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Each of us has been granted our own creative intelligence from the moment we were created. In our own unique ways, we can use that energy to co-create a better, more abundant and more grounded life. It takes some real inner work to unlock this innate ability to create our own world, however. Through her Inner Compass System, Laurie Seymour helps entrepreneurs, company founders and visionaries access this inner guidance to achieve whatever it is they are called into this world for. Laurie has been granted stewardship of Turaya, a special esoteric technology that accelerates this process of knowing and implementing. Listen in as she unpacks the mystery behind this powerful method with Rodney Flowers on the show.

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How To Use Your Innate Creative Intelligence To Unlock Your Greater Potential With Laurie Seymour

As always, I am excited about the show. I have Laurie Seymour with me and she helps entrepreneurs, company founders, and visionaries to access what some call gut instinct and what she knows as creative intelligence and inner guidance. She brings many years of her psychotherapist and training expertise to help individuals leverage their innate creative intelligence from ideation to implementation all the way to revenue. Please welcome Laurie Seymour. Welcome to the show, Laurie.

Thank you, Rodney. I am excited to be here with you.

I’m definitely excited that you’re here. I’m grateful that you’re here. We were having a wonderful pre-interview conversation and the fact that you’re here with me means a lot. I’m sure it means a lot to you to be up and moving around. I’m thankful and blessed to be in your presence right now. I’m glad that you’re here. You’ve had quite a career. I’ve been doing some research on you and you’ve done a lot of things. The intro doesn’t do you justice, but I want to talk about how did you manage to get all the things that you’ve done, first of all. How did you do that and how did you end up to where you are?

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From an early age, I felt this inner both call and drive to know more about how life worked, about who I was, why I was here, and even what was love because I didn’t feel that particularly in my family. I always felt different from probably most of the people that I was around, certainly different from my family. I had to work with that to say, “What’s that about? What else is out there?” That took me into my first career as a psychotherapist and always it was that place of what’s possible. What is our potential? We know that we only use a small portion of what our potential is.

Why is that? How could we do more? There was that. In my career as a psychotherapist, that’s where I was focused on potential rather than fixing. Even though I say that I still did a lot of work on all kinds of levels with people, but it was that deep work of who are you? What are you here for? How can you live that? When I met someone who became my teacher for the next twenty-some years, I got to see a whole other level of how things worked in terms of energy. She wasn’t the first person to introduce me to energy work, but it was on a whole different level than I had experienced before that. With that, I gave up being a psychotherapist because I saw that doing therapy work wasn’t tapping into that which I felt most drawn to explore.

I became a solutions engineer and a technical solutions engineer in the telecom world. I did that because I wanted to explore a whole other way of being with people and how to work with teams and how to exercise that part of me. People say, “How did you get from being a psychotherapist to being an engineer?” It was like, “The closest I could come to that was that my oldest brother was an electrical engineer,” but it was learning on the job. I got the opportunity to work with all of the major companies. Not all, but the major companies in the US, both government agencies and companies like Google, Intel, Northrop Grumman. I was embedded within those companies and got to learn a lot from the inside about how companies work, how corporations of that dimension worked.

GCM 155 | Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence: We need to start learning how to work with our own energy so that we can start to decode it.


I know we’re going to go into that more but all of that together and the work early on with that teacher where I have gifted the stewardship of this special esoteric technology called Turaya that acts to help people access that creative intelligence that accelerates the process of innovation and creation. All of that together has brought me to this place where I find that I’m getting to use everything that has been part of me and my own life training and then brings that to the world because we have many problems. We have many things that need to be addressed. We can’t do it in the old ways.

I want to talk to you about that innate creative intelligence because I believe that many people have questions about who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the source that I’m connected to? How do I use it? All of those questions. In your quest that was a passion of yours. You wanted to find out more. What did you find out? What did you learn? What can you share with us about it that would provide some insight into those questions?

One of the things that I’ve learned and that I try and teach too is that our purpose is not a single thing and it’s not an end goal. The purpose continues to evolve and to change as we do. Sometimes there’s a dimension to the purpose that has to do with what is my purpose now? How do I start to pay attention to that? My process, a system that I had created some time ago, the Inner Compass System, was about learning how to pay attention to that, learning how to access that, learning how to unlock those places within us because it’s all there within us. It’s having to learn how to operate it in a whole new way. We can’t do things from the outside. In that way of being with change, it’s always there recognizing that our purpose evolves, our purpose changes. If we get too stuck with, “Now I know what it is, “We’re going to miss that bigger picture. We’re going to miss the next step.

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How do we operate it? Could you give us some insight into that?

In the potentiation process where I work with people either one-to-one or in a group setting within a corporation, I’m teaching people, first of all, how to pay attention to what I call their feeling body. The feeling body is that part of us that is not the emotional body and it’s not the mental body. It’s that level of sensation because that’s part of how we start to open up to those greater dimensions of consciousness. In my research in quantum physics, consciousness, and collective intelligence, we are part of this grand universe and everything in the universe is energy. We need to start learning how to work with our own energy and work with that energy so that we can start to decode it. First, we have to even notice it. We have to feel it. We have to become aware of that.

The work that I do with Turaya, I don’t know how far out you’re wanting to go with this, but I’ll jump into the deep end. When I call it an esoteric technology, it is like having an app installed so that you can start unlocking those parts of yourself that have been lying dormant, waiting to be awakened, waiting to be remembered because this isn’t about fixing something. This is about expanding into that greater potential and into what you have within you. The first thing within it is paying attention to the feeling body and then the next easy step is getting curious about it. Curious about what you noticed, curious about what you’re experiencing. When you get curious, you’re not judging and when you’re judging yourself, if you’re saying, “That’s no good or I can’t do that,” or you’re judging something out there, you can’t tap into true creativity, true innovation. All you’re doing is going with that mental set of what you already know.

You’re talking about opening yourself up to the possibility of anything and being able to accept, first of all, that is possible. Whatever comes out of that it’s usable and valuable and it has a purpose. First, be open to that. Getting to that point, I guess it would require some level of beliefs, some level of faith. How do we even get to that point where we’re willing to open up and receive? I asked this question because I’m right there with you. I believe that as human beings, we’re still evolving. There’s room for us to grow and expand and we are doing that. As we do that, we find out more about ourselves and what’s possible for us. It’s tapping into that. That’s a cliché type of phrase tapping into that, but it’s I want to know how do we put ourselves in the position to tap into a higher possibility or greater potential for ourselves?

One of the things I do is I have regular, twice-weekly live online Turaya meditation sessions. I’m frequently speaking to the ability because you spoke to this or the willingness to receive, the willingness to make oneself available. That is an attitude. A lot of my process with people in the Inner Compass System is to teach them how to get beyond their usual sets, their patterns, their ways of thinking about themselves and about the universe. We do need to have come from a place of, “I don’t know.” I found myself speaking to that in one of the meditation sessions because I always do a talk about the power of not knowing and the willingness to embrace not knowing. I’ve been moved into a whole other place in myself with some physical things that happened. That feeling of I don’t know has gotten even greater.

I used to be one that always wanted to know. That was part of my drive and passion. Now I’m here in this place of, “Okay, I do believe in God. I do believe that we are part of this universal energetic system. I want to know what I don’t know. Let me make myself available, let me trust.” I’ve had to learn how to trust that there is something that’s here for me. I get to get curious and start to explore it. That’s a lot of how I work. I’m working with people. It’s about teaching them how to do it because there’s a process to that. There’s a process to be able to both pay attention, to bring through that information and then to decode it, see how is it that I need to work with that in my life. As people start to line up with that, align themselves with what inner direction is coming to them, that’s when the miracles happen. That’s when somebody calls you and says, “I’ve got this job for you.” You meet somebody in the checkout line at the supermarket, maybe not so much now with social distancing who says, “What do you do? Isn’t that amazing? I want to know more about that.” Those synchronicities start to happen.

It’s funny as I listen to you talk about decoding, logically speaking, it does appear to me that the creative energy which created us wants to communicate with us. There’s a two-way channel. We communicate back. It’s not a giving channel. It’s a giving and receiving channel. As I speak about this in-depth about what you’re saying, it appears that everything out here is a distraction to that communication. I wonder sometimes, is it decoding of the energy? Is it removing the distractions so that you can clearly hear the communication? If the energy created me and it’s the same energy that created me, it was trying to communicate with me and everything that I need to communicate to hear and to communicate back to that same energy has already been embedded.

If there’s a lack of communication, then it would have to be due to some distortion that exists somewhere. You talked about the programming. When we say trust, logically speaking, if we believe that energy created that, we should have no problem trusting it because you had no say in the process at the beginning of that. Now all of a sudden, I don’t know. As if you have some other type of power to rebut what this energy has in store. You don’t, but you believe that because everything out here appears real and that creative energy is something that you seemingly can’t see but you can see it, it’s everywhere. You don’t recognize it for what it is. That causes a distortion. We begin to trust what’s not real. It appears real and does not trust what doesn’t appear to be real but is real.

This is why I want to have you on Wisdom Talk Radio. That is beautifully said, Rodney. It’s exquisite. It is those distractions. Even now, I’ve been gifted with the message of you need to get quiet and pay more attention. I still find all the distractions. Even when we can’t go out to restaurants and we’re supposed to be staying home, there are still distractions even in our own minds. Some of those distractions are those old patterns and old messages. They’re often the clutter. They’re noise.

GCM 155 | Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence: As people start to align themselves with what inner direction is coming to them, that’s when the miracles happen.


You brought up the social distancing and this whole COVID-19 issue. One of the problems that many people are having with this, it’s isolation. It’s not a lack of products and services. It’s not a lack of toilet paper. Those are problems, but the main problem that you hear most people complain about is isolation. As we have this conversation, it appears to me that isolation or stillness, quietness, which are ways of which to communicate with creative intelligence, that hasn’t been taught. There’s no value in that. When we are in that space, we don’t see the value in it because we don’t see the value in it, we don’t want to do it. We only see the value of being busy doing this because it’s tangible.

I can see what I did. I know how it feels. It’s something that I’m used to, whereas to be still, no one ever taught me that I even need to do that. Why would I do that? When I put it in that place, that feels like a prison, but it’s freedom. We pray and when we pray we’re praying to creative intelligence. Call it whatever you want to call it, but it still could have you believe that it is the energy, whatever you call it, that created the heavens and the earth. It created us and everything in between and that’s creative energy. If we believe in that, then we have to believe that when we pray that it hears us and that it responds to us, that communication is valuable.

I feel that because we haven’t been taught, there hasn’t been a lot of value placed on that stillness, and placed on that communication with an entity, we don’t do it. Here’s what I was going. When we pray for the universe to do this or the universe does that, whatever it is, I feel like the universe has responded to the world. If you would ask me my thoughts about COVID-19, it has responded to the world and said, “Communicate with me, talk to me. I put the entire world in a time out so that we could communicate.”

Here’s the other side. There’s communication like prayer, but communication is a two-way street. What we don’t know how to do is to listen. As a species, we don’t know how to listen. That’s my work. It’s teaching people how to listen but not passively. A lot of meditation is passive like, “Get quiet.” It’s getting quiet so that you can hear, understand how the universe is communicating with you. I say decode only because I agree that we have everything we need to be able to do that to be able to understand. Sometimes you receive things in energy like a feeling or in the rushing of something or an experience of like, “There was all this energy that rushed in,” but we need to then know how to decode it and get the information about it. That’s part of listening too. We need to know how to take action. If we listen and we don’t act, we’re going to miss our timing. There is such a thing as divine timing.

I’ve taken that as the liking to understanding a language. It’s one thing to hear the language, but then you have to comprehend and understand it. You have to listen to the interpretation of what’s being said too. That requires a level of listening. This tool, if you will, of being still, being quiet, isolation, these are tools in which you communicate. You have to listen. You have to be still. You have to remove the distractions. It’s a skillset to be able to communicate with creative intelligence.

Frankly, I haven’t probably ever expressed it that way. I love that because it is a skillset. It’s one that if we’re to up-level what comes as for a lot of people is gut instinct, we’ve got to learn how to listen. We’ve got to develop this particular skillset and being able to get quieter than they ever thought was possible. They’re not acting on, “I have a feeling,” and then they push themselves to exhaustion or they feel derailed by we can’t do what we’ve been doing. What do I do now?

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How do we get beyond those blocks? We talked about the distractions could distort the communication and the connection to our potential. I know we talked about removing the distractions, getting still. Let’s be real. You have an individual who’s never experienced that. Maybe halfway believe that this is even possible to even communicate to this unseen force which is a personal block in and of itself. How do we get beyond them?

I don’t even know if I know the answer to that at this moment. I have many answers to that, so let’s see what comes. If we look at the research and there are those people who like to do that around quantum physics and the way and how the universe is a collective energy field, then maybe that can at least convince us to look a little deeper, a little differently. We know from the same consciousness research that we are co-creating. We have to do it in harmony with, in relationship with. That takes the openness that isn’t always there. I don’t think that we can do away with distractions. It’s more like, “How do I stay connected with myself in the face of distraction?” I live in a high-rise and they were doing all this construction upstairs where they were doing with jackhammers. Here I am leading what is silent meditation. We do a talk and we do the silent meditation. I’m working with people in energy during the time and there’s a jackhammer going upstairs.

First of all, I’ve got to maintain my space and my connection, and then people that are with me in that also have to do the same. It’s like they have to, no matter what’s going on. They get to learn how to do that no matter what’s going on. You can be in the middle of a board meeting and you can learn to work with your breath and you take a breath because that channel has been created over a time of how do I connect with myself? You can take a breath and know and no one’s going to call you out because you’re taking a breath in the middle of your team meeting, but it can help you to connect more easily and to start to have those listening skills come to the foreground.

I was in a conversation with a young lady and we were talking about a spiritual grounding, being grounded, and the importance of being grounded. That’s where I’m feeling what you’re saying. A feeling of that being able to ground yourself. She was mentioning that this is something that she does. She teaches people spirituality and how to stay grounded. She mentioned that someone had come up to her she had some marketing content about her programs and things like this and what she does. Someone came out and read some of her stuff and asked her, “What is grounding? What is that?” She wanted to change it. I said, “No, you don’t change that because that’s a beautiful question. It’s an opportunity for you to help them understand what grounding is.”

Especially if you don’t know being grounded is available to you, then you’re missing out because that’s exactly what you’re saying here. That’s the foundation of the relationship of this creative intelligence. It’s to stay grounded. Your experience was a perfect example of when everything around you is chaotic, the ability to stay grounded in it. Even if you may not believe in your finances, you may not believe in your relationships. It could be getting shaky. It could be breaking down, but when you have a strong spiritual background or spiritual grounding or a spiritual foundation, you can weather the storm. It doesn’t mean that the storm is not going to come, but you can remain calm and confident in your ability to get to the other side.

As we got deep into this conversation and I brought up the analogy of a bicycle wheel. Sometimes when the wheel is a little shaky, it feels a little loose. You don’t feel like the bike is riding properly. You start checking the tires, the spokes, but it’s the center of the wheel. That’s where everything is held together. It’s that central space within the wheel, the spokes are everything that goes on in your life. You can replace the spoke. You could put all the new spokes you want in the wheel, but if the centerpiece isn’t properly grounded, balanced, strong, the wheel isn’t going to work. You have new tires, you can have new spokes, you have new everything. If this particular piece isn’t operating properly, then there’s potential for chaos. When it is working properly, even if you have not so strong spokes, not the best tires, not the best everything else, you can still progress. Being grounded with this creative intelligence, having a strong sense of its presence is a benefit to all of us. That’s what you’re saying here.

Even if you don’t want to think about presence or God or energies, this is still going to get a little into that. We each have an inner compass. It’s real. It’s there within every cell of the body. We’ve never been taught A) that it exists, or B) how to access that. With this inner compass, once we learn that it’s there and then how to use it, then we can make decisions from that place. We can decide, “Am I going to go to this meeting? Am I to take this job? Am I too in this relationship?” Not just the yes, no, but you can start to hear that deeper level of what that’s about, what you’re about, and why that is that you’re to go in this direction. You may not get the full story because I always feel like there’s a give and take with the universe. It’s like you can’t get the whole picture. That’s where the trust comes in. You might get a piece of the picture and there is a feeling and this is the importance of the feeling body with truth when you know the truth when you get it and your whole body relaxes and there’s a feeling of rightness to it. That takes learning what that does feel like.

GCM 155 | Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence: If we listen and we don’t act, we’re going to miss our timing. There is such a thing as divine timing.


I want to offer up something to you to get your response from it. It goes back to your comment about we’re connected to the universe. We all have a role to play here. I believe we do. If you’re here, if you exist, I believe the universe does everything in order. There are no mistakes. Everything is on purpose if you will. I believe that the overall purpose of our existence is for the sustainment and the continuation of life itself because that’s what the universe is all about, especially here on earth. There are other purposes and means for the universe as a whole. We haven’t identified any life forms. That’s the purpose for that as well, but in this space here, it’s to support and sustain in a continuation of life.

If you take that on if you try that, and there are reasons why I believe that based on science and the distance that we are from the sun. There’s a reason why life is and also other places in life are in this space. Based on all of that, I believe that’s what we’re here to do. It’s to sustain that. If you believe that’s your role, that you look at things a little bit differently when it comes to your creativity, your role and your connection to the universe because now you take yourself out of it. You get the benefit of enjoying life but then you have to do something to pass that on. I have many, but one of the reasons why I believe that is because everything that’s created has a seed.

I’m not going to get into the sexual nature of things. If you take a look at that and you deepen your thoughts and awareness about that, there are things that you can do while you’re here to leave a legacy, that your existence has a ripple effect or a domino effect on life. It does whether it’s a good or bad effect, it’s going to have an effect. Even if it doesn’t have an effect, that’s an effect. Energy itself doesn’t sit still. It’s always vibrant. You’re always vibrating. Whatever you’re doing has a vibration to it. It’s either tearing down or building up. That’s simple. It could be tearing down a little bit or it can be turned out a lot or it can be building up a lot. Consciously, we have to understand where we are and what our role is, and our identity to this creative intelligence either supporting it or we are in conflict with it.

I think of it in terms of entropy and centropy. Entropy because rewrite and nothing stay the same. Everything is always changing. Everything is vibration and we’re a vibration. It’s not like we’re part of the universe. We are the universe. We can choose to go downhill in the place of entropy, which is destruction, in the biggest sense of that, or we can choose centropy and that first of all comes in our thoughts. If we’re judging, if we’re critical, if we’re angry all the time, that’s inner violence. For me, in my world, that’s entropy. I have to work with that so that I’m moving in that direction of centropy, of creating. That’s that co-creation process. We don’t always know how to do that, but if we’re starting from that place or that’s what I want to do, we can pick up on that quickly.

I want to pick up on something that you said and the purpose of this is to bring hope to maybe someone who’s reading because we’re living in a world where there’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear. There’s a lot of anger especially at the Asian or the Chinese race, there’s a lot of hate and anger that’s out there. You brought up that for me in my world. It was a subtle statement, but powerful because although we’re living in a world, we have control over this world, the here in the new world, the moment world, that’s my world. I know you understand where I’m going with that. As a matter of fact, it will be better to explain to you in your world, explain what you mean by that.

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I don’t want to get too far into how we create our own worlds. Let me be with that for a moment because it’s the place of what we do here in my own little bubble that affects everything because we are energy and we are a vibration. If I am on that path of entropy and I’m thinking rotten thoughts, to keep it simple, that goes out. That creates this mass negativity, mass violence. We think that what happens on the other side of the world has nothing to do with us or we can’t impact it. That’s not true because we are a vibration. We’re our unique vibration and we’re part of that universal symphony if you will. If our tone is off, think about what that does to that symphony. The symphony is the piece that’s being created. It’s being played. It’s off. We get to have responsibility.

It’s like radical responsibility for that, for everything. We can think about that as like, “I don’t want to be responsible for everything,” or we can say, “That’s freedom.” That is true freedom because we’re in that place of if this is happening, let me look at what’s that about. Let me look at the nature of my thoughts. Let me see what I’m needing to change in my life. Always from that place of curiosity and even gentleness because of the criticism and the critique, we know that play well and it doesn’t have many places. It would be like an employee in your company that’s always undercutting you. You might want to fire them or you might want to hear them out so they see if there’s any wisdom that they might have. It’s like, “You need to come and be part of this symphony. You’re needed too.”

Not only is it a responsibility, but you get to. It’s a privilege and a responsibility. Your world that you create is an important one. I believe it is worthy of protection, it’s worthy of attention and worthy of you creating and being the best world that you can be for the collective world. At least for me, what that means is I don’t let everything in. I filter and that’s part of that responsibility piece. I get everything that’s going on and I get that I need to be grounded. I get that I need to be, do and have certain things so I can support the centerpiece of the wheel so that I could fit within the universe in a powerful, purposeful way.

Everything that we’re saying here to me is how we not only communicate but interact with this creative intelligence, which is where we started. The listening is purposeful. The relationship is purposeful. The communication is purposeful with the universe and it’s so you can position yourself. It’s like what you’ve talked about in that symphony. If you don’t show up for practice if you’re not listening to the orchestra, if you’re not reading, if you’re not doing the things, you don’t know when it’s time for the collective world to perform, you’re not going to know when the high pitches are and the low keys. What we have is chaos trying to play in a symphony that you’re not prepared for.

It’s important to be prepared because this is our opportunity. These are the opportunities that we have been given and we’re all in this together, to this being life. I don’t know how my role is going to be impacting your role and your piece of the next phrasing of the music. I can choose to opt-out and that’s my choice. I can opt-out by not living my own creative expression, but there’s no one else that can do it. There’s no one else that can be you. You may think, “I have nothing to offer or not much,” but how do you take who you are and say, “You don’t matter. You don’t count,” when you’ve been created, you’re here? A lot of people are concerned about money, for example. How do you take your idea if you’re not part of that creative intelligence if you’re not willing to build that skill of listening so that you know what the right next step is? That you know which people need to be part of building this project, that you know that either how you can take it all the way because it’s the right idea for the right time and with the right resources. You get to make money too.

You were talking about individuals who may be feeling they don’t have a purpose so they shouldn’t be here or whatever. That’s a direct argument with the creator. It’s a direct contradiction to your existence. You’re here but you’re saying you’re not supposed to be here, but you are here. You say you don’t have a purpose but you are here.

We’ll put some energy into discovering and exploring that.

Yes because the fact that you are here validates the fact that there’s something for you, there’s a reason that we need you. Everything you do or don’t do has an impact. You’re going to have an impact, regardless. The question is not whether you’re going to have an impact. It’s what kind of impact you have.

Is it going to be with your unique essence? Is it going to be with the idea that your parents or your teachers or somebody convinced you that you could only do this? You’re missing out on what God had in store for you, the picture that God created you to live into. We all have our own personal histories. Some are better than others, but it’s not even to call it that. It’s to see, “I came through that and I have those teachings, those learnings and there’s much more.” How do I build that bridge to what’s next and help build those bridges for other people?

GCM 155 | Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence: We can choose where we want to focus and how we want to focus our own energy in response to what the situation is.


I want to address what you said about maybe in the past someone convinced you that you didn’t have a purpose or you were worthless or whatever the case may be, whatever limiting belief that was derived from whatever experience. You have to understand that there’s always going to be opposition. That’s one of the things that we have to deal with and we have to learn how to maneuver beyond the opposition. Everything isn’t always peachy and cream. It always doesn’t go the smooth and easy way. There’s goodness because of that because if it was smooth and easy, I feel like there won’t be the production of things. The challenge produces innovation and it causes you to dig a little bit deeper.

Sometimes, you have to go a few feet before you can get to the water, but you strengthen your back and your muscles during the process. You had to be, but you got something out of that. If it was always right there, then you would get spoiled. You get spoiled and you wouldn’t have hope. Even the power of hope is a wonderful thing, to believe that there’s something on the other side that will motivate you, encourage you, and inspire you to bring out the best in yourself. If there was no challenge, then people wouldn’t be inspired to go the extra mile to push beyond the norm. Having that level of pressure allows us to be, do, and have more, which is what the creative intelligence wanted. I look at the challenge and the opposition, whatever it is. I know sometimes that it’s painful, but you have to look at the purpose of that in and of itself because if it didn’t have a purpose, trusting in the creative universe, it would not exist because it does exist. There is that responsibility and the privilege to utilize that to our advantage with perception.

We’re getting to see that every day in this COVID-19 situation. Nobody says, “Yay, this is here.” Nobody that I’ve heard. Look at some of the things that are happening that are amazing. I am not to take away for a moment that there are people dying and losing their jobs and struggling. There are things being addressed of inequity, connection, and goodwill that are stunning to me. We can choose where we want to focus and how we want to focus our own energy in response to what the situation is. I don’t know why this is exactly, but it seems like there are always tests. There are even tests like, “You’re to do that.” With my own inner guidance, you’re to do that. I start down that path. As I keep checking in, something’s changed and I have to be willing to allow myself to pivot and to shift on a dime and to say, “I was going down this path, but maybe the other players were willing to take their parts.” I don’t even know, but it’s that willingness to then be in this moment and to see, “Okay, God. Okay, creative intelligence. How is it now for me? What is it I’m supposed to do now with this?”

How can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you or work with you?

My website is TheBacaInstitute.com. Baca is an area in Southern Colorado where a group of us, there were about 50 of us, would meet regularly to do our own inner research with all of this that we’ve been talking about. To keep receiving those new levels of initiation and energy that we’re opening up at the cellular level. That’s where the name comes from and that’s a great place to go and start to explore. They can reach me at Laurie@TheBacaInstitute.com. The Baca Institute is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. On Instagram, I’m @Laurie.Seymour, but still the same work. If they go to my website, they can take a fun, informative, and enlightening quiz about what’s your creative innovator style? When you know what your own style is, you know where the holes are, where the blocks are and you know how to maximize what you’ve got going for you, what your own personal style is. I invite people to go and take that quiz because there are lots to be discovered there.

We are not just part of the universe; we are the universe. We are not just creations; we are co-creators. Click To Tweet

If someone wanted to change the game when it comes to their relationship with creative intelligence or they wanted to initiate that relationship or learn more about it, what would you say would be a game-changing message you would want them to hear?

First of all, it would be something that we’ve been talking about that they are a unique expression of this creative intelligence. There is no one else in the world that has that particular expression. It’s unique and it’s needed. It’s needed in the whole big symphony. You can learn the skills of how to access that intelligence. I used to think it was the biggest secret in the world and everybody else knew it but me, but you can learn how to access that inner guidance system because that’s what it is. It’s your own inner guidance system. It exists. It’s part of our makeup and you can connect with it because that’s how you learn how to create your dreams with greater ease. Your dreams, your projects, your inspirations because that inner guidance is real and it’s available.

Laurie, I want to say thank you for coming to the show. This has been a wonderful, full of goodness type of conversation with you. It was a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you.

Thank you for having me, Rodney. It’s been a pleasure to be here with you.

Express yourself. The best way to do that is to get connected to the energy that created you so that you can learn how to express yourself to the fullest. Here’s the key. I need you. We all need you. You’re important to the world and to the universe.

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