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In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

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GCM 185 New | Sports Teams
  There probably is no greater example of the power of teamwork than in sports. Placed in a competitive environment, winning and losing all lies in how well the players work together. Sports broadcaster Joel Goldberg knows this to be true. As a member of the Kansas City Royals television broadcast since 2008, serving as the host of every pre-game and post-game show on FOX Sports Kansas City, Joel is someone who has seen and learned the greatest lessons
GCM 184 | Sweat It Out
  Do you want to become physically stronger? Then you need to sweat it out! In this episode, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from professional fitness coaches and entrepreneurs Anthony Mendez and Joshua Evans. Sweating it out not only applies to your physical health but to all areas of your life as well. Just as you need to have a strong mindset and commitment to your optimized schedule with your fitness goals, so too
GCM 183 | Unlimiting Beliefs
  What are your limiting beliefs, and how can you change them into unlimiting beliefs? Rodney Flowers’ guest today is Karen Brown, the author of Unlimiting Your Beliefs, who completed one of the toughest races in the world, the Ironman World Championship, and finished. Karen discusses the two sides of the spectrum of your unconscious mind you need to be aware of: limiting beliefs and unlimiting beliefs. To switch your limiting beliefs, which are unconscious behavioral patterns
GCM 182 | Your Voice
Do you have a story you want to share with the world? Rodney Flowers’ guest today is Tacy Trump, the Senior Executive Producer with VoiceAmerica Talk Radio. Tacy believes that now more than ever during this pandemic, people need to hear what you have to say. Why? Because many people are suffering, and they need to know that they’re not alone. We are all going through the same thing! You can inspire hundreds and thousands
  The best way to figure out how to obtain the freedom that you’re looking for is to talk to someone who’s already done it; someone like Jonathan Goldhill. Jonathan is the go-to expert for entrepreneurs looking to find their vision of freedom. He joins Rodney Flowers on today’s show to share how nearly losing their family business spurned him on to become a coach for others. He has a lifetime career of working with
GCM 199 Mary Hyatt | Emotional And Spiritual Challenges
  In one way or another, we’re all dealing with some type of emotional or spiritual challenge. Particularly in this current pandemic, these things have become even more felt. Joining Rodney Flowers in this episode is life and business mindset coach Mary Hyatt, who specializes in helping high-achieving female entrepreneurs move from living a life of burnout to a life where they are connected to their emotions, their body, and their spirit. Together, they explore the
GCM 180 Elliott Robertson | Spiritual Growth
  Your view of the world dictates what is possible. In this episode, spiritual growth coach Elliott Robertson joins Rodney Flowers as they dive into spiritual growth that comes from the inside out. Elliott shares some of his work with his clients and why being happy for no reason can dramatically affect your outlook. They also discuss how changing the habit of negative self-talk in your life can make a difference. Tune in and learn to be happy and have meaning in your life that
GCM 179 | Inner Connection
  The pandemic opened our eyes not only to how our medical services work but also to the way we approach our most challenging times. Without a meaningful inner connection with ourselves, we usually find ourselves drinking more or getting into many arguments. With so many things happening here and there, how can we get out of this endless traumatic loop? Author, speaker, and facilitator Dane Stevens joins Rodney Flowers in a meaningful discussion about the importance
GCM 178 | Resilient Communication
  The irony about language is that it can be a unifying force as well as a divisive one. How can leaders ensure that the way their teams communicate promotes understanding and unity towards a common goal? The idea of resilient communication may sound like a pipe dream when you look at how things are going on in the world right now communication-wise, but brilliant people like Bill Stierle are putting their minds at work
GCM 177 Tracy Timm | Sustainable Success
  Everyone wants to achieve success, but how to get there and what to get from it differs from one person to another. One thing’s for sure: nothing can go wrong with aiming for sustainable success. However, the road towards it will not be that smooth. Rodney Flowers sits down with Tracy Timm, the author and Founder of Nth Degree® Career Academy, to discuss why challenges are still bound to happen even if you have your core values aligned