Team Building Keynote Speaker Rodney Flower

“Every player is essential and every player has the potential to be a leader.”
– Rodney Flowers, Keynote Speaker
How Resilient Is Your Team?

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For decades, companies have favored the same old leadership techniques.

But now, we’re in the middle of unprecedented change. While workplaces are becoming more diverse, how many voices are actually being heard? How many voices are invited to the table?

Forward-thinking leaders know we need to do more—do better—to go farther. They know that everybody at their organization has the potential to lead.

In this trail-blazing keynote, Rodney explores how one fundamental change can make a world of difference in boosting your team’s success.


The traditional leadership structure is broken.

To evolve, leaders and managers need to take on an essential new role.

They need to boldly open themselves to diverse ideas and experiences.

They must dare to be collaborative, cohesive and inclusive.

It’s their duty to create and foster agile teams that can face obstacles and challenges. Teams that will duck and parry, instead of collapsing under pressure.


We have an exciting opportunity to step into a new frontier. Today’s workplace connects individuals across regions, cities, and even countries. Whether your team is remote or in-person, if they’re agile, they’ll be able to overcome challenges…and beat the competition.

This isn’t the typical team-building talk that you’ve heard a billion times already. In this keynote, you can expect your perspective to shift as you learn how to:

· Optimize your org chart for peak agility

· Clarify your team’s goals and communicate them effectively

· Inspire your Most Valuable Players

· Put your team in the position to overcome challenge and adversity

· Develop a fluid and adaptable team that wins…again and again and again

After this team-building keynote, you’ll be inspired to flatten the hierarchy and lay the foundation for a ground-breaking new approach to management.

[An environment] must promote high emotional engagement; mutual accountability; open-mindedness; permission to speak freely; reporting of and tolerance for mistakes; a maniacal vigilance against arrogance, elitism, and complacency; and the devaluation of status and hierarchy.

– Edward D. Hess