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GCM 82 | Upside Down Thinking
  A question that begs exploring and that often goes unasked is, where is your mind? In the busy world we live in today, it is so easy to lose ourselves without minding the present moment—the consciousness that is experiencing now. A consciousness researcher and the author of An End To Upside Down Thinking, Mark Gober, sits down with host, Rodney Flowers, in a conversation about the mind and consciousness. Here, he presents a different
GCM 81 | Mental Performance
  In life and in business, there are internal and external factors that affect how we perform. This is something that Grant Parr has to deal with day in and day out. is a Mental Sports Performance Coach focusing on high impact and combat sports. His practice uses mental skills, techniques, and strategies to help athletes and coaches gain a competitive edge in their sports performances. In this episode, Grant joins Rodney Flowers on the
GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World
  We are now in one giant marketplace where AI is in control. Everything is new as far as economics.  On today’s show, Rodney Flowers and Berny Dohrmann, an investment banker, economist, and the CEO of Space International, talk about surviving this super changing world. Berny illustrates the importance of giving control to the teachers to take us back to traditional education where AI does not control learning and competition does not intoxicate leaders and
GCM 79 | Finding Your Purpose
  In order for us to achieve success and to live a happy, healthy life, we have to know our true selves first. To know one’s purpose points us to the right direction towards fulfillment. In this episode, host, Rodney Flowers, interviews author and inspirational speaker, Shaniqua Cousins. Listen to this episode as Shaniqua shares us her inspiring stories and valuable advice about finding our purpose and achieving our dreams. — Listen to the podcast
GCM 78 | Achieving Success
  Getting back up from a hard fall can naturally be difficult, but with perseverance, it can lead to success. In this episode, Rodney Flowers interviews Marques Ogden who is an international keynote speaker and marketing leader. Marques shares to us his four key pillars to achieving success. He also talks about how he fused the strategies he learned from NFL to business and leadership. Learn more from Marques as he tells his inspiring life
GCM 77 | Authenticity
  Being authentic is so important to connect, engage, and build relationships with people at work and with your audiences when you’re speaking. Today, Rodney Flowers interviews Mark Bowden, an internationally known speaker and expert in body language, human behavior, and communication. Mark takes a good look at authenticity and discusses how our perceptions of others affect our body language and communication with them. He also shares the four categories that our instinct put other
GCM 76 | Creating Your Beautiful Life
  We all have dreams of how we want our lives to be, but sometimes creating that beautiful life means facing our pains and hurts head-on. In this episode, Rodney Flowers talks with speaker and life coach Misty W. Gilbert about how she was able to embrace her pains and move past them to really shine through and live a life of purpose. Misty walks us through the different challenges and trauma she had to
GCM 75 | MindShifting Exercises
  Most people don’t realize it, but the secret to either success or failure has been in you all along. MindShifting exercises are the best way to begin the process of getting into the right state of mind for success. The author of MindShift On Demand: QUICK Life-Changing Tools, Donna Blevins, comes in to explain how MindShifting will benefit you, as well as some simple exercises to begin what could be a difficult process of
GCM 74 | The Conscious Consultant
  When we are more aware and awakened to reality, we become productive and happier. In this episode, Rodney Flowers talks to Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, about the importance of consciousness in life. Sam is a mentor, coach, speaker, healer, and serial entrepreneur who has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. Today, he talks about healing through consciousness, doing business with clear and healthy minds, healing yourself
GCM 73 | Map To Success
  Life is a huge race track that involves complex obstacles. Today, Rodney Flowers interviews international business consultant Nadine Lajoie about winning races and succeeding in her business and sports endeavors. Nadine, amongst her many achievements, is the author of Win the Race of Life… With Balance and Passion at 180MPH, an international speaker, and a championship motorcycle racer. Taking us through her journey of standing out in male-dominated motorcycle competitions, she her RACING map