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We all have on and off days, but when it feels like we’ve been spinning out of our flow more than we’re used to, it can be quite frustrating—especially in moments when you need it most. How then can we reignite that fire and bounce back? In this episode, Rodney Flowers brings a guest who is perfectly qualified to answer that. He sits down with Asmaa Methqal, a connection catalyst, trainer, facilitator, and an advocate of Feminine Leadership. With her Fire & Flow movement, she helps high-impact leaders achieve alignment in their body, business, and life with her unique process. Asmaa shares that process here with us while taking us deeper into the importance of finding the balance between the masculine and feminine energies and healing the wounds that keep us from achieving that. We all have the fire and flow within us. Learn to access both of them to live a life full of connectedness and fulfillment.

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Fire And Flow: Bounce Back Into A Life Of Connectedness And Fulfillment With Asmaa Methqal

I wasn’t feeling energized and pumped up, my usual self. It’s been a challenging week. How many of you ever had very challenging weeks? It’s been a push. I came into the studio and I was thinking about the interviews that I was going to do and I began to get energy thinking about the person that I’m going to interview because she’s all about fire and flow. I started thinking about my flow throughout the week and throughout the day and it wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I wasn’t feeling like I was in the flow.

How many of you ever felt like out of the flow? How many of you would like to be in the flow all the time? Maybe not all the time, but maybe 90% of the time, or maybe you can snap your finger and put yourself in the flow. Maybe there’s some exercise or something that you can do to get into that state of genius, of brilliance, of having so much energy and locked in that nothing can distract you and you’re on. If you can’t tell I’m in that flow because I took some time to meditate and to think about the person that I was going to interview and what they’re all about.

As I did that, I began to get excited and imagine what the interview would be like. That’s a tip for those of you reading, I’m going to give you this tip before we get into the interview. Sometimes you can meditate and imagine yourself being in the flow. Imagine yourself doing what it is that you would like to do and see yourself doing it well. That can build up a sense of excitement and energy and before you know it, you’re in the flow and that’s how I’m feeling. The flow can look many different ways. Sometimes it can be high energy and a lot of fast movement and excitement or it can be a sense of calmness, security, and confidence.

I would like to challenge you to try that, to imagine yourself in that flow, and continue to read carefully because I have someone who’s an expert at flow. We’re going to talk about flow, how to get into the flow, and what happens when you get out of flow? Let’s face it. We all want to be in harmony with life, with our gifts, with our contribution, and with the universe, and by definition, that’s what flow is. It’s when you’re in that space and everything is aligned. It’s a good feeling.

I want to introduce to you Asmaa Methqal. She’s a coach, an exchange facilitator, a business strategist, and an advocate for feminine leadership. She’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs and executives unlock the highest potential and activate their feminine power. For you fellows out there, don’t stop reading. Just because she focuses on the feminine power in women, it doesn’t mean that there’s not something that you can get out of this. Continue to read and you’ll be surprised. Even if it’s to help your lady. Maybe there are some tips that you could give her, maybe help with your pillow talk a little bit.

She also helps women activate their feminine power and launch their dream business from their zone of genius, which I think is the key here. A lot of times we start businesses and we’ll go off and do things and it’s not from our zone of genius. We’re going to talk about that. The reason why she does this is that she wants people to live a life of connectedness and fulfillment. She loves sparking conversations that enable groups, sync communities to go within and harness their feminine leadership to amplify their positive impact on the world stage. Asmaa Methqal, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much, Rodney. I’m excited to be here.

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We’ve been trying to have this interview for quite some time. The fact that we are here, we made it, you are here with me. I’m excited to be here with you and to talk about fire and flow. Let’s talk about your philosophy of fire and flow, which I know describes the masculine and feminine energies. What is this philosophy of fire and flow of yours?

For me, fire and flow is the inner balance that we have within us and many of us are leading our life from one side over the other. The way the business world and the world has been set is very masculine driven. Many of us have a hard time accessing that feminine energy and those aspects of nurturing, invitation, surrendering, and expression that have been within us all the time, but they have been dormant and pushed down.

To my life story and the way I’ve been leading my whole life, what I’ve been hearing a lot from people, and it’s like, “You are very fiery,” and others are like, “You’re very flowy too. How are you able to have this balance within you?” It’s something that I had within me, but also, I think it was through a lot of inner work, sitting, and having that inner awareness about what is happening. What I’m seeing in the world is this big imbalance because many of us are leaning from that masculine. By bringing the flow piece that I loved how you were talking about is that key piece to bring it to the fire.

That way we are able to take action that is aligned towards where we want to go and also, with are authentic to who we are as a person. It’s only then that we’ll be able to create that balance of both. That is why my focus is on feminine leadership because we’ve been so much set to be in our masculine that a lot of women and even men are not accessing their feminine energy that we have within us. It’s bringing those traits into the surface. With my philosophy, I’m focusing on a movement and it is about expression through emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, mindset, and heart-set. It’s where I bring in those different aspects together in order for us to where we have that beautiful balance of fire and flow.

Let’s distinguish the two. Sometimes, I hear that I may be fiery. I want you to explain to us what potentially may be wrong with that, because a lot of us, we lead from our masculine energy. Why is that a bad thing or is it a bad thing? I want to understand the difference between the two energies and the benefits and features of each?

A lot of people think that because we talk about feminine leadership, that means that masculine is bad, but it’s not true because the masculine is the fire piece and that’s why it’s called fire and flow. It’s that balance of both. Within our masculine energy and our feminine energy, when somebody is too masculine or too feminine that we can call them, there is the wounded piece, and there is the sacred or the divine piece of it. A lot of us are leading from our wounded masculine or our wounded feminine. If somebody was able to have that awareness about those traits and be able to bring them back into the divine masculine, that’s when you see men that are fully present and they can claim and they can stand for something.

They are taking the right action, supportive, and trying to create something beautiful. They are safe and giving versus someone who is in their wounded masculine. They are more about confrontation, being a perpetrator, too competitive, difficult to be around and to work with, untrustworthy, and all of those aspects. It’s the same thing for the feminine. When we are in our sacred feminine, we are radiant, nurturing, loving, in the flow, creative, receiving, and nurturing as well versus when we are in our wounded feminine, then we are over sensitive, manipulative, too dependent, and things like that.

Fire And Flow: Within us, we both have fire and flow. We have our Yin and Yang, our masculine or feminine, and it is the responsibility of each one of us to look, assess and appreciate where they are


It’s understanding which moment during the day, we are either too masculine or too feminine? Are we in our wounded or are we in our sacred? It having that little small awareness about where we’re at by listening to our body, messages, and the way we’re feeling, connecting to our emotions that we’re able to understand, have that awareness and be able to shift it. Shifted in that moment or understanding, “This is where I’m coming from at this moment and this is not how I want to show up.”

It sounds like, is this a mechanism for managing those wounds? I’m a firm believer that things happen to all of us in life and some of those things are not so good and we carry them with us. As you’ve described so eloquently, they have an effect on how we behave, how we think, and how we maneuver throughout the day, every day. Those things need to be dealt with. A lot of times we haven’t gone back, addressed those things and confronted those feelings that could have caused beliefs about ourselves that dictate our identity and how we see the world, hence affecting our flow. Is this a mechanism for not dealing with those, and it’s a coping mechanism? How do we heal those energies or do we heal those energies? How does your philosophy relate to those wounds?

All of us have stories, all of us have a past. One of the concepts that I love to mention is the concept of culturescape that has been a vision from Mindvalley. Our culturescape is about our culture, our country where we’re born, our parents, the instructors, the teachers, and religion. All of that define and create our culturescape from an early age. Depending on that, we will tend to go over one energy over the other depending on how it is received by the world. I’m happy that you invited men to still read because I still do help men. It’s more like one-on-one versus a group. I do focus on women, where like men are afraid to connect to their emotions because that’s weak.

The same thing for women when they are in business, they are afraid to show their emotion because they’re saying, “You’re weak,” or “Here we go again, she’s going into her drama.” All of those little expressions got created within society. Even if we have within us certain energy or balance of one that wants to go over the other, because that’s how we truly are, depending on the culturescape, we’re going to wear that shield of whatever that is. That’s why a lot of us wear the shield of masculinity from a wounded place. If I share my own story, I was wearing the shield of the wounded masculine for over 20 to 30 years in my life, because I wanted to prove everybody wrong. I wanted to prove everybody I can do it.

I always wanted validation, accolades, praise, winning prices and having triple Master’s degrees and going after it to show people, “Look at me, I can do it.” It was the moment that I’ve slowed down and I was like, “I am successful. There’s money in the bank. I have a lot of clients. Why am I feeling empty inside? What’s happening? This is not how it’s supposed to happen. I didn’t work all my whole life to get here to feel empty inside.” From there, when I start looking deep, I started connecting more to my zone of genius. What I’ve realized is I was leading from my zone of excellence for all my life. I went deep down into finding, uncovering my essence. That’s why I realized, “My essence is 100% feminine.”

When I ask people, “What is my superpower? What do I bring when I’m around you?” That’s an activity that even your readers can do. It’s like, “What do I bring into a room when I show up?” A lot of people are like, “You bring this bubbly energy, love, and trustworthy. We can feel we can trust you. We can work with you.” All of those words that are like hearts, passion, love, appreciation, fun, playfulness, oneness, and connectedness. I was like, “All of those feminine traits are within me. For the next years, all I’m going to do is to try to lead more from my feminine, so I can counterpart that wounded masculine that I’ve been set up to go after.” That’s what it’s about.

Within us, we both have fire and flow. We have our yin and yang, our masculine or feminine, and it is the responsibility of each one of us to look, assess and appreciate where they are because we should always appreciate our life and where we’re at. We don’t want to hoard the past with us. We want to just appreciate it, learn the lesson from it, then sit and analyze, “Where am I here? Am I leading from my zone of genius? Is it my zone of excellence? Is it my zone of competence?” Those are three different levels and I’d be happy to explain each one what they mean. Am I seeking control? Am I allowed to find what the outside is giving me or am I leading from my inner? I am enough by myself. I can express my emotion. I can connect with who I am. I don’t need that external validation. I can do it from where then I’m bringing that love, nurturing and appreciation from here.

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Identify where we’re at that moment. It is about listening deeply to the wounds, going deeper in the stories and try and understand what shaped us, and when I’m ready to let go. Are we ready to how we want to show up in the future? Having this awareness of feminine and masculine, wounded, divine, or sacred and where they are, that’s already an amazing start that a lot of people didn’t know about until they hear about it. I still meet a lot of people that are like, “I didn’t even know that existed. I’ve never heard about feminine, masculine energy.” Having that awareness brings it back to people.

How does one get that? You went into your story but I didn’t get the click on what caused the awareness to come forward for you. That’s another thing I want to touch and then what’s your recommendation for someone to understand where they are? Most of the time, we’re on a default mode of being. We’re not conscious of how we’re being or we know who we are and how we are, but we don’t know whether it is coming from this energy or that energy. We may not even feel that there’s a need to change. What caused you to change and then how can someone else determine whether they’re in the right energy or not?

I did mention it but very quickly is when I made the realization that I was having everything I ever wanted, but still that deep feeling inside of emptiness was there. The lowest moment was during Christmas years ago. I was sitting in my bed with four infections at the same time because I was working and leading my marketing agency, a lot of clients and I facilitated five events back to back and then I came home. Finally, I was going to take a week off before I can start again teaching at the university. As you can see, it’s a mouthful of how many things I was doing at the same time, because I wanted to prove myself that I can do it all and I’m good at everything.

Here I am sitting in my bed with four infections. I couldn’t hear and taste. When you cannot taste, you cannot smell. I was in deep pain and the doctor was like, “How did you get four infections? This is unbelievable.” I’m sitting there and deep down in me, I was sitting under and got this awareness. I was like, “I am done. I would never go back to the way this is. This is not working for me anymore.” That was that big scream within. The first thing that came back was like, “I’m moving forward. I would put myself first.

Radical self-care will be my number one priority. It’s not about success or money. It would be about me. Me first for the first time. Not my client, not anybody. I will honor them and I will serve them if I’m putting myself first. Putting myself first is not selfish, it’s self-full.” That’s the moment that I promised myself that I would get to know myself more than my culture scape, go deep and get to know me. Date me, and get to know myself, who I am and who do I love deep down, not what I’m telling people because I was playing a role. I was wearing a mask, without me knowing. It was unconscious. A lot of people are journaling, which is great. A lot of people were not journaling 3 or 4 years ago.

I was like, “I want you to have a journal.” I would give them for Christmas a journal. That’s going to start journaling. A lot of people are meditating which is amazing. One activity that I tell them is, “Every Sunday, I want you to have an inner view and ask yourself questions.” Sometimes I can give them those questions about, “What worked well for me this week? What is one thing I could change? What is one thing that I loved the most? When was I in my zone of genius and in my flow this week? Why can I give myself grace for?” Asking those questions, because it’s more we ask those questions and we go with them that we’re able to see the patterns of what keeps showing up.

When you read your answers, then a little bit about masculine and feminine, and know when the trade about wounded, sacred or divine, then you’re like, “Look at that. I’m very judgmental here. This is not good,” or “I’m controlling. I wanted everything to work my way. That’s why this was not working,” or “I gave so much appreciation. I supported, I volunteered here and I did this,” “I have so much grace about with my kids this week like I was not last week. I was more stressed than this.” It’s starting to have those little small awareness that will allow a person to go deep. It’s connecting to go in within and that’s the first place.

GCM 120 | Fire And Flow

Fire And Flow: You can still be soft while still being hard in the way that you make decisions.


The person needs to be ready and be like, “I am ready to change,” or “I need something to change.” One of the first elements that I do with my clients is I connect them to their essence, which a lot of them haven’t done that before. They’re mostly surprised and most of my clients, the woman client that I’m working with, they’re very masculine. When they come to me, they’re very career-oriented, making the money, doing well. Their romantic relationship is doing well, as we know. If you’re a woman too much in your masculine, if your man is also in their masculine, there’s going to be a lot of issues there, versus like the feminine. When we go within their essence, their essence is feminine, but they do not realize that until you have that conversation and until you do that work.

You find the cause of that is because if you look at history, women have had to fight for their rights to be treated as equal as men. There’s more of that to be had. There are still some biases out there towards women, especially in leadership positions. Do you think that there’s this underlying need to prove ourselves in order to compete with our counterparts that are forced upon women that want to be successful that are looking to exceed at high-levels in their life?

That’s the truth and that’s what is happening. For myself, that was exactly the reality. I needed to be masculine in my ways in order for me to succeed in a world where I was surrounded by men CEOs over 40 years old to negotiate deals of hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. Many times, I’ve heard, “This little woman came here,” and those little words that a lot of women have heard. That’s what put me into being in my masculine. When you see me, you will think I was always angry because I was showing like, “I am serious here.”

I look younger than my age and that was not helping me either. I will be in meetings and I would be the one making the decision and the person would be looking to the guy that was in the room where I’m the one making the decision. I will learn to see my colleague like this, “No, look at her. It’s her making the decision.” A lot of anecdotes like that have happened and I’m sure a lot of women did. There are a lot of other stories about when women have been abused and things like that.

When you get into your masculine to protect yourself, because it’s when you are in your masculine energy, that you are protective and you support yourself, and you are in that place of strength, 100%. What I’m saying is to still have that awareness about it. If you feel that you need to be in your masculine at work and doing it when you are at home, go into your softness with your kids. Go into your softness with your partner, not like carrying that shield that you were wearing during the day when you are at home versus the other way around. When at home that’s when you don’t feel safe and that’s like a different story.

All I am saying is that we have this within us. All of us can access these parts of us that are feminine and masculine. You can balance them if you can, or you can connect to one over the other, depending on where you’re at. A simple way to know it is how you are feeling with yourself. If you feel heavy all the time, that means you are imbalanced. If women feel very stiff in their bodies, that means they are too much in their masculine. They’re not in their flow. They’re different elements that your body will tell you, you are too much in one over the other. It’s never good to have too much of anything. It’s that same thing about having that awareness and be like, “If I’m doing this from a survival, totally,” and that’s okay if that’s what you need to do. Also, find ways where you can have that feminine side of you to shine and to express it in different ways that you can do.

One of the best ways I do it with my clients and what I tell everybody do is through movement or dancing. By moving your body and by dancing, there’s something that happens within your body, that you are connected to that state called chakra. That is your feminine energy. That’s your creativity, sensuality, place of pleasure, and we all want that. My favorite quote is, “Take your pleasure seriously.” It is not about hustle, working and going up there all the time. That’s fire, and it has its place on its time. It’s also what you talked about at the beginning. It’s about that flow. It’s connecting to that place of grace, appreciation, slowing down, going deep within, and letting everything go and surrendering. As you can see, it’s that softness with that fire. That’s what makes us amazing magical human beings because you can access a lot of them.

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I’ve seen you switched back and forth here in the show. Your fiery, you coming with it, your passion coming out and then you broke it down. I can feel your grace and your calm energy, your peace, and your love. We live in a time where it’s difficult for people to slow down. It’s almost like if you let your guard down, then you might get run over. That’s the environment we live in. That’s what it feels like from time to time. I see that it could be difficult for people, especially those that have had to survive. You talked about coming from that place of survival.

A lot of people have had rough lives. They’ve come from places where they’ve had to fight for everything. They’re the first to do anything, to go to college, to get the six-figure job, to get the business, to make the $1 million, to be the executive or the leader, no one taught them. They had to teach themselves and they’re carrying the weight of everyone else. If they’re slipping in everyone else’s, it seems like they’re going to fall. This is the weight that they have on their shoulders, and they have to demonstrate this level of strength 24/7 seemingly. How do we go to that place of calmness and that type of environment?

One thing I wanted to mention, you can be a powerful being in your feminine. Being powerful is not only masculine. That’s the misconception that a lot of people have. I realized that I’m more powerful than I’ve ever been by being a leader from my feminine. I didn’t know it was possible until I did it because people are attracted to my place of calmness, flow, and ease. Things are coming to me easily. I am still successful, but I’m coming from this place of ease because I am aligned with who I am. I am paid for being myself. I always loved dancing and if you see my video, you’ll see me dancing on it, where before, no, I’m going to be wearing the suit. I’m going to talk to the camera. I’m going to tell people, “I can do this for you.” Now, I own it.

It’s connecting, knowing our feminine and masculine, or the way we are. You can still be soft while still being hard in the way that you make decisions. There is that place where you can still bring that power even being in your feminine. A mom can be nurturing and loving while at the same time setting very strong boundaries. One doesn’t go over the other. The two can coexist to get created. That’s the thing. A lot of people had to survive and everything, but it’s always a choice. We always have a choice.

You can choose to lead your life from that place of resentment, anger and showing everybody that they were wrong with you and, “This is how I can show you,” or you can still show people that you can do it on your own, but still coming from this place of grace, playfulness, ease and appreciation. Both of them are right. The person needs to choose where they’re at and access that toolbox that they have within them, which will make them happier. I wanted to point that out because people can be powerful leading from their feminine as well.

I had a conversation with a young lady. Her name is Jennifer Hough. She’s a powerful lady. We got on the topic of whenever you are giving up yourself in any capacity, whether you’re a coach, speaker, executive, mom, dad, whatever, you’re being. What place are you coming from? That was the topic of the question. Two possible choices, are you coming from a place of survival or thriving? Those are two separate energies as well. I don’t know if they link between the feminine and the masculine, but they’re two different sets of energies.

When you’re coming from a place of survival, there’s a need for masculine energy, at least with my understanding of your philosophy on what you’re explaining. It’s because of the very nature of the energies, as survival energy, you’re trying to live. When you’re coming from a place of thriving, it’s different. Thriving is different than surviving. Surviving is like, “I’m just getting by. I’m keeping my life. I’m not dead. I’m maybe close to being dead, but I’m not. I’m making it up. I’m living.”

GCM 120 | Fire And Flow

Fire And Flow: It’s key for us to know where we are with our feminine and masculine energies, our fire and flow, in the way we lead our business, our relationship, and with ourselves.


When you thriving, you’re somewhere beyond that point, you’re at a place of abundance. Thriving is a place of overflow. When you’re in a place of thriving and you realize you’re in a place of thriving, it switches your energy. You don’t even necessarily need the masculine energies so much. It’s not a requirement. It’s the opposite because, it’s more of a laid-back chill, like you coming from a place of having more than enough and no scarcity element is crossing your mind about where you are and where you’re going. What are your thoughts about that?

It’s back to the same thing. Masculine is about doing, where feminine is about being. We were always in doing and, “Once I get there, I’m going to take the pole of happiness and then push it further again, and then I go after it again, and then push it again further and keep going.” That’s doing. That’s, “I want to achieve. I want to go after something,” versus when you are in the flow, you are more keen like, “How do I choose to show up at this moment? How do I show up to be in this moment? What is my body telling me right now?” If I have a headache or tension headache, my body is stiff, I feel heavy in my heart, or I feel a stomachache or any feeling that you have. It’s like, “What’s my body trying to tell me right now?”

It’s connecting to our body, connecting to your heart, and also choosing how to show up every day. That’s where the thriving comes from because for me, even thriving comes from within. It’s from in to out. You feel abundant and you feel full and fulfilled from the inside. That’s when everything that you do afterward is in a state of flow because you know who you are. You don’t need validation from anyone. You don’t need to survive because you were able to create that safety within yourself.

You know what happened, but you learned whatever you needed to learn, and then you choose to create that safety within you. Kyle Cease is amazing at talking about that. His book The Illusion of Money talks about imagine you’re sitting in a park and you lost everything you’ve ever worked for. How long will it take you before you feel okay, feel good, feel safe? When you do the exercise, it won’t take you more than 15 or 20 minutes in that meditation, because then you will go back to that place of, “I am still alive. I am safe. All that knowledge I ever got and all the experience of my life, they are still here. Even if I lost it all, I can rebuild it again and I can create it again.”

It’s going back to that place of empowerment within us that we can connect to. I want your readers to understand that feminine and masculine are tools that are within yourself, that you could choose to access whenever you want. Understanding what they are and how they can support you can, exactly like what Jennifer said, “Get you from this place of surviving to this place of thriving.” From this place of, “I have to show everybody how I can do it and I need to hustle,” versus “I can go from this place of state of flow and ease.”

For me, everything that I’m building, I want to build it from this place of ease, because if I’m creating my coaching programs or I’m meeting with my client from my place of ease and flow, I am giving them even more than they asked for. My energy introduced me before myself. They can feel that love, that softness, and that appreciation. I am an accountability queen. You’re going to do the work if you said you’re going to do it, but I am still coming from this place of softness, caring, and loving.

Another quote that I love says, “If you love your kids, show your face,” because a lot of people are hard on their kids, but deep down is from that place of love. All the kids see is the face and your expression of how you’re showing it. Show your face that love and that conditional love. That’s that place of softness. It’s those little micro behaviors and micro-moments that make an impact. If you’re connecting to your feminine and be like, “I am loving, I am nurturing and I’m going to still show my kids. That scarcity, that I’m afraid for them is there, but what I’ll show them first is my love and appreciation for them.”

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That goes to the same thing, like a romantic relationship. It’s still coming from this place of softness because what you are doing at that moment is creating that safe space for the other person to share with you and feel safe with you to tell you everything they have to say. If you come in from this very masculine and go, “What did you do wrong? What was the issue?” All we’re talking about wounded masculine, not the protective. For me, divine masculine men are amazing and they’re rare, but I am seeing a lot of my friends creating programs from men to have men get into that divine masculine, which is accessing that energy when they create that place of protection, presence, stand for something and still being that action.

Women that are in their feminine need men that are in their divine masculine and vice versa. A woman who is in her feminine energy needs a man that is not in his wounded masculine, in his divine masculine. It’s like work that works together. If we go even further with the work of Jake Woodard. He talks about feminine and masculine in romantic relationships because if you have masculine energy and you’re taking a man in his masculine energy, it’s going to be a lot of butting heads. If you are in your feminine and the man is in his feminine energy, a lot of things are going to happen there too. There are lots of imbalanced. It’s key for us to know where we are with our feminine and masculine, with our fire and flow, in the way we lead the business, in the way we are in our relationship and the way we are with ourselves.

You’ve talked a lot about going from masculine to feminine as if masculine is the default. I’m sure it probably is for a large percentage of people. However, are there cases where you’ve seen it go from feminine to masculine? I know there’s a balance, but there’s a dominant trait here that we’re identifying. Are there times where the feminine is more dominant?

There are definitely places where the feminine is more dominant. You see that a lot within nurses, for example, where they will still have a lot of that feminine because of the career that they’ve chosen and what they are doing. Also, they are on fire when they’re working because they have all these processes and things in place they have to set up. It’s an interesting thing where I could see a lot of nurses are too much in their masculine or feminine, where others are too in their feminine and a little bit in their masculine, or they have to be in their masculine at work. Sometimes they find that hard because all they want to do is care and have that love versus having to follow everything to make sure everything is right.

I have other clients that are artistic, “I want to create this and I want to do this. I want to have another idea. I have another idea,” and then they go in their creativity, but then they don’t take action. It’s like me bringing them into like, “No. We’re going to build, and we create that business of yours in the next 3 to 4 months. We’re doing this. Write all that down in one place, which is great.” That fire and flow are also happening in the way that we work and how we’re working.

If you take an action all the time and working, you’re not caring about the wellbeing of your employees or your emotional intelligence. For a lot of CEOs that I’m seeing, their IQ is high but their EQ is low. With what we’re going with the world, EQ or Emotional Intelligence is going to become the number one key. That’s one of the trade or feminine leadership because you are accessing and expressing your emotions. It’s bringing back again and shifting the balance into connecting to emotional intelligence and expressing our feelings that way. At the end of the day, grow the leader, grow the business. This is another tool for us to be able to access.

How can people connect with you, Asmaa, if they want it to learn more about you? Maybe they want to figure out how they can align with their fire and flow to balance things out.

GCM 120 | Fire And Flow

The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You from Receiving It

My website is IAmAsmaa.com. They can set up a time to connect with me. I’ll be happy whoever connects with me to walk them through a feminine and masculine energies quiz. We’ll see the results together and we can talk about it. I’ll be happy to offer that to them. All they have to say is that they come from this show and they’ll be amazing. Also, on Instagram, it’s @IAmAsmaa, on LinkedIn Asmaa Methqal, and they can send me an email at AM@IAmAsmaa.com.

I want to say thank you for coming on the show. It’s not enough time to talk about a subject such as this, especially thoroughly, because I think there’s more to this whole fire and flow that we didn’t get an opportunity to talk about. Being consciously aware of your states and then having the ability to shift them on demand, like what I was talking about before I introduced you, it’s a beautiful thing. I think it’s a game-changer because different environments and different situations require different energy. Realizing you’re not one energy. You are energy but you have the ability to manipulate, shift or shape energy to your benefit. It’s one of the most fascinating things about being a human being is to have that ability.

I created this eBook and it’s called The Rise of Feminine Leadership and it talks about five ways to allow you to access it. I’ll be happy to share that. That is available at IAmAsmaa.com/femininepower. Those are little five simple practices that you can do every day that will allow you to access, or start witnessing this energy that is not clear for a lot of people and be like, “That’s how it feels like to be being, and being the flow,” “That’s what it is.” That way they will have a different experience from what they’re doing. When the awareness would show up is when they start experiencing something new with simple practices that will serve emotions or feeling within themselves and be like, “That’s interesting.”

Before we bring the show to a close, we always like to end on a good note. What is a game-changing mentality message you would like to leave with us?

It is beautiful to pause, and even if it’s pausing for like 5 to 10 minutes, if you don’t have the time to do it, because when you pause a machine, it stops that. When you pause a human being, it restarts. It is in that moment of pause and giving yourself that gift that would allow you to connect, access, and integrate all parts of you that are within you, that is dormant, that is ready to shine and come through so that way you’ll be able to witness them. Remember the power of pause, not stop, just pause.

Thank you for coming to the show, Asmaa.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

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