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GCM 63 | Having The Right Mindset
  As an athlete or entrepreneur, you have a clear vision of yourself of what it is you want to achieve. How do you maintain your focus and not allow pressures or failures to blur your vision? Jason Botts, a certified mindset coach to elite athletes and entrepreneurs and the Founder of Like a Beast, LLC, talks about how perseverance is key in achieving your goals. He also reveals the critical steps on how to
GCM 62 | Facing Adversities
  One of the few constants we all face in life is adversity. Whether we are successful or not, all of us encounter challenges and, in one way or another, have to move forward from them. In this conversation with keynote speaker, small business consultant, and personal coach Emily Harman, she talks about facing adversities and introduces her own just published podcast called Onward. Emily claims that adversities are not necessarily negative as there are
GCM 61 | Pursuing Greatness
  A lot of us feel like we’re stuck in a rut with nothing great to look forward to, and we often find ourselves wishing that we’re somebody else. Professional speaker and success coach Erik Swanson teaches us how to get unstuck and to propel ourselves to greatness. Erik tells the story of how he changed his life by making a conscious decision to be awesome and to be of service to others. Advocating the
GCM 60 | Scaling Up
  It’s the goal of every entrepreneur to one day take their business to the next level. However, it won’t be able to take off with momentum without a solid ground to push from. Lawyer, immigration concierge, and entrepreneur Lauren Cohen offers a one-stop solution for business owners who plan to scale up. Lauren introduces the assessment system that she developed called ScaleUpCheckUp, and discusses how it can ensure your success by filling in the
GCM 59 | Preventing Burnout
  Burnout in the workspace is very common these days that it has become quite alarming. Michael Levitt, the CEO and Founder of Breakfast Leadership, Inc., explains his advocacy in helping individuals and organizations prevent burnout from happening. Many employees are working overtime and are even bringing their works at home, leaving no time for family or themselves. Michael suggests that there should be boundaries that employees and employers should set. In this segment, Michael
GCM 58 | Spiritual Soundness
  Some people are not happy unless they have money, but for others, seeing people happy is already happiness. Calvin Swan, an Executive Consultant at Ambit Energy Success, shares the challenges he went through in life and the lessons he learned on his blessing journey. From a troubled teenager, he transformed himself into an educator, teaching people about saving and making money through Ambit. Calvin talks about the rejection and the resistance in his life
GCM 57 | Workplace Collaboration
  The success of a team greatly depends on how the leader is able to get the members to collaborate with each other. So how do we create collaboration in the workplace where there’s a drive to grow with the organization? Charmaine Hammond provides the answers to this. Charmaine is a highly sought out business keynote and workshop speaker, entrepreneur, author and educator who teaches an advocates the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and
GCM 56 | Getting Up
  Following the footsteps of a legendary parent and the pressure of accomplishing more can be very daunting. Such was the case for Marco “Da@nswer” Johnson. At the age of 27, Marco is carrying on the legacy of his father, world famous Willie “The Bam” Johnson. Marco is one of today’s most versatile martial artists and hottest entertainers. He is a six-time World Sports Karate Champion, a two-time MVP Point MMA Lightweight Champion, a martial
GCM 55 | Raise Your Game
  Mastering the fundamentals and the basics is the foundation in raising our game. However, implementing those things daily with effort, intensity, focus, and consistency is never easy to do. Keynote speaker and performance coach Alan Stein, Jr. introduces his book, Raise Your Game: High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best. Alan talks about the value of discipline, having great effort, tremendous focus, and consistently working on the basics to be able to perform. He
GCM 54 | Your Voice
  We give our voiceless credit than we should in our daily lives. Dr. Miluna Fausch has learned the importance and power of our voice not only in our personal lives but in business as well. Coming from a 9 to 5 world selling everything from advertising to grand pianos, Dr. Fausch has seen the impact of our voice when it comes to our confidence to speak authentically, clearly, consciously, and courageously. Now, as a