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In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

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GCM 31 | Domestic Violence
  Domestic violence can put individuals, especially women, in a place of feeling stuck and being paralyzed. Imagine going through something like that and wanting to forward your life? A lot of times, there are issues with confidence and self-esteem with women going forward after experiencing something like this. Amilia Powers of Value Ur Self is an advocate for women who have suffered some type of domestic violence. She’s an author, speaker, writer, and she’s
GCM 30 | Writing A Book
  Everyone has a book in them. If you are interested in writing a book, you want to tell your story, and you want to get things out into the world, Cevin Ormond is the guy for you to talk to. Cevin is a personal leadership, credibility, and influence expert. He’s also a keynote and inspirational speaker. Having been through a lot himself as a cancer survivor and a war veteran, he helps people with
GCM 29 | Psychology Of Productivity
  Many people tend to think that being productive means finishing a number of tasks in the shortest amount of time. However, what lies underneath that is far more rewarding than merely getting off work fast. Penny Zenker, international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author proves why she is one of America’s leading experts in the psychology of productivity. She talks about how we can eliminate distractions, perfectionism, and self-sabotage in order to maximize
GCM 28 | Selfless Service
  Everyone wants to be happy. However, with everything happening in the world right now, it can be hard to find the will to do so. In our workplace, we often encounter difficulties in having fulfilling work because what we do and our environment just does not make us feel happy anymore. We feel more and more disengaged. Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim takes us into that and leads us to be more engaged and happy by
GCM 27 | Athletic Mindset
  Succeeding in business has to do with pushing through the tough times to achieve results. Comparable to athletes’ mental processes, Silvica Rosca shares how to bring that athletic mindset into the business world. As a leadership expert, certified extreme focus coach, and entrepreneur, she talks about why it is necessary and how it can help us in our professional lives. She also puts forward how the athletic mindset can help build relationships, an important
GCM 26 | Being Overwhelmed
  We all arrive at that point where all our work piles up ahead of us. It becomes harder to keep track of what to do that sometimes we feel stuck. It seems the entire world is flooding before us and get so overwhelmed. Kathryn Kemp Guylay, coach, founder, management consultant, and CEO, talks about the “work plan” and how she helps people avoid being overwhelmed. She shares the importance of taking a break and zooming
GCM 25 | Abusive Relationship
  Success stories rarely begin with good memories, some of them are borne out of deeply scarring events. Marie Cosgrove is no stranger to that. Sharing a very heartfelt story, she talks about how she experienced one abusive relationship to the next and having to raise four children single-handedly. Rising from that, she is now an entrepreneur, investor, international speaker, and CEO of balanceback, the world’s leading manufacturer of diagnostic and treatment devices for dizziness,
GCM 24 | Mental Illness
  There are a lot of people living with mental illness. One in five Americans with mental illness delay seeking the necessary treatment because of the stigma surrounding the disability. Mental illness is a case that not everyone knows how to deal with. There are people that have mental illnesses that have side effects or symptoms as a result of that and they don’t know how to live their life with mental illness. Apart from that
GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller
  There are a lot of people out there that want to write books. Bestseller Maker Peggy McColl believes that everyone has a book in them. Peggy is a New York Times Bestselling author and an internationally recognized speaker, author, mentor and an expert in the area of goal achievement. She helps authors, entrepreneurs, experts and up-and-coming experts create valuable products, build their brand worldwide, make money online, and create bestsellers internationally. If you are looking
GCM 22 | Emotional Intelligence
  Suffering doesn’t make you weak, it only makes you stronger. That’s what Jalen Gildersleeve, founder and CEO Of MindHak, learned. MindHak is an AI-based application that teaches people emotional intelligence, self-compassion and emotional resilience. Having been born in Flint, Michigan, Jalen grew up surrounded by the belief that struggle, drugs and violence were the only obvious options for survival. After his mom moved the family to Atlanta, Georgia while in college, he was able