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You’ll discover inspiring true-life stories, learn high-impact strategies for personal and professional success, and hear from the Game Changers who are redefining resilience every day.

In each episode, Rodney interviews a world-class guest, extracting insights, tactics, and tools you can use to cultivate courage and start thinking like a champion. Past topics have included finding the balance between wealth and happiness, surviving starting your own business, and how to fight stress with holistic nutrition.

The conversations are engaging. The content is thought-provoking. The stories are compelling. So, what are you waiting for? Get your head in the game.

GCM 177 Tracy Timm | Sustainable Success
  Everyone wants to achieve success, but how to get there and what to get from it differs from one person to another. One thing’s for sure: nothing can go wrong with aiming for sustainable success. However, the road towards it will not be that smooth. Rodney Flowers sits down with Tracy Timm, the author and Founder of Nth Degree® Career Academy, to discuss why challenges are still bound to happen even if you have your core values aligned
GCM 176 | Clean Energy
Let’s face one significant truth that is often set aside by many: the world is polluted. And it is high time for everyone, even in their smallest ways, to start using clean energy before everything is too late. Rodney Flowers brings in Ron Kamen of AWESome EarthKind to discuss how to begin this mission of embracing renewable energy sources, from changing the light bulbs in your house, favoring electric cars over fuel vehicles, to checking and replacing
GCM 175 | Soul Resilience
  The key to resilience is already within us. It’s in our soul and it has been waiting for us to recognize it, have a relationship with it and let it lead us to achieving wins in the game of life. But the soul can also be so amorphous for us, mere mortals. How do we make something so intangible tangible? How can we connect with it at a deeper level and let it show
GCM 173 | Bring Your Gifts Forward
  Your challenge can be your gift. It’s a powerful statement that has come up in this conversation between Rodney Flowers and his incredibly insightful guest. In this episode, high performance coach Mandy Barbee Lanier challenges you to bring your gifts forward instead of diminishing them. In the game of life, you don’t have to be a Tom Brady to win. In fact, by constantly measuring yourself against someone else, you’re doing the world a
GCM 172 | Window Cleaner
  We all reach a point in our lives where we want something more, even when what you have seems comfortable. Zack Boothe went from being a window cleaner—owning his own company and amassing millions of views on YouTube for his tutorials—to a prolific and successful real estate investor. In this episode, he sits down with Rodney Flowers to talk about this pivot, sharing how he made that transition and what strategies he uses to
GCM 171 | Explanation Skill
  The world is becoming more and more complex. As such, we need clarity more than ever so we can get rid of the anxiety from not knowing and not understanding what is happening around us. What can help bridge that is having the ability to explain, to take complex ideas, and turn them into simple and understandable pieces of information. Yet, not everyone has this ability. Lee LeFever, co-founder of Common Craft, can teach
GCM 170 | Journey Within
  All of us came into this world with a purpose, a passion waiting to be fulfilled. However, as we grow up, we start having these binders that distract us from truly living out the life we are supposed to live. It is time to reconnect to that. In this episode, Rodney Flowers sits down with inspirational speaker and author Aaron McCormick to guide us to a journey within— in particular, one that is unbounded and
GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma
We grow up harboring certain habits and beliefs that do not serve us, and yet, we’re still holding on to them. What does it take to free ourselves from them? How can we find healing? Rodney Flowers interviews Anastasia Gerali, a transformation therapist and embodiment mentor, about how she started helping people to heal from their past pain and trauma. Anastasia shares her personal story of pain and breaking, and resiliency. She tells how she was able
GCM 168 | Zero Frequency
Most of us work on things that we don’t like because we learn to work for the money. We had to leave our dreams aside because that wouldn’t give us food to eat and put a roof over our heads. In fact, the consideration and contemplation of living the dream seem to cancel out its positive effect. On today’s show, International Leader Mabel Katz takes a moment to talk with Rodney Flowers about her journey on finding
GCM 167 | Present Your Best Self
  In many ways, traditional broadcast media is an incomparable platform from which you can put your business out into the world. But how do you present your best self as the number one spokesperson for your brand? In this episode, Rodney Flowers brings in a guest who possesses many years of experience working with entrepreneurs in marketing their business on TV. Jacquie Jordan is the Founder of TVGuestpert, a 15-year-old company that handles branding, promotion, guesting, show development, and more. In one way or another, Jacquie has been