meet rodney flowers

Keynote speaker, best-selling author and resilience trainer


-rodney flowers

Few are blessed to know their purpose in life. As a young man, Rodney Flowers was certain of his.

Talented. Dynamic. Star-bound. Rodney was used to being described in superlatives. He was destined for gridiron greatness – he knew it in his bones. 

Then, one violent instant on the football field changed his life forever and left him with a grim new label: quadriplegic.

”  Resilience is a learned skill, a muscle that takes work to develop.
with practice, you can bounce back from any blow and prevail. “

-rodney flowers

Told he would never walk again, Rodney was dragged through the darkest depths of hopelessness but managed to defy the odds and come out the other side stronger than ever – with a new vision for his future. 

Today, Rodney proudly sports these labels: Role model. Three-time international bestselling author. Acclaimed resilience and reinvention expert. In-demand keynote speaker.

But it didn’t happen overnight…

” Rodney is one of those rare people who gets up and looks for the circumstances they want – and if they can’t find them, they make them.   “

– Bob Proctor, New York Times bestselling author & star of the film The Secret

It took a painstaking 18 years for Rodney to regain the ability to walk. Many harsh and beautiful lessons were learned along the way. And to the surprise of his doctors, many more expectations were surpassed.

The key to unlocking this incredible transformation?

Rodney calls it the Game-Changer Mentality — his six-step framework for turning challenges into triumphs. Every situation. Every time. No matter what.

“Rodney Flowers is truly an inspiration.”

– Peggy McColl, New York Times bestselling author, President & Founder of Dynamic Destinies, Inc.

Grounded in his unique lived experience and backed by behavioral science, Rodney’s proven Game-Changer Mentality method leverages the learned skill of resilience to forge agile, effective courage and relentless resilience resonates long after an event concludes.