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Help Your List Get Results: Rodney Went From Becoming A Quadriplegic With A 91% Chance Of Permanent Disability To Success StoryBest-Selling Author & Personal Coach

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51e72065-c0df-4489-9b2a-7f615cff34baMeeting Rodney for the very first time I was taken aback by his unwavering determination, physical strength despite his handicap, and his self-confidence. If you were to close your eyes and listen when he speaks, the crutches used to hold up his body disappear because his message of survival is so strong. Rodney will succeed at whatever he decides to do and no crutches or disabilities will deter him. He is one incredible man on a mission; sharing a passion to spread hope to others everywhere around the world. Be prepared to be inspired. ~Sue Lebrun, Energy & Performance Coach

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  • March 1st – We Release Rodney’s New Book, “Conversations With Rodney”
  • March 15th – We Release Rodney’s FREE VIDEO on “Belief”
  • March 17th – We Release Rodney’s FREE VIDEO on “Succeeding On Purpose”
  • March 19th – We Release Rodney’s FREE VIDEO on “How To PUSH”
  • March 21st – We OPEN CART!
  • March 28th – We CLOSE THE CART!


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Even if your subscribers don’t make a purchase, their lives will never be the same again after going through the sales funnel. They will learn about Rodney’s story, and walk away from each video with new insights, tips and strategies about how to recover from life’s circumstances and take control back over their lives. They’ll be inspired, time and time again.

For those who decide to make the commitment to invest in themselves and enroll in the Get Up And Achieve More Program, here’s what they will be getting:

  • GUAAM_screenshots9 Week Online Program – Attend From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
  • Weekly LIVE online webinars, designed to guide you step by step towards your goals
  • Personal guidance and Q&A after each webinar provided by me – Rodney Flowers
  • Simple techniques and strategies that are easy to follow and use in your life
  • Your own personal “Get Up Guidebook” plus tools & resources to make your experience super easy and fun
  • A private Facebook group where you and other members can support each other – and interact with me personally


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