Conversations With Rodney

dividerBreaking Free From Our Own Prisons Can Be a Daily Struggle…


• Are you tired of living your daily life in a prison of perception? 

• Are you bound by limitation and locked into old cycles of thinking? 

• Above anything else are you looking for a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card?

Today I am going to present an amazing opportunity that seems too good to be true  – but isn’t.

Though I don’t have any physical playing cards to offer you, the solution I offer in my book Conversations with Rodney: Breaking Free of Your Own Prisons is even better.

Because every day can be a constant struggle, I have laid the book out much like a calendar: there is one chapter for each month of the year, designed to pinpoint problems formerly keeping you in “prison”, and lift you free from your mental chains for good.



“Honestly, I’ve wasted so much time and money on useless programs; I was a little skeptical before purchasing this book. I’m glad I gave it a try. I’ve seen a great improvement. I feel like a new person… Thanks for transforming my life. I know I’m well on the way to reaching my goals.” – Victoria 


A simple fact of life is that we are our own worst enemies. The limitations that we set for ourselves far outweigh what anybody else can set for us. We are the machine that either propels our lives forward or willingly shuts down. Just as a goal is only reached through unquenchable thirst and all-in determination, a prison of limitation is built by our own hands.1

Dreams were never created to be small. Life offers plenty of constriction, and a dream should set you somewhere far into the stratosphere.

The bars of your limitation should be far enough apart that you never realize they are even there. After all, what’s the point of having a dream at all if it’s something you can fit into a small little box?

Dreams are meant to be gargantuan. The greatest example available is this: big dreams sent men into space, where they had to literally defy the law of gravity to find success.



With this amazing book “Conversations With Rodney” you will be able to:

Discover the secrets to strengthen your mind and create a winner mindset

Control your inner-self by learning the true importance of intelligence

Tap into an amazing secret to living a peaceful and joyous life by following your heart with passion

Release all the deep-seated negative emotions, infusing faith in your life

Free yourself of all the worries, stress, and anxiety by attaining a winner’s mindset

And many other exciting conversations that will take your life to a whole new level.



Limitation is everywhere. It can be imprinted on us from a very young age, where people who have settled in life try to push the same view on us. ‘Can’t’ is a mindset, usually erected by those who have embraced it themselves. Mountains only exist to be conquered. This world would never progress in any mentionable way if everyone listened to the preset limitations they have been given.


If you find that you are in a mental prison, don’t be discouraged. 

Tightly confined limitations box far too many people in. The fact that you want out tells me that you are ready to push forward. When it comes down to it, prisons exist for everyone. The only difference is some have found the key needed to leave it behind.


The time has come for you to step outside the box and embrace something entirely different. This book will totally change your life, guaranteed! No more wasting time on useless articles, memberships and watching hours and hours of videos showing same outdated stuff.

We are confident in our ability to help you set the foundation for your life so well that you can transform it immediately! This confidence doesn’t come from hyperbole or a misplaced sense of success, but a tried and true method.


I offer you a key to freedom, a key to a future without limitations.

You’ve been in prison long enough. We know, usually something that sounds as good as this offer is too good to be true. Though it may seem too good to be true, I assure you it’s simply our way of rewarding you for 5being one of the few people dedicated to living their dream lifestyle. You deserve to be rewarded!

Get your own copy of my book today and learn what it means to be truly free!







One Decision Can Transform Your Life!

Don’t only take my word for it. Let the glowing reviews from people whose lives have been changed convince you that this book is different! And different means one thing: it works!


“I am very thankful to you for making a great transformation in my life. WOW, I just loved this amazing book. I can proudly say that now I have the ability to flourish – to live my life with positive emotions, engagement, style and accomplishment. Thank you so much!” – Candice


“I can’t express my thanks to you; I have finally grabbed the keys to making smart choices when it comes to transforming my life. The 12-month conversations are just amazing; I can’t believe how much I have grown as a person. Thank you so much.” – Amanda


“My negative emotions were stretching me thin in every aspect of my life. Disappointment was leaving me exhausted at the end of each and every day. Confidence issues were really disturbing my life until I found this incredible book. Now I don’t worry about my issues. I have the power to transform my life! I am extremely thankful to you.” – Michelle