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GCM 87 | Financial Literacy
  Financial literacy is necessary not just for adults but also for children. The need for such reflects how the future will be for generations to come. Today, Rodney Flowers interviews Dr. Shirley Luu, an award-winning financial advisor, hands-on trainer, author, a national speaker on financial literacy, and renowned wealth guru. Dr. Luu talks about retirement planning and some common issues that people usually have with money, and shares some secrets that people should know
GCM 86 | CEO Space
  As a CEO, one of your most vital and important assets is your network. This is the raison d’être of CEO Space and why it’s become such a vibrant and essential space. Rodney Flowers interviews September Dohrmann, who is the President and CEO of CEO Space International about what it takes to be a CEO in the present environment in the business world. There are many factors that could bring you up to the
GCM 92 | Working Through Your Emotions
  Emotion is always a strong motivator of one’s actions, therefore human beings always have a tendency towards impulses brought on by any of the many emotions they’re feeling. This is why working through your emotions is such an important skill to learn. Dr. Erica Risberg is a cultural heritage consultant, voiceover talent, and host of All Things in the Name of Love. Together with Rodney Flowers, Erica takes a look at the origins of
GCM 85 | Limitless Mind
  Ever-evolving and growing humans as we are, there is no saying to the limits of what we can do. Author and advisor, Geoff Blades, invites us to explore who we are capable of being, beginning with the way we think. He goes deep into the game-changing mentality of the limitless mind, building yourself limitless to create that limitless reality. Urging us to dream up the most amazing versions of our lives and create it,
GCM 84 | Turning Your Life Around
  When things go way off the rails, turning your life around can be one of the most difficult things to imagine yourself doing, but fear not: it is possible. Of course, it’s not going to be easy because there’s so much work involved, but the power is—and always has been—in you. James Purpura is an entrepreneur, a philosopher, and the Co-Founder and President of Powerful U. James shares his arc of redemption with host,
GCM 83 | Shifting Our Mindset
  No matter what you do in the game of life, the mental part is the most important. Even in sports, connecting the mental with the physical is what’s going to separate you and lead you to success. A mindset mentor, mind shifter, Extreme Focus coach, and a professional baseball player, Zach Penprase is someone who greatly knows this to be true. In this episode, Zach shares with us the ways he helps individuals get
GCM 82 | Upside Down Thinking
  A question that begs exploring and that often goes unasked is, where is your mind? In the busy world we live in today, it is so easy to lose ourselves without minding the present moment—the consciousness that is experiencing now. A consciousness researcher and the author of An End To Upside Down Thinking, Mark Gober, sits down with host, Rodney Flowers, in a conversation about the mind and consciousness. Here, he presents a different
GCM 81 | Mental Performance
  In life and in business, there are internal and external factors that affect how we perform. This is something that Grant Parr has to deal with day in and day out. is a Mental Sports Performance Coach focusing on high impact and combat sports. His practice uses mental skills, techniques, and strategies to help athletes and coaches gain a competitive edge in their sports performances. In this episode, Grant joins Rodney Flowers on the
GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World
  We are now in one giant marketplace where AI is in control. Everything is new as far as economics.  On today’s show, Rodney Flowers and Berny Dohrmann, an investment banker, economist, and the CEO of Space International, talk about surviving this super changing world. Berny illustrates the importance of giving control to the teachers to take us back to traditional education where AI does not control learning and competition does not intoxicate leaders and
GCM 79 | Finding Your Purpose
  In order for us to achieve success and to live a happy, healthy life, we have to know our true selves first. To know one’s purpose points us to the right direction towards fulfillment. In this episode, host, Rodney Flowers, interviews author and inspirational speaker, Shaniqua Cousins. Listen to this episode as Shaniqua shares us her inspiring stories and valuable advice about finding our purpose and achieving our dreams. — Listen to the podcast