Inspire Your Audience

Invite Rodney to your stage and watch him touch, move and inspire for transformational results.

Rodney Flowers is no stranger to struggle.

A tragic high school football accident instantly rendered him a quadriplegic. He literally was knocked down about as far as any human being can be – physically and mentally.

This incident caused Rodney to embark upon a journey… one of self-discovery, self-discipline, and re-creation – in spite of debilitating logic and expectations that he would never, ever recover.

Today, not only is Rodney walking, driving and enjoying life, but he’s filled from head to toe with a relentless passion to share his story with audiences who need to hear his message.

Nothing is impossible. Invite Rodney to prove that to your audience.

Amazing Critical Acclaim – And He’s Only Getting Started

“Rodney did a fantastic job communicating his incredible message of true strength  and perseverance at our Redeem The Dream Hero Night Event.  His personal journey from tragedy to success left all of us without excuses, and inspired the whole audience not to give up on their dreams.  Beyond that, Rodney took the time to get to know our youth as well as the staff before and after the event, so that he could encourage them toward their God given destiny.  I consider him a great ambassador of hope, and would recommend him to speak at any event.”

— Dan Marsden, President & Founder, Redeem The Dream, Inc.


“If ever you have felt compelled to ‘step up’ into a life you know only you were uniquely meant to live then Rodney Flowers is your man to call to your heart and soul when it needs it the most to now “get up”! 

Something in you will be excavated to come alive simply because it is your time and Rodney is your wake up call to “get up” because you are uniquely needed in our world. 

Rodney Flowers walks it, talks it, lives it and has done the belly crawl to standing tall. He congruently, cohesively  redefines any idea of success, successfully.

A man on a mission to give us what we are asking for.

Thank you, Rodney. You are transformational to a room of 1 or 1,000 beating hearts to do what you know they can do – because you did!”

— Anya Sophia Mann, Visionary Intuitive


“Meeting Rodney for the very first time I was taken aback by his unwavering determination, physical strength despite his handicap, and his self-confidence. If you were to close your eyes and listen when he speaks, the crutches used to hold up his body disappear because his message of survival is so strong. Rodney will succeed at whatever he decides to do and no crutches or disabilities will deter him. He is one incredible man on a mission; sharing a passion to spread hope to others everywhere around the world. Be prepared to be inspired.”

— Sue Lebrun


“Rodney came to Southern Indiana to speak at our youth outreach, to share his testimony and life story with us. His amazing life story has moved and inspired many of us, especially me. His story is one of determination, faith and overcoming. Despite all the challenges, he never gave up and is still going strong. His message of ‘no excuses’ impacted me. If Rodney can do it and is determined, what’s my excuse? So, thank you Rodney for your words of encouragement and inspiring story. There’s really no excuse. ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13′” 

 Ariane May Marsden


Arrange for Rodney to speak at your organization or event and expect:

  • A transformed culture
  • An abundance of “can-do” attitudes
  • A re-awakening of your audience’s passion to contribute and make a difference
  • Improved performance
  • Entertainment that touches, moves and inspires
  • An unforgettable experience that anchors you and your organization to a positive emotional and intellectual experience in your audience’s minds, hearts and souls

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