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GCM 96 | Refining Your Message
  When you’re trying to reach the people whom you’re targeting with your business, refining your message to the point where it’s easy enough to communicate is crucial. Without a clear message, you lose direction and connection, and at the end of the day, that’s not how you do business. Rodney Flowers is joined by international speaker Jill Lublin. Jill goes straight into how one goes about message refinement. Make sure you never get left
GCM 108 | Becoming Rich And Happy
  Many people out there grow up believing that wealth and happiness are mutually exclusive, never to be found within sight of each other. But the truth is, becoming rich and happy at the same time is not impossible; it’s all about adjusting your perspective and finding a sense of certainty in the things that you have. Eliyahu Jian is a life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds,
GCM 107 | The Time Of Coronavirus
  Whether you’re extremely at risk or not, it’s undeniable that the time of coronavirus has left the world shaken and seemingly on pause, but that’s never an excuse. If anything, the time of coronavirus is the best time to figure out what’s next for you and begin acting on those goals. Personal trainer Angelo Ennis is the Founder, CEO, and Master Trainer at FOCUS Performance. Rodney Flowers talks to Angelo about keeping yourself alive,
GCM 94 | Inner Coach
  Being valuable to the world means contributing something that you can do for the greater good. Rodney Flowers and guest Melinda J. Kelly share their thoughts on how a person can be his or her greatest coach if he/she dives deeper and understands the true meaning of success. Melinda is a speaker, a coach, and the author of Finding Your Coach: Diving Deep Within, an empowering book which she also tackles in this episode.
GCM 106 | Using Your Time
  When monumental things happen to us, whether on a personal or even international scale, it’s not about the thing itself, but how you react to the thing. In the case of a national lockdown, for example, you could be using your time to reflect on yourself, and how you can come back from the lockdown better than ever. Scott Schilling has found success internationally as a speaker, trainer and business coach. Scott gets frank
GCM 93 | Fighting Bingeing And Overeating
  The life that we have are dictated by the choices that we ultimately make. This can be strongly applied to the amount of food we take in every day. Today, Rodney Flowers talks to veteran psychologist Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. about fighting bingeing and overeating. Battling his own inner pig, Glenn was inspired to author Never Binge Again, a book that aims to change your mindset on how you approach things. Narrating his journey on
GCM 91 | Leading With Honor
  Coming out from a traumatic event fosters many negative memories. However, prisoners of war Lee Ellis used the situation to his advantage and created something good out of it – helping people become great leaders through his experiences while held captive. Today, Rodney Flowers interviews Colonel USAF (Ret) Lee who, besides being a leadership coach, is also the President and Founder of Leadership Freedom® LLC, Award-Winning Author, and Certified Speaking Professional. With his stories
GCM 90 | Finding Your Purpose
  After her business and marriage fell apart back in 2012, Ani Anderson was left questioning herself, “What is my purpose?” Searching for answers from books and courses and not finding them, she was inspired to write her book, Find Your Soul’s Agenda, which outlines the process she used to get her life back on track. Today, Ani joins Rodney Flowers to reveal how she exactly found herself and what you can do if you
GCM 89 | Positive Intelligence
  How mentally fit are you? That is to say, how well you perform under pressure and adversity? Adam McGraw is on a mission to help himself and others improve their mental fitness through positive intelligence. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Adam spent years doing voice-overs and selling his services to TV and radio stations directly. He then spent twelve years with American Express selling and leading large B2B sales organizations that drove
GCM 88 | Disruptions And Success
  Disruption and success can be synonymous to thriving and how you have made a positive mark in this world. In this episode, Rodney Flowers interviews John Vespasian about his philosophy on resilience and life as it relates to history. As the author of nine books which includes On Becoming Unbreakable, Thriving in Difficult Times and Sequentiality: The Amazing Power of Finding the Right Sequence of Steps, John reveals his patterns for writing books and