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In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

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  Everybody deserves a second chance, an opportunity to bounce back and have another try at winning in life. You might have heard that quote thrown around pretty much everywhere, but it is certainly true in so many levels. For TEDx speaker, hip hop artist, pastor and certified John Maxwell coach, Darryll Stinson, tells us why. As a thought leader on athletic transition and founder and CEO of Second Chance Athletes, Darryll helps forgotten athletes
GCM 129 | Improving Health And Well-Being
  Drugs tend to serve temporary relief instead of offering better solutions to help people heal. In this episode, Niraj Naik, a holistic health expert and founder of Soma Breath joins Rodney Flowers to discuss the importance of holistic health and improving health and well-being. They talk about the dangers of taking prescription drugs and the over-dependence of people on these drugs that can’t heal you completely. Being an ex-pharmacist turned holistic expert, Niraj tackles the
GCM 131 | Meaningful Work
  With the world as it is, people oftentimes are afraid to extend a helping hand because of a traumatic personal experience. To discuss why your work is meaningful in a broader aspect and how to overcome fear is Shawn Askinosie. He is the Founder of Askinosie Chocolate, listing on the top 25 Best Small Companies in America, he and his team continue to provide help to those in need. Shawn and Rodney Flowers talk
GCM 127 | OnlineDegree
  We live in an interesting time when it is possible to be successful even without higher education, but that’s not how it works for most people. Grant Aldrich, the founder of, recognizes that for the average individual, finding a good career still requires having a college degree. Grant’s passion for affordable college education comes from a specific paint point in his life, having graduated out of college himself with a massive amount of
  Better and bolder leaders come from a place of resilience and an unbreakable mentality. They always push themselves to do better and be better. They have an almost irrational belief of what they can do that takes them to a higher leadership plane. Navy SEAL Commander, actor, bestselling author and founder of Ever Onward, Rorke Denver sees a lot of parallels between elite military training and business leadership. Speaking with Rodney Flowers, he shares the
  Do you want to gain more confidence? Do you want to lose weight? If you answer yes, then you are in luck because host, Rodney Flowers, has with him someone who cares about helping you achieve those things. In this episode, he sits down with the owner and the New York Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning. Contrary to conventional methods of losing weight, Drew put on 75 pounds on purpose and took
  Many know the word “metabolism,” but only a few understand what it is. Joining Rodney Flowers this episode to shed some truth and share his understanding about metabolism is Angelo Poli. Angelo is the founder and instructor at MetPro and has coached more than 20,000 people to achieve their fitness goals. Learn how metabolism behaves uniquely per individual and the factors you need to look into when setting your own fitness and nutrition goals. Know the math and
GCM 122 | Reinventing Yourself
  We all have times in our lives when we face very unexpected things. We find ourselves in situations brought about by change. However, these obstacles are what make people come out as champions as they pivot through transition and reinvent themselves. Adam Markel talks about how change and mentality can help us develop resilience to these types of situations. Adam is an executive business mentor focused on leading teams forward in times of change. Listen in
GCM 121 | Gut Instinct
  We all know about gut instinct. It’s that lump in your throat when you “know” you know something. It’s that uncertain certainty that you might be on to something. What if there is a way to access that gut instinct and actively expand it into creative intelligence instead of just hoping you’re going to somehow stumble into an idea about something? That is exactly what Laurie Seymour has to offer. Laurie is an international bestselling author,
GCM 120 | Fire And Flow
  We all have on and off days, but when it feels like we’ve been spinning out of our flow more than we’re used to, it can be quite frustrating—especially in moments when you need it most. How then can we reignite that fire and bounce back? In this episode, Rodney Flowers brings a guest who is perfectly qualified to answer that. He sits down with Asmaa Methqal, a connection catalyst, trainer, facilitator, and an advocate