To successfully navigate change, self-regulation is key.

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The mind will adopt the character of the impressions that dominate it

– Rodney Flowers, MINDSET Keynote Speaker

Want to successfully navigate change? Overcome obstacles? Achieve more?

Establishing an empowering mindset is the key to overcoming adversity and enjoying more success in your team or organization.


In this experiential keynote, Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers addresses how to develop the mindset to win. 

When things are going smoothly, it’s hard to truly assess your mental strength and agility. It isn’t until a period of mega change — like a traumatic accident, a deeply-felt loss, or a global pandemic — that these skills really get tested, often revealing a devastating lack of preparation and fortitude.

The good news is you can configure your mindset to hold up under pressure, stay focused on the positive, and seek opportunities — even under the most challenging conditions.

Blending his experience of overcoming paralysis with practical resilience tools and strategies, Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers will show you the steps to shift your mindset and your behaviors to support your objectives during uncertain times.

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You’ll learn how Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers’ traumatic spinal cord injury left him physically paralyzed and made him want to give up on life.   However, a series of questions inspired Rodney to make a mindset shift, embrace change with gratitude, and initiate a drive to overcome and walk again, although the odds were against him.

And in this keynote, Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers is going to challenge you and your team to do the same.  To accept the obstacles that show upin your life instead of resisting them. To embrace the certainty that you’ll either win or you’ll learn.




Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers addresses how building a Game Changer mindset guarantees progress beyond change.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Remain mentally grounded during uncertain times.
  • Build a mindset of resilience by embracing change.
  • Overcome uncertainty and confidently make big life changes using proven mindset strategies

After this mindset keynote, you’ll be fired up and ready to take on the challenges ahead with a positive outlook and a clear vision of the opportunities that exist beyond a mega change.


This is the thing most people don’t realize. If you get stuck, it’s not because of the challenges and barriers in front of you. It’s all about how you manage yourself, your mindset.

Your perception. Your thoughts, beliefs, and values. Your attitude and personality. All of these factors influence your reaction to resistance.

If you want your employees to know how to effectively manage change and resistance, it takes practice.


 Managing your mindset isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of concept. It’s more like a muscle you build. Over time and with practice, that muscle gets stronger. But if you don’t practice, you lose it.

What does this practice look like? Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers says, ‘it’s the inner work such as managing your thoughts and your perceptions and adjusting to the obstacles’.

It’s about training ourselves not to fly off the handle.

The obstacles don’t need to adjust. The distractions don’t have to be flexible.

This is all about managing the mindset of you and your team or organization.

You’re going to need to constantly adjust and manage your thoughts and perceptions of the obstacles and distractions that show up in your life. That’s what is going to make you a star in the game.

Sports Motivational Speaker Rodney Flowers

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