Have you ever wondered what it is that motivates men and women to do great things?

Have you ever read an interview with a successful entrepreneur, business person, or CEO and wondered what it is about them that makes things seem to just happen for them? Have you ever watched a football game and been amazed at the athleticism involved in a given play?

What is the common factor that all these people share?

What is it about them that lets them be so successful in their chosen field? I want to let you in on a little secret: it is the fire that burns within them. The fire that burns within them is what drives them, pushing them to attain higher levels of performance, whether that performance be on the sports field or in the boardroom. The fire is what keeps them going when they feel discouraged; the fire is what drives them to get up again and again and again no matter how many times they run into difficulty.

Some people, wanting to justify their own mediocrity, would say that a successful athlete is successful because of God-given talent. Or they may say that a successful business person is that way because he or she was born into wealth and has the resources necessary to learn how to operate in the business world and establish a successful business.

It certainly helps to have unusual athletic prowess. Likewise, it certainly helps to be born into a certain economic status. However, these things by themselves certainly do not guarantee any level of success.

There are thousands and thousands of former athletes who have the same athletic ability as those who continue to play in professional sports leagues today. However, these athletes are themselves not playing in any league; not because they lack the athleticism, but because they lack the inner fire. Whether it is taking plays off and on the field, only giving a small effort in practice, not bothering to study the playbook, or whatever else it may be, they simply do not have the inner drive needed to be stars in their respective sports. Mere athleticism alone is not sufficient to make an athlete a success at the highest levels of the game. To be a successful sports figure you must possess both athletic ability and the inner fire that will push you to keep going even when you’re tired; even when you want to quit; even when it feels like it is pointless.

Likewise, there is no shortage of people who were born into a wealthy situations and yet through the course of their lives never became successful in any sort of business venture. This is because you need to have an inner drive, an inner fire, in order to be a successful business person. While it certainly does help to have access to resources, resources alone will not get you there. Rather, you must have an inner fire that burns intensely to shine your way through the dark nights of repeated challenges and setbacks.

There are many, many, people who were not born into wealth, but who possessed the inner fire to achieve their goals.

This inner fire kept them going when they wanted to quit. It caused them to get up again, and again, and again, and to keep fighting when all they wanted to do was throw in the towel.

The inner burning of your fire is what motivates you to get out of bed each morning and strive to reach your daily goals.

One way to keep the fire burning intensely is to regularly engage in visualization exercises.

To create your own personal version of this exercise, follow the following steps.

1. Create a detailed schema of what you desire

Ask yourself, “what do you really want?” Answer the question to yourself in written form. Be as clear and exact as possible. Imagine what it will feel like to have or experience the things you desire. Role-play in your mind and think and feel as you would once you obtain the very thing you desire. Write out how you will feel and describe the emotions you will encounter once you reach or obtain your goal. Visualize it over and over again with all of the senses (i. e. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What does it smell like?).

2. Revisit and revise your detailed schema of what you desire

Read through the visualization script several times. Make sure your detailed schema is as clear, and specific and defined as possible. It may take a few visits to get your schema exactly the way you want it.

3. Record yourself reading your visualization schema

Read it slowly, in a calm and relaxed manner. It should take between12-15 minutes. Note: The longer you pause between sentences when recording the better the visualization will be as it allows time for the images to appear in your mind when listening to your recording.

4. Listen to your detailed schema regularly

Listen to your visualization at a minimum of twice daily. The most effective time is first thing in the morning upon rising and last thing at night before going to bed.

5. Commit

Visualization is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals and obtain your desires. Make a commitment to practice listening to and visualizing your goals each day.

Engaging in visualization every day will help to stoke the fire burning within your being.

This will keep your desire for your ultimate goal burning hot and unquenchable, driving you to rise again and again, to grit up and seize the things that you want out of life. If you are diligent to do this, you will be amazed at the changes it brings about in your life.

To your Game Changing Success,


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