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From personal and business success – to spirituality and purpose  – the GAME CHANGER MENTALITY Podcast is the place for motivational insights, powerful strategies, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully ‘Changed the Game’ in some area of their personal and business life. Obtain a higher awareness of how to produce positive change, achieve optimal results, overcome challenges, and become resilient in the face of adversity, setbacks, and obstacles of life.

Join the conversation as Rodney shares how to expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance, and create a life you enjoy living regardless of past or existing experiences.  Adopt the Game Changer Mentality!


Episode Blogs


GCM 44 | Orgasmic Life
  Mastering something may have taken you thousands of hours of studying but stepping out and manifesting it to everything that takes place in our lives could be a whole new challenge. Michelle LLC has been through this dilemma, realizing soon after the incredible things that happen when you step out in recognizing your strengths, value, and worth. Now, she is a certified transformational life coach and the founder of Divine Vision Center and Thick
GCM 43 | Spiritpreneur
  A lot of people are not reaching their full potential, and the reason why sometimes boil down to their own self-belief. Abiola Abrams is a Spiritpreneur, a success coach, author, award-winning motivational speaker who helps women, coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs to be seen, heard, and create movements around their big ideas. Known as the Self-Worth Midwife, she is passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthroughs. In this telling interview, Abiola defines what
GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen
Sometimes, life has a tendency of putting us on the hot seat. However, the challenges and the obstacles that we may have in our lives were put there to help us accomplish we should be accomplishing and contributing to the world. Business and life transformation expert and creator of The Miraculous Living Method Wendy Darling believes that you were brought into this world for a very special reason and purpose that no other person can
GCM 41 | Make It Happen
  Without a doubt, overcoming adversities is the elixir for making things happen and remaining unbeaten. Some say that pain is a gift in disguise because it gives rise to a passion. A person who is evidence of such is Rock Thomas, leader of I Am Movement and the “make it happen” expert. From humble beginnings that started on a farm just off the Island of Montréal to becoming a self-made millionaire, he knows how
GCM 40 | Domestic Violence
  There will always be a point in our life where a situation takes its toll and we finally have enough. We wake up one day and we knew we can’t be in the limbo for so long. One of these conditions is domestic violence. Being in an abusive relationship can have an effect on your emotional stability and mental health. Jennifer Foxworthy, a retired US Navy veteran and motivational speaker, dives into the issue
GCM 39 | Creating Wealth
  Have you thought of getting out of that nine-to-five job? Have you ever thought of leaving the corporate world but you’re too tied up to that grand money that it brings? How about having a freedom lifestyle while still making money? Cancer survivor Colleen Gallagher believes that every person on this planet has a unique gift. She shares how you can use that gift to rise up, live your truth, and make money from
GCM 38 | Social Media
  No matter how much you are doing good in your business, if you are not putting it out there on social media, you are missing out. Joshua Munoz believes this to be true with almost 70% of Millennials going on Facebook before Google to check your business. As the CEO of Grow Now Social Media Agency and as social media’s black belt, he knows how much social media can create an impact to your business,
GCM 37 | Plant-Based Diet
  We need food to survive, not just any food but the right kind of foods. Food is so vital that it’s important to know what’s healthy and not healthy. When you’re eating healthy, you’re feeling healthy and you’re feeling good in general. Food educator, raw food chef, and nutrition and lifestyle expert Danielle Arsenault says food is so powerful and it is our slow medicine. She is the founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education,
GCM 36 | Living Your Legacy
  We all want to leave a legacy that is worthy to be remembered, and the best way for that to happen is to live that legacy right now while you are still in this world. Scott Schilling, the Significance Expert and Co-Founder of YouPlus1, an organization committed to living a lifestyle of moments and memories, talks about how we can begin to live our legacy. We all want a better world to live in.
GCM 35 | Think React Lead
  Most people struggle getting out of bed. Think, react, and lead. This is a simple process that, when you let it into your system, will surely make a difference. Dom Faussette, bestselling author of Think React Lead, speaker, coach, and international speaker, walks us through this process and explains the importance of it not just to ourselves but to the people who we are supposed to lead. Learn how you can keep moving forward and