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Are you ready to get off the sidelines? Join Rodney on The Game Changer Mentality Podcast.

You’ll discover inspiring true-life stories, learn high-impact strategies for personal and professional success, and hear from the Game Changers who are redefining resilience every day.

In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

The conversations are engaging. The content is thought-provoking. The stories are compelling. So, what are you waiting for? Get your head in the game.

GCM 210 | Change
  We all have our shares of ups and downs in life, but the real question is: how do we handle those? Shifting our mindset into a better one could lead to outstanding results. When we adapt to change, we recognize that we are capable of driving ourselves into a positive and realistic path and discover our true potential. In this episode, International speaker and mentor Nadine Lajoie shares deep insights about the significance of determination in
GCM 209 | Psychology Of The Voice
  There is so much more to your voice than you think. Rodney Flowers dives into the whole psychology of the voice with Tracy Goodwin, the person behind Captivate the Room and leading expert in voice technique. Throughout her career, Tracy has helped thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and even celebrities transform their lives by using the power of their voice. In this conversation, she shares how you can use your voice as a tool to
GCM 208 Rear Adm. Kyle Cozad | Strategy For Overcoming Adversity
  We have all experienced life throwing us curveballs. Rodney Flowers’ guest today is no exception. Rear Adm. Kyle Cozad, the President and CEO at Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, has had his fair share of challenges and obstacles. Kyle has over 20 years of experience in command leadership roles and was responsible for diverse organizations and missions. Today, he shares how having a strategy and a systematic way to attack adversity enabled him to overcome and win it. Whenever we are facing adversity, it’s
GCM 207 David Cooks | Power Of Perspective
  When we hit a wall or encounter seemingly insurmountable struggles in our life, it can be difficult to move forward. Rodney Flowers’ guest in this episode is here to prove that regardless of whatever life challenges we face, we can shift our mindset and turn those challenges into opportunities. David Cooks is a T-6 paraplegic who is also an international speaker, business coach, and award-winning author. Today, he talks about the power of perspective
GCM 206 | Healthy Lifestyle
  People don’t realize how important a healthy lifestyle is until a health crisis comes along. Don’t wait for that to happen and start now. Eat the right food, move your body, sleep at night. These are all things you can do right now. To learn more about health, join your host, Rodney Flowers, and his guest, Cathy Biase. Cathy is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Professional Cancer Coach who specializes in the functional application
GCM 205 | Franchise Success
  Business success does not happen overnight. If you’re ready to work, then it may be time to invest in a franchise and start on your road to franchise success. Rodney Flowers is joined by America’s top franchise consultant, Kim Daly. Kim talks about how she got into the franchising space, and her path towards franchising success. Kim discusses what you need to know about franchising and how to choose the right franchise. Kim also
GCM 204 | Castleman Disease
When you’re at your lowest point in life, there’s one thing that you have to have, and that is hope. That is how David Fajgenbaum survived Castleman disease. David is a physician, scientist, author, and Co-founder of Castleman Disease Collaboration Network. Diagnosed with this very rare disease, he was at his wit’s end but found hope just as things were about to get worse. David found his cure, and he narrates the story of his journey with
GCM 203 | Dreaming Big
  Are you going after your dreams? Dreaming big is one thing, but working on it is another. What hinders us from achieving our dreams? Kimberly Cabot joins Rodney Flowers in this excellent discussion on setting goals and working towards them. Kimberly is an Executive Coach at the Handel Group, where they use The Handel Method to coach people in corporate and life divisions. She explains the process and clarifies what people’s dreams are, their
GCM 200 | Overall Wellness
  There’s never a bad time to think about improving your overall wellness. As cliché as it may sound, health is wealth always holds true whatever walk of life you’re in. Wellness expert Adri Kyser joins Rodney Flowers this episode to share her knowledge and wisdom on wellness as she explains why your health should be at the core of everything that you do. She goes on to elaborate on why taking control of your health would,
GCM 198 | Mental Discipline
  Sometimes, the path you start on isn’t always the same path you end up succeeding in. There are multiple roads you can take, and as long as you have the mental discipline and fortitude, all of these roads will only lead you to succeed. Joining Rodney Flowers in this episode is John Willkom, the Vice President of Business Development Ecommerce in The Stable. John started his career in basketball and played D1 basketball. He