game changer mentality

Equip your players with tools to take on whatever comes – and win.

game changer mentality

Equip your players with tools to take on whatever comes – and win.

Rodney’s bold work as a resilience trainer has made him a trusted resource for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs alike. Whether working with a team or one-on-one, Rodney will leave you feeling driven to reach new heights – and outfitted with tools to go the distance.

– Shane Austin, professional athlete and President of Extreme Focus

Why resilience is the unsung hero of success

The modern business landscape is defined by disruptive change and uncertainty. Stress, overwhelm, and burnout are on the rise – resulting in billions of lost profits, increase employee turnover, and compromised decision-making capability. In fact, research shows workplace exhaustion costs corporations over $62 billion a year. And it’s only getting worse.

So, how can you dominate the game when the playing field is tilted against you? By learning, practicing, and mastering one mission-critical skill: Resilience.

Resilience is the ability to withstand, recover, and grow in response to stressors and changing demands. It’s a valuable and practical skill-set for employees at all levels of an organization.

Resilient players bend when others break. They find opportunities where most see only obstacles

When resilient people encounter a challenge, winning becomes the only option.

When a company has resilient leaders and workers at all levels, there is no doubt it will bounce back from even the most devastating situations. The effect is profound.

studies show employees who received resilience training experienced:
  • 70%  reduction in depression
  • 48% reduction in stress
  • 23%  reduction in anxiety
How Resilient Is Your Organization?

To see how your team or organization rank on the resilience scale, take Rodney’s free 5-minute online

Looking to produce these results and more in your organization?
Rodney Flowers’ Game Changer Mentality
framework is the way.

Combining his unique lived experience with proven behavioral science, Rodney has created a battle-tested method for reducing stress, improving performance, and maximizing profits.

Rodney’s resilience training program will help you:

  • Develop clarity and insight to reshape your perception of obstacles and turn them into opportunities.
  • Cultivate the confidence and know-how to bounce back from any setback – and win.
  • Learn daily rituals to help you shut out distractions, maintain focus, and consistently dominate your game.
  • Discover simple, reliable tips and tricks to help flip the momentum back in your favor when things shift.
  • Acquire the vision necessary to get unstuck and advance beyond inevitable changes and disruptions.
  • Reignite your drive to push beyond resistance and fly over hurdles on your path to greatness.
” Rodney is a powerhouse. He oozes wisdom, and his process for achieving greater results is transformational. “

– Chris Burns, Chief Growth Officer at Burn It Up Coaching Inc

What is game changer mentality?

It’s an ethos that enables MVPs to thrive under pressure and turn the tides when it matters most.

It’s the out-of-nowhere 4th-quarter pass that changes the momentum of the whole game.

It’s making the break of the final stretch when your lungs are on fire and your legs feel like anchors.

It’s getting back up when every muscle in your body is telling you to quit.

It’s relentless resilience. Unstoppable, indomitable spirit.

It’s about rising up to make a game-changing play, in spite of the odds or the obstacles.

Every situation, Every time. No matter what.

” Rodney is that loving, inspiring push that everyone needs at some point in life to get up and pursue greatness. “

– Dr. Stem Mahlatini, Licensed Psychotherapist

“I wanted to THANK YOU personally for the inspirational, motivational & spiritually uplifting talk. You’re an incredible man, Rodney, with a truly enlightened soul. I deeply appreciate your story & superb guidance. I absolutely resonated with much of the insightful advice that you shared.”

Matthew J. Colon Defense Pricing & Contracting (DPC)

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