flowers did just that. He got up…
Rodney has transcended a life-changing injury by accepting it as a gift from God. From it he has learned much about himself and about life. He has grown immensely and now stands tall…”

– Dr. Terry A. Gordon

Author and American Heart Association National Physician of the Year, 2002

GET UP AND ACHIEVE MORE program details
  • Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to get off the sidelines and start creating the future they want
  • Time commitment: One 90-minute group meeting a week for 8 consecutive weeks, plus exercises in between. Plan to spend 2 hours of dedicated time per week.
  • Where the training takes place: Online via video conference
  • Investment: Special pricing of $997 for a limited time only

Register by February 28, 2023, and pay just $997 for the entire 8-week course, plus get exclusive bonuses, including:

✔ Two 20-minute one-on-one coaching calls with bestselling author, executive coach and master facilitator Rodney Flowers ($840 value)
✔ Supporting materials for each training session and a Get Up and Achieve More workbook ($500 value)
✔ Access to the private Get Up and Achieve More Facebook mastermind group ($200 value)
✔ Access to members-only content on ($185 value)
✔ Meditation audio – relax your way to success! ($35 value)
✔ A signed copy of my bestselling book Get Up! I Can’t, I Will, I Did…Here’s How! ($20 value)

The time to take bold action
in the direction of your dreams is NOW.

Are you game?