Is your work life generating stress or anxiety?

Are you questioning your talents, or your ability to contribute in a meaningful way? Perhaps your job has become a chore, with little to no gratification, and is scoring a big zero on the Sense of Purpose scale.

Or, maybe your work life is presenting new issues or changes that are unfamiliar, leaving you with an unsettling lack of direction and security.

Do you feel overwhelmed, detached, disappointed?

Are your most important relationships spiraling downward?

Life, while dynamic and exciting, never disappoints when it comes to presenting challenges. These life challenges manifest differently depending on where you are in your life, but one thing is certain: we have all, at one point or another, experienced them. When these roadblocks present themselves, most of us can usually figure out how to identify what is driving them and address it accordingly.

But what about the times you can’t?
What if your energy has been depleted, and your personal fountain of resources has run dry?

So what is Coaching, exactly, and would it work for you?

Coaching, if approached with a motivated mind and a willing spirit, is a means to a very noble end. It is the action-driven process of examining your current place in the world, identifying what is working – and even more important, what isn’t – and finding creative, accessible ways to eliminate barriers and achieve the goals you need to capture the happiness you desire. Coaching can help people transform every aspect of their lives: from career choices and financial health to relationships, well-being, and spirituality, it can be the catalyst that inspires you to become more proactive, make smarter decisions, set viable goals, and ultimately, attain the life you were destined to lead.

“Over the course of my coaching career, I have learned that good and successful coaching is contingent upon the ability to listen.”
– Rodney Flowers

My number one responsibility to you is to genuinely hear what you have to say. Although I work hard to ask all the right questions, attentively listening to the answers is paramount. Getting to know you as a person – your hopes, your dreams, your frustrations, and your disappointments – and hearing you speak about the changes you long for sets our process in motion. It’s also what helps us connect and collaborate on a well-thought game plan to heighten your self-awareness and break through the current barriers impeding your happiness.

– Rodney Flowers

Offering support without judgment, Rodney presents a new perspective that, ideally, will encourage your confidence, and give you permission to pursue a healthier, more authentic life. By exploring innovative solutions and designing a uniquely tailored roadmap, Rodney can guide you in reclaiming what you want and igniting an exciting new beginning beyond imagination.

The work involved definitely takes time, energy, and commitment, but after one discovery call, you’ll find that the answer is a resounding “Yes.” If you are:

  1. Serious about what you are going after,
  2. Open to or considering hiring Rodney to help you as your coach,
  3. Know the time for you is NOW