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  • 3x Bestselling Author
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  • Executive Coach and Mentor
  • Certified Diversity Executive®
  • Strategic Business Consultant
  • Game Changer Mentality Practitioner
  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist
“Rodney Flowers is a man shaping the world.”

– Men’s Business Quarterly magazine

How Resilient Is Your Team?
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Rodney Flowers is a premier powerhouse for innovative solutions, change management and strategic problem-solving. He provides executive coaching, consulting, training, and professional services that help team leaders from government, private and commercial entities transform their work culture to drive positive results. Bringing dynamic energy to the workplace with his bestselling books on grit, hope and resilience as well as drawing on years of experience in organizational development, Mr. Flowers’ mission is to equip organizations so they can overcome any challenge or adversity while engaging their teams in effective collaboration. His unique value proposition emphasizes purposeful communication among peers that ignites passion and increases performance productivity across all levels of an organization enabling them to effectively solve problems and create more impactful outcomes faster than ever before. Through this pioneering model, Rodney helps organizations reach new heights by leveraging a robust system focused on achieving collective goals through innovative strategies inspired by cutting-edge research tools –leading the way into a better tomorrow!

Consulting and Professional Services

Executives and leaders who strive for success understand the importance of a systematic and Human-Centered approach to problem-solving . To help them reach their goals, they look to experienced, objective consultants like Rodney Flowers. With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Rodney leverages Design-Thinking methods, Human-Centered Design approaches, and many other effective best practices to empower teams to create viable solutions to complex real-world challenges.

For confident, bold executive leadership that looks far beyond the status quo – call on Rodney Flowers today!

Executive Leadership Coaching

Looking to navigate change and inspire innovation in your workplace? Look no further than an experienced executive leadership coach, like Rodney. With coaching services that empower problem-solving and provide insights and confidence, you can lead your team to success and unlock their full potential. Don’t let challenges hold you back – enlist the support you need to lead with courage and clarity.

Whether it’s 1-1 or group coaching, choosing an experienced coach like Rodney will give you the confidence to handle any challenges with ease.


A game-changing COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist whose mission is to unlock the true potential of individuals and teams. Rodney’s programs are unlike other programs that take a one-size-fits-all approach. Rodney’s formula for success mirrors that of elite athletes, who strive for greatness through their own unique style. With Rodney’s guidance, leaders can take their well-being, leadership, and performance skills to the next level.

Passionate about helping leaders become more self-aware and equipped to handle whatever challenge comes their way, Rodney offers custom training tailored to your specific needs. This includes leadership training to ensure your key team members gel and excel in all areas of life.


A skilled Keynote Speaker and Facilitator who empowers team leaders to create transformative experiences that ignite growth and motivate action, Rodney uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to equip his audience with the tools they need to embrace courage and navigate change – both personally and professionally. Rodney’s approach is bold, purposeful, and always geared towards maximizing impact. With his guidance, leaders are sure to spark real change and unlock hidden potential among their teams.

Hear what’s being said about Rodney

Teresa de Grosbois, Chair, Evolutionary Business Council
Jennifer Hough, Founder, The Wide Awakening
” I wanted to THANK YOU personally for the inspirational, motivational & spiritually uplifting talk. You’re an incredible man, Rodney, with a truly enlightened soul. I deeply appreciate your story & superb guidance. I absolutely resonated with much of the insightful advice that you shared. “

– Matthew J. Colon, Defense Pricing & Contracting (DPC)

“I’ve attended some great workshops, but none have inspired me into action like Rodney’s training did.”

– Shane Austin, Professional Athlete and President of Extreme Focus

Rodney’s signature approach to designing and implementing customized coaching programs, trainings and workshops has placed him in a category all his own.
His results have distinguished him as one of the most sought-after Facilitators currently in practice.

Rodney’s Books Featuring Real-World Examples and Strategies

Rodney’s books are packed with real-world examples and strategies that you can use to help you move forward on your journey. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to lead yourself and your team or how to be successful in the workplace, Rodney’s books are an invaluable resource. His books offer a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics and provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals.

Ready to Shake Things Up? Change the Game with The Game Changer Mentality Podcast

Learn from Expert Team Leaders How to Solve Problems, Navigate Change and Enable Innovation.
The Game Changer Mentality Podcast hosted by Rodney is a must-listen for team leaders. This podcast is the perfect tool to help you challenge the status quo, unleash the potential of your team and become a true game changer.