The Game-Changer Mentality Podcast

Are you ready to get off the sidelines? Join Rodney on The Game-Changer Mentality Podcast.

You’ll discover inspiring true-life stories, learn high-impact strategies for personal and professional success, and hear from the Game Changers who are redefining resilience every day.

In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

The conversations are engaging. The content is thought-provoking. The stories are compelling. So, what are you waiting for? Get your head in the game.

podcast episodes 

  Changing the game means going a little bit further in achieving your personal and business goals. Today, Rodney Flowers has the King of Collaboration, Visionary at the Helm, CEO of Gain the Edge, Jim Padilla, to teach us how we can give ourselves that extra push to scale our businesses, bring forth positive impact to the world, and become a true game-changer. He talks about his company, what they do, and their objectives in
GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice
  How many of you would like to have total sexy health? The question is, how do we accomplish that? Today, Rodney Flowers has the legendary Founder of Udo’s Choice, Udo Erasmus, with him to talk about total sexy health. Having invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, probiotics, and more, Udo talks about some of his creations that have become popular. He has an eight-step process that takes into consideration all the elements of
GCM 101 | Manifesting Dreams
  Do you want to manifest your dreams regardless of what you are going through and what you have gone through in life? In today’s episode, host Rodney Flowers and guest Dr. Erin Fall Haskall talk about how manifesting dreams through a higher consciousness can bring us better lives despite traumas and disappointments. Dr. Haskall is an international speaker, a self-made millionaire, Doctor of Divinity, Founder and CEO of Soulciété and author of Awakening: A
GCM 100 | Tenacity To Overcome Hurdles
  Life is not without difficulties. We have all experienced challenging times in our lives, which are especially most felt when we’re just about to come close with our goals. Someone whose life is an epitome of challenge and struggle is Ron Coury. Ron is a major business digger in Las Vegas and a former US Marine. In his book, Tenacity, he wrote about the importance of determination to overcome any and all unjust obstacles that may
GCM 99 | Holistic Nutrition
  The biggest deal-breaker for people that want to lead a proper and healthy life is the thought of having their food options restricted. In this episode, Cathy Biase provides a holistic approach to nutrition that will make you think twice. Cathy is a Holistic Nutritionist and a Cancer Coach. She talks about stress as one of the biggest contributors to illnesses and how food can be a great weapon against it. She also educates
GCM 98 | Real-Time Outsource
  How has social media influenced your life? Among the many answers to this question, finding inspiration is probably at the top. Today, we will learn how to go beyond our normal ideologies of what it can bring to our plates. Rodney Flowers interviews Travis Huff, social media management expert and Chief Social Marketer at Real-Time Outsource. Travis highlights the importance of social media and how to use it to leverage our business and our
GCM 97 | Quantum Technology
  Our bodies are more than capable of healing itself. We just need to value its capacity to do so and learn how to make use of its power along with nature that surrounds us. In today’s eye-opening episode, Rodney Flowers introduces us to Quantum Health Activator, visionary, author, and poet, Julie Renee Doering. Emphasizing how the world is currently aging, Julie showcases the capabilities of quantum technology and quantum view to growing younger and
GCM 96 | Corporate To Entrepreneurship
  Career transition, change in environment, and change of people around you can be daunting. With the right people or support system, your transformation can be less stressful. In this episode, Rodney Flowers interviews Sabine Gedeon, a Transformation Consultant at Gedeon Enterprises. She shares her personal story of transitioning from corporate to full-time entrepreneur and how she was able to survive it with flying colors. Being a corporate drop out herself, Sabine proves that there is
GCM 96 | Refining Your Message
  When you’re trying to reach the people whom you’re targeting with your business, refining your message to the point where it’s easy enough to communicate is crucial. Without a clear message, you lose direction and connection, and at the end of the day, that’s not how you do business. Rodney Flowers is joined by international speaker Jill Lublin. Jill goes straight into how one goes about message refinement. Make sure you never get left
GCM 108 | Becoming Rich And Happy
  Many people out there grow up believing that wealth and happiness are mutually exclusive, never to be found within sight of each other. But the truth is, becoming rich and happy at the same time is not impossible; it’s all about adjusting your perspective and finding a sense of certainty in the things that you have. Eliyahu Jian is a life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds,