“You’re working too hard.”
How many times have you had that said to you? 
The problem is, it’s likely true.

Are your days blending, one into the next?
Have you experienced roadblocks that are impeding your performance?
Are you frightened that you’ve peaked professionally, and there’s no place to go but down?

Or, maybe your work life is presenting new issues or changes that are unfamiliar, leaving you with an unsettling lack of direction and security.

Do you feel overwhelmed, detached, disappointed?

Are your most important relationships spiraling downward?

Life, while dynamic and exciting, never disappoints when it comes to presenting challenges. These life challenges manifest differently depending on where you are in your life, but one thing is certain: we have all, at one point or another, experienced them. When these roadblocks present themselves, most of us can usually figure out how to identify what is driving them and address it accordingly.

Leveraging his own extensive experience in highly demanding working environments, Rodney’s Leadership Executive and Management Coaching addresses the problems that can arise when inspiration wanes, motivation dwindles, leadership falters, and professional gratification all but vanishes.

Through deliberate discussions and organizational analysis, Rodney can assist his clients in clarifying and resolving which obstacles are having the most negative impact on their confidence, success, and by extension, their happiness on both a personal and professional level. Rodney also explores proven methods which can reenergize your passion and enthusiasm for your chosen career, and new ways to not only achieve heightened performance and engagement but also integrate a healthy work-life balance that is sustainable.

Rodney and his clients work in tandem to evaluate your past behaviors which may have stunted personal progress, and counter them with a fresh appreciation of and gratitude for your unique skills, talents, and attributes.

Rodney’s coaching revisits and reestablishes what’s working and shifts the focus back to those things which were once a source of professional pride and inspiration.

Rodney works with clients who may have reached an impenetrable brick wall at their current workplace and help them prepare for new and rewarding career opportunities.

You spent most of your waking hours on the job. If work isn’t “working” for you, coaching can provide the support you need to be bold, brave, and to write your next professional chapter on your own terms.