When most people hear the word Resilience, they immediately equate it with strength.
The truth is, strength is only a fragment of what it imparts. Derived from the Latin resilire, which means “to leap or jump back,” the true definition of resilience is the ability to rebound from whatever difficulties life presents.

Resilience can be your personal superpower, giving you what you need to cope, to continue, and to carry on.

It’s a fact that no one leaves this earth without having to face obstacles and setbacks. However, how you decide to respond to them is up to you: much like free will, resilience carries with it the capacity of personal choice. When hard times befall you, you can either succumb and relinquish your control, or you can choose to accept them, learn from them, and ideally, bounce back with new and improved mental fortitude.
Resilience promotes adaptability and helps you comfortably sway with life’s ebb and flow. It supports you in moving forward while acknowledging and respecting the experiences behind you.
As your Coach, Rodney brings all these attributes to the table for your exploration and understanding. Resilience helps you not merely survive but thrive amidst life’s adversities, allowing you to adapt to the changes happening around you as well as to you. It’s no coincidence that many of the happiest, healthiest, and most successful people are also the most resilient.

I want my clients to discover and appreciate the importance and advantage of resilience, and transform this appreciation into practice.


– Rodney Flowers

Instead of running from change, confront it, and innovate creative ways to use it to you best advantage.

Adverse circumstances can be conquered and reformulated as opportunities for personal growth and a deepened emotional maturity.

– Rodney Flowers

By developing and refining your own emotional intelligence and daily rituals, you create a repository of strength that elevates your self-esteem, your social relationships, and your ability to retain a positive approach to life.
The beauty of resilience is that it is two-fold: not only does it facilitate your recovery from life’s pressures and challenges after the fact, it also provides you with the tools to prepare for their inevitable arrival.

Rodney coaches you to value both scenarios and be confident in you capabilities to rise above them, and continue soaring to new heights. That’s resilience at its best.

Take action to build your personal superpower now!