Give yourself the opportunity of possibility: don’t write yourself off before you have even begun.

Imagine an existence in which you are able to obtain anything you want. Nothing is denied to you.

Nothing is too difficult, too expensive, too challenging, or too far away. Literally anything you want can be and is yours. This is not limited to financial matters: if you desire to achieve some lofty goal, it is yours for the taking. If you desire to obtain a certain type of education, all you have to do is say so.

Anything you dream of — anything you can conceive — can be yours if you want it. It’s all yours for the taking.

Does that sound too fantastic to be true? Does it seem like I’m just wandering around with my head in the clouds? Perhaps you think I’m out of touch with reality?

Here’s the problem. If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions it shows me that you are not enjoying the opportunity of possibility. You see, there are many things that you can accomplish. You may not understand how you will get from here to there — for that matter you may not even know exactly where “there” is yet — but trust me you can get there.

One of the first things you have to do, though, is to take advantage of the opportunity of possibility. What is this phrase I keep using, “The Opportunity of Possibility”? Well, it explains a concept. The concept is this: Unless you open yourself to the opportunity of possibility, many of the things which are possible and achievable for you will never occur because you are not giving yourself the chance to obtain or achieve them.

To put it differently, before you can have an opportunity you must first believe that it is possible for you to do so.

Many people deny themselves the opportunity to be something better or achieve something higher because deep within they simply do not believe that anything better or higher is even a possibility for them. Their negative thoughts — their concepts that nothing better is possible — act as a gatekeeper preventing them from embarking on their journey to a better situation or higher accomplishments.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be something better; to reach something greater; to achieve something far higher than you ever thought possible.

Give yourself the opportunity of possibility: don’t write yourself off before you have even begun.

Picture in your mind all the possibilities ahead of you. When it comes to the opportunity of possibility you should understand that your most important tool is your mind. Within your mind is the power to shape your life. What you believe about yourself will eventually become your experience; as such you must learn to control your mind before it controls you.

How can your mind control you?

Well, your mind shapes who you are — even what you are — primarily by the thoughts that you have about yourself. And, as we have seen, if you subconsciously entertain limiting thoughts, then you will be constantly limited in your endeavors and seemingly never reach your full potential. Hence, you must learn to control your mind before it controls you.

The path between where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow is directly affected by your thoughts about yourself and what you believe you are capable of doing. If you have the right mindset you will find the possibilities are endless; on the other hand, if you are doubtful, indecisive, fearful, or if you just think that you will never catch a break, then it is highly likely you’ll never have many opportunities because you have already decided that it is impossible.

The key to overcoming your failure and reaching your success rests in your thoughts about yourself, and it is important for you to take affirmative steps to unlock all those positive thoughts in your mind. A great exercise is to practice picturing all of the possibilities that are open to you.

When you encounter a new situation, instead of wondering what difficulties will arise, learn to immediately begin picturing all the possibilities that come with the new situation. Envision all of the wonderful opportunities that will come to you as a result of the situation in which you find yourself.

This will revolutionize your way of thinking about any given situation and will begin to unlock the opportunity of possibility no matter what you are facing.

For example, some people will automatically wonder, “What has gone wrong now?” when they receive an unexpected phone call in the middle of the day; however, other people, when faced with the same situation will respond by wondering, “I wonder what brings this call, and I wonder what opportunities will come out of it?

These vastly different approaches to this same occurrence reflect the different mindset held by people. However, if you practice the techniques that we have discussed thus far and train your mind to think positive thoughts, you will greet a phone call with a sense of happiness and excitement at the wonderful opportunities that will undoubtedly come about as a result.

The key to take away from this discussion is that you need to focus your mind on envisioning all the opportunity that awaits you. No matter what happens, no matter how bad it may at first seem, I promise you that everything comes with an opportunity. You may have to focus and open your mind in order to recognize the opportunity, especially when the situation seems to be bad, but is nonetheless a truth that every situation brings with it opportunity.

You simply need to train yourself to look for those opportunities.

To your Game Changing Success,