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Solve any problem with a structured, systematic approach — and strategic support

Collaboration. Communication. Innovation. Every organization knows successful outcomes require these elements. But, often, they lack the strategic lens necessary to clearly see — and solve — the problem.

In these times of rapid change, it’s can be difficult to press pause and take stock. Caught up in the midst of “doing,” the important work of defining (or redefining) strategy can fall to the wayside.

The most effective leaders understand the need for a systematic, human-centered approach to solutions design. And they rely on the expertise of experienced, objective consultants to help them succeed.

Rodney Flowers has spent nearly a decade helping organizations of all sizes solve problems and unearth new ideas to drive greater success.

Using his experience as master facilitator, certified executive coach, seasoned Military Scrum Master and acclaimed resilience trainer, Rodney leverages design-thinking methods and human-centered design approaches that empower teams to develop viable solutions to complex, real-world problems.

Whatever the challenge, Rodney will lead your leaders to uncover greater clarity and invaluable insight so they can push beyond the status quo and deliver excellence.

“Coming together to leverage design-thinking methods resulted in major benefits and meaningful takeaways for our team.

What we did with Rodney in just a day would have taken us months of weekly meetings.”


Organizations engage Rodney to facilitate workshops around:

Creative problem-solving
Agile product development
Customer and employee experience
Diversity, equity and inclusion
Solutions and process design
Capability building (training and mentoring)
Business strategy
Co-creation (among customers, employees, volunteers, donors, partners)
Leadership and peak performance

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