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Most people struggle getting out of bed. Think, react, and lead. This is a simple process that, when you let it into your system, will surely make a difference. Dom Faussette, bestselling author of Think React Lead, speaker, coach, and international speaker, walks us through this process and explains the importance of it not just to ourselves but to the people who we are supposed to lead. Learn how you can keep moving forward and get better every single day by understanding the process in its real sense.

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Changing The World By Thinking, Reacting And Leading with Dom Faussette

I’m excited about this episode. I have Mr. Dom Faussette with me. He’s a bestselling author, speaker, coach and an international speaker. Dom says that he’s been to hell and back and I’m going to let him describe what his version of hell is. He’s a military veteran and prior police officer with several years of corporate leadership experience. He’s the CEO of ThinkReactLead. Welcome to the show.

Thank you very much for that wonderful introduction. I greatly appreciate that. It feels good to be here. It’s been a long time since you and I have talked or since I saw you were in Florida, which is where we connected. I’m glad to be here.

It was a great connection. I know you’re doing big things in the world. You’re bringing a lot of change. You’re bringing a lot of value to people as well as organizations when you’re speaking. Tell us about ThinkReactLead. What is this all about? Let the audience know what your mission is with this.

GCM 35 | Think React Lead

Think React Lead: When Success and Accomplishments Aren’t Enough

My mission is to change one life every day for the rest of my life, but ThinkReactLead is a culmination of my life. It was a mantra that I used in a company that I have called Leaders4Leaders and the mantra was, “Think like an executive, react like a soldier, and lead.” I embodied that and it’s my life in three words or in a mantra I broke it down to three words and ThinkReactLead was born. My book is called Think React Lead. My podcast is Think React Lead. Everything I do is ThinkReactLead. It’s allowed me to have a platform that nobody can take because nobody’s lived Dom Faussette’s life. I’m passionate about ThinkReactLead that it dictates my actions throughout the day.

I learned this in law enforcement, for example, you can serve a warrant. You kick in the door. Intel tells you that there are two people inside, you kick in the door and there are five. You don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time and thought. Reacting is where the meat of the matter gets rectified. For example, let’s use McDonald’s. Not the healthiest example but go with me on this one. Their menus don’t change but when you go there, you’ll stand in the line looking at the menu and it takes forever to make a decision. You go to a restaurant, you go up and down, flipping the page and that’s the same thing. For those of us that are in a relationship, “Where do you want to go to eat? I don’t know.” Make a decision. We’re not curing cancer. We’re not changing the direction in which the world turns. React.

That comes from repetition. That comes from training. When you kick in the door and engage, you don’t have the luxury of saying, “Let me count one, two, three, four and five. There were supposed to be two of you here. There are five. You guys sit tight. I’ll be right back. I’m going to come back. See what I’ve got to do. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” That’s not something you can do. You react. People ask, “Why don’t you call it to act?” Your mind has already acted once. By the time your body begins to react, you’ve already thought about it once. This is the second time, hence react. Lead, leading is influence. That’s a John Maxwell phrase, “Leadership is an influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” We all influence, good or bad. When you kick in the door, the thought was kicking in the door. That’s thinking. Reacting was, “What’s on the other side of the door” Leading is where you get your results. You influence the environment. Whether you’re influencing the environment inside your emotions, influencing your environment in your mental space, influencing the environment in your physical space, influencing the environment with your team. You’ve done the same thing.

They told you, you weren’t going to walk, but you’re walking. You’ve thought about it. You reacted to it in your own way. They said you weren’t going to walk. My reaction is I’m going to walk and you lead. You became influential in your own life, which is what makes you a resilience coach. A good one because you’ve been there, done that. I’m willing to bet that most of your clients have had to go through the struggles that you’ve gone through. I’m a firm believer that I can’t coach somebody that’s been in darker places than I can or than I have. I will never coach somebody that had been in darker places than I have, but most people have gone through what I’ve gone through. It works. That’s ThinkReactLead for me.

I want to dive into that a little bit further and here’s why. I want to have a conversation with you about ThinkReactLead because in society most people aren’t thinking. They’re busy reacting and they’re reacting to what’s going on in their environment. A lot of times, this reaction is habitual and they keep getting the same results. They’re definitely not leading because that’s not influential at all. How does ThinkReactLead change that because that’s the epidemic for society, at least in America and abroad? How do you go about changing that philosophy in that way of being with individuals?

For me, it’s a simple process. I believe that we should think into our thoughts, think into our actions. I start with self as I wake up in the morning and this is simple. I get a bowl of cereal. I ask why I am eating this bowl of cereal. I don’t know why I’m eating the bowl of cereal because I’m hungry. Is this the best thing to eat given what you have access to in your home? Let me look in the refrigerator. I have apples. I have oatmeal. I have fresh oranges. You answer that question would be no. What is a better alternative? The apple, the oatmeal, and the oranges. Why would you eat the apple, the oatmeal and the oranges? It’s because I have to work out in two hours and it’s going to be more fuel for my body. The reason I’m working out is that I want to get results in this area of my life.

That’s one action that we were taking. Cereal leads into a three to four-minute discussion with self and that’s thinking why. We don’t ask ourselves why. I do this to people all the time when they call me or they’ll text me, “I want to call you and I want to meet up with you.” People like us are coaches and typically people only want to call us because they want free information, especially if we don’t know them. I’ll ask why you want to call me. “I want to find out some information about my business and what I should do next.” Understood, you’re calling me because I’m a business coach. I have a consultation for that and then there’s a charge for that. If you’d like to move forward, we can do that.

As opposed to what a lot of entrepreneurs do, they get excited that somebody wants to work with them. You shouldn’t because you spent thousands of dollars. Even if you spent $100 to get to where you’re at, you become the obvious choice in somebody’s life. Sometimes we don’t ask ourselves why. It’s like when my wife gets on my nerves. We’re two different people. I do things that irritate her. She does things that irritate me. Am I going to yell? Am I going to bring it up? No. Why would I yell? Why would I bring it up? It’s going to discredit me as a man in the relationship and my integrity and my love for her. What’s the result? A lot of times we don’t ask ourselves why. That’s the thought process.

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I feel that a lot of people feel that it’s too much pain, it’s too much work and it’s easier to do whatever comes naturally, especially if you haven’t made that a habit. It gets easier if you make it a habit. The thing is you haven’t thought about it enough. You haven’t asked why enough to make it a habit of making the right choices with a good basis behind those choices.

I ask myself everything, “Why am I wearing a tie? Why am I not wearing a tie? Why am I leaving at 8:00? Why am I not leaving at 8:00?” I spend a lot of my day in my head asking myself why. If I can’t come up with an answer, then I’m not nonchalantly moving at the moment. Even if I want to go get a milkshake, why are you getting a milkshake? I love strawberry milkshakes. I haven’t had one in a couple of months and it’s going to make me happy. If I’m okay with that answer, I need to know why. That’s the beginning. That’s the thinking of it. The react and lead that’s a whole other thing. It is so much work. I don’t feel that one can ever get comfortable with asking themselves why? It’s because the answer’s always going to change. The environment is always going to change.

I know there’s someone in our audience and they may think that the statement that you, “I always ask myself why,” is a ridiculous statement. There’s someone that’s thinking that. I believe that is the checks and balances that are holding you accountable minute by minute, moment by moment, which is also difficult for a lot of people to do that. It’s challenging, but the reward. Let’s talk about the reward. We’re thinking the reward of holding yourself accountable. By asking why because what you’re doing is you’re making sure that the decisions that you’re making. You know why you’re doing it. They’re not arbitrary thoughts that are showing up. You’re not drifting. There’s a book that I like that I’ve read a couple of times called Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill.

One of the biggest points in that book is the point about drifting and that we get distracted. Things come up in our lives, things happen in the environment that gets us distracted from what we should be doing, where we should be going. The processes that we should be following and we start going off and doing other things. It may feel right, but it may not be right. It may not be a wrong thing, but it may not be the right thing that you should be doing at that particular time and so you’re drifting. Asking yourself why moment to moment, keeping that accountability on yourself drives the ship and keeps you on the right path.

I read that book. I never heard of it and somebody suggested it to me and I read it. It had me hunkered down on ThinkReactLead. Those words in itself. The drifting, there’s many of us that we accept life. A lot of times we accept life is because we don’t think to us and we don’t think to self. We don’t think that we’re valued enough. If you lack self-value, you have a desire to be validated. When you have a desire to be validated in a relationship, you’ll fall for anybody. In business, you’ll be excited that somebody wants to work with you. I don’t meet people for lunch. I don’t meet people for coffee because my time is more valuable than a chicken salad sandwich and lemonade. Once you know your hourly worth and the way you figure that out is you take the whole fare of what you want to make it by the end of the year, say it’s $1 million and you break that down into a 40-hour work week. You have to come up with about $500 in change.

My hourly worth and this is for self is $550 and $5 in change. If somebody wants to meet me and I go with them, are they worth by the time I drive there 30 minutes, drive back another 30 minutes? That’s an hour meeting. Are those two hours’ worth a $1,000? Probably not. When people say, “Dom, let’s meet.” It’s 2018. We can do a Zoom call. You can text me. We can FaceTime. There’s Marco Polo. There are all kinds of things that we can use. I don’t need to leave my office to come to meet you to get no results. Typically, when somebody reaches out to you to meet you, in my experience there’s nothing you gain from that relationship. All they’re going to do is spend an hour picking your brain and you’re too valuable to have your brain picked. Put a cost on it. Charge them and you’ll find that once you start charging people, even if you charge them $20 you’ll get half of your day back and your family needs you.

GCM 35 | Think React Lead

Think React Lead: One can never get comfortable with asking themselves why because the answer’s always going to change. The environment is always going to change.


Let’s move into react. The reason why I want you to dive into this is that most people spend most of their time reacting to the environment. You have a different connotation around react potentially. I want to understand that a little bit more before I put the period at the end of that statement. You hear most gurus talk about responding rather than reacting. Reacting is the habitual behavior. In your case, talk to us about react.

A soldier has one task, to take an order and implement said order for better results. A soldier has the order of whatever their role in that mission is, which is typically one role. They’re reacting based off of training. You think you separate that. Reacting comes from training. As it relates to, let’s say, fighting. I spent a while fighting. When somebody engages you, your body if you’re good, can move and react with your eyes closed because you feel the air. You feel the push of the wind and you feel the person’s body getting closer to you. Once you make contact with them, you know which way to block, you know which way to strike, and you know which way to move. It’s the same thing with anything that you do when you are dialed in on the results that you want and you know the mission at hand. Even when you engage, you engage off of reps. Your reps are what’s going to allow you to react efficiently and effectively without putting any thought into it.

I go back to kicking in the door, serving the warrant but there are more than two individuals in there. There are five. Your body moves. You’re trained to spot the biggest gun, the biggest man, or the most threatening individual in there. You’re trained to spot the shifty eyes. You’re trained to spot the shaking of the knees. The person that’s not shaking is the one you go after first. The moment you kick in the door, you’re trained to spot the concealment and covering. This is all done in less than a millisecond. You kick in the door, it opens up fast. Your mind breaks it down into you kick in the door and it opens a little bit at a time. Each time it opens, you scan that little spot, you scan. Now, you see people and you know what to do. You know who to shoot. You know where to shoot. You know where to cover. You know where to conceal. You know whether or not to go all the way in or step off the porch. There’s so much that happens. If you were to break it down on paper everything that happens once you kick in the door, it’s a lot of stuff.

In our lives, we naturally break down everything. We become overwhelmed. There’s no reason to be overwhelmed. You’ve already prepped for this. You don’t realize you’ve prepped for this. I see people get stressed out, “I’m overwhelmed.” For what? Why are you overwhelmed? Move and we’ve all heard one foot in front of the other or start. The toughest thing to do is start. That one foot in front of the other is a win. If you move, your body and your emotions know what to do. They don’t need your brain. You and I both meet people to say, “I’ve got a strategy session. It’s your 8th strategy session. You implement and you put in some work and you engage. Stay dialed in,” but they don’t want to do that because that’s where the work comes into play. Movement is simple when you say it, but doing it is hard. People say it’s hard because they don’t want to put in the work.

We talk about repetition, practice, reps. If you put in the work, you’re able to bite it off one at a time. Even if you got to eat the whole elephant at one time, that’s fine. Your digestive system is set up to go ahead and break all that down. The Bible talks about hard work in several different places. Plenty of books talk about hard work. I don’t have a degree, but in the corporate space, I was AVP at Chase. I’ve had employees working for me that had Master’s, double Master’s, even Doctorate. I’m like, “What in the world?” All this education, but the difference between me and them was our education. Why did I excel? It’s because of my action, my reaction to the environment. I knew that these idiots aren’t working. All I got to do is outwork them. I’ll get promoted and it works. It works so well that I created a program about it. I left the corporate space after my book launched and podcast launched and it worked out. Reacting is work. We don’t want to put in the work.

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With so much you said, I was trying to hold onto a couple of pieces, but they’ve completely lost my mind at this point. I do want to go back to what you said about putting one foot in front of the other. First of all, not doing the work, putting in the repetition. When you put in a repetition, when it’s your time to step up and step forward, you can go if you have the competence to do. Not putting in the work is the reason why you feel that you’re not ready. Even when you’re not ready, go because there’s some level of success that you’re going to experience because you’re a human being. You’re trying to figure it out. I feel that a lot of people are not willing to put themselves on the line and they’re not willing to do the work, especially do both. If you’re not going to do the work, at least put yourself on the line so you know where you are and you know what things you need to go work on.

You keep putting yourself on the line until you get good at it, that’s okay too. I’ve seen a lot of people done that. They’re horrible but they show up every single time putting themselves on the line. They’re horrible again but they show up again putting themselves on the line. Before you know it, they’re the star. That’s a lot of humility that you have to go through in order to do that. If you’re willing to do it, good things can happen. Leading is self-explanatory. Maybe you would think that it is. There may be some people that haven’t quite figured it out and we have compassion. We want to bring them up. Talk to us about leading. How can a person be influential? They’re new to the space and they have desires, goals, and dreams. They want to be influential, but they haven’t figured it out. In your world ThinkReactLead, what is lead?

Leading for me is one of the simplest things to do out of the ThinkReactLead equation, yet one of the hardest things to do. Let me explain. I’ll explain from a personal space. Leadership is an influence. Nothing more, nothing less. What I used to do was lead the way I wanted to lead, the way I felt the world should be led. This is based on how I grew up, life experiences, military, law enforcement. Leadership is not about me as a person. Who cares about me? At the end of the day, I care about me, but people have things going on in their life that we’re not privy to and they’re not going to tell us or they’re not wearing across their shirt. One thing I learned in the corporate space, I have plenty of employees that reported to me. There was one lady I asked, “Why are you late? You’re typically not late, which I thank you for that. The last couple of weeks, you’ve been late.” At the end of the day, I found out she was going through some domestic violence issues. She didn’t know where to turn. She didn’t know that I was a prior cop. I typically don’t go into work telling people that.

I told her and we started talking. There were other people that I’ve learned to listen to the whispers and not to the noise. When I say listen to the whispers, this is leadership. It’s more servant leadership if you think about it. If you haven’t been there before, it’s hard to start in the front. You got to start in the back, work your way up. Listening to the non-verbals, listening to the whispers as I stated in. This is whether I’m speaking from the stage, whether I’m leading a team. Now, I’m building a team for my company or being a husband. My wife comes home from work and my wife’s not typically a talker, which is rare from what I hear from husbands with their spouses. She comes in and she goes. It’s rare but when she does that, I know that the rest of my day means not to be spent on social media because she needs attention at that moment when she comes home at 6:00. We spend the next three hours together before we go to bed. I know that the phone needs to be put down and I need to pay special attention to her. It’s the same thing with our kids. My son he’s not a toucher, but sometimes he likes to lean on my shoulder. He’s eight, he’s still a baby.

Leading is after you’ve been given the orders to kick in the door. You kick in the door and after you’ve engaged and you’ve apprehended or taken somebody out. These are your thoughts. You take out your thoughts. You apprehended your self-doubt. I’m talking about physical experiences after kicking the door, but the door is your life. What happens after you engage is everything that goes on internally. Once you apprehend or take out who you need to take out, that’s when the adrenaline slows down. That’s when the results of the reacting come into play. You’re good. You leave. Let’s assess what’s going on. Let me go back to the more simplified approach that I took. I used the cereal. I asked myself why I was going to eat it, and then I opted not to eat it. I’ve reacted to eating oatmeal, oranges, and apples. I lead. I go to the gym knowing that two hours ago I had a win. I overcame something. I overcame my desire for sweets and I had something more natural.

I know that once I’m doing my two miles on the treadmill or I’m on the bench press, in my mind I’m going to bench more because I gave my body’s fuel as opposed to giving it some sluggish oil. It sounds simple, but as we all know human beings are complex. The leading part comes by way of what example I am showing the world. I tell leaders all the time, “If you can’t lead from behind your doorknob, you have no reason to lead in front of your door knob. If you can’t lead your family, you shouldn’t be leading a team.” I’ve seen it many times and you’ve seen as well. Most of your audience has seen it where they see somebody at work and they’re like, “How are you?” They put on the fake smile, but then when they get to know them they’re not even that person. One thing I learned in the military is honesty, integrity, loyalty, and service. It starts with self. Leading is nothing more than being a servant. Being able to run the ship right and use the worship earlier. I’ll use that example, “Run the ship, stay at the helm. If you got to go to the mess hall and mop up a mess, you can do that as well.” That to me is leadership.

GCM 35 | Think React Lead

Think React Lead: When you don’t think that you’re valued enough, you’ll have a desire to be validated. When you have desire to be validated, you’ll fall for just anybody.


One of the fundamental drivers of leadership is self-leadership. Being able to lead yourself and hold yourself. This is a full circle. It gets back to asking yourself why because you’re holding yourself accountable. A lot of leaders want to hold everyone else accountable and exempt themselves like, “I’m too high up. I’m above that regulation. I’m above that standard.” The good leaders are the leaders that can be in the same place as their followers and be okay. Some people can’t be with their followers. What I mean by that is if I’m up here, if I’m up high, then I’m good. If I’m above you, I’m good. I believe in bringing people where you are and if you have to go to that level in order to get them, in order to be with them, to teach them, to show them and wanted to bring them out. You’re okay with that. A lot of leaders aren’t willing to do that. Once you get here, then we can hang. Until then, you figure it out. That’s good leadership in my opinion.

It’s not. It’s disconnected. You lack a person-to-person engagement with your followers or your team. You don’t get to know them internally. You get to know their role and how it negatively or positively impacts your role.

I’ve been hearing that word a lot in this space is engagement. That’s becoming more recognized and accepted, even more than that because now companies specifically are starting to understand the importance of engagement. We toss that term around like love but no meaning or action behind it, but in the future in order for companies to stay afloat, they’re going to have to take on ownership of engagement. Especially the leaders of those organizations because engagement is going to have to be one of the key principles of values in order to be successful. There’s so much change that’s happening in our society now. That’s ThinkReactLead and that’s awesome. Thank you for sharing that with us. With this philosophy, you’re dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs, bridging the gap between their minds and their heart for increased success. Talk to us about how you work with people and help them accomplish what they want to accomplish in life.

There’s a process. My definition of success is not monetary. It’s a feeling. A lot of people hear the word success and they think, “I’m going to make more money.” You will once you bridge the gap between your mind and your heart. When I say bridge the gap between your mind and your heart, this is how you understand what your why is, which most people don’t know what their why is. They don’t know what their purpose is. They don’t even know themselves. The reason they don’t know themselves because from preschool or kindergarten all the way through high school, college, and even further for some. We’ve been taught to operate off of a syllabus. It’s I learn ABC. I do one, two, and three. As long as I do it in that order, I get an A, maybe a B. If I mess up, I get a C. We know how we’re gauged.

When you end up leading and you get into the workspace, you find yourself still operating off of a syllabus. You have standard operating procedures, SOPs. For some companies are general rules or guidelines. You have the training and you read those and you know your role. Leadership’s not positional. It’s hard for people to understand their why. They don’t even know how to think about what their why is because there’s no syllabus for your why. There’s no syllabus for your purpose. The way the educational system is set up is it’s set up for people not to engage intuition. Not to engage thought that their emotions have created.

One thing I learned in the military was intuition and it wasn’t the military specifically. I was K9. I was a dog handler. I had a military working dog and dogs don’t talk, but I spent so much time training dogs. With my dog, I was able to watch them engage intuition and we talked about engaging. Engaging is nothing more than moving and occupying. Corporations use the word engagement. It’s a military word. Corporations use that word often, but they’re people aren’t engaging. They’re moving. Moving is easy. You can go past your focal point if you’re moving but if you’re engaged, you’re dialed in on set point. Bridging the gap between the mind and the heart allows you to utilize your intuition. I know 30, 40, 50-year-olds that don’t know how to use their intuition, but the moment they do I’ve had clients go from having a six-figure salary, highly-educated. Now, he’s one of my buddies. He was a client at first. Highly-educated, think of your stereotypical Asian when you think about math and how society portrays this, at least in the ‘80s Asians, math. Every Asian I went to school with was exceptionally genius with math. He fit the bill for that and we would laugh about it, but he said, “I want to be an actor.” I’m like, “Be an actor.” He said, “I don’t think my father, as all the money he spent on me in school.”

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He went down that path, I said, “You’re 35. You don’t owe anything to anybody. You’re working on your second Master’s for what? I’m not saying leave, but you can act and work at the same time.” A couple of weeks later he’s like, “I have plenty of money in my savings. I have no kids. I have no responsibilities. I live in a home. I have two roommates. I’m going to go at it.” He is the happiest I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t suggest anybody does that. He has substantial savings. Even though he’s 35, he acts as none as I do. That’s an example. Once we bridged the gap between the mind and his heart, he stopped thinking culturally. Even for myself, I’ve learned to stop thinking culturally.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this, but I used to hear all the time, “Black people don’t do that. Hispanics don’t do that.” As I was thinking like, “Why?” I’m asking myself why. I’m 40 years old. I skateboard. I travel. There are times I’ve traveled to places with my skateboard so when I get there, I got something to do. I wakeboard. My wife and I track Ducatis. I suck at skateboarding. I suck at racing my motorcycle. I suck at wakeboarding. I’m not a good captain on my boat. I’m not good at these things, but I’m doing them with a smile on my face. Nobody said you had to be great. The two things I’m great at are coaching and speaking. Those two things I know for a fact I’m great at because I spent a lot of my time there. I’m working on becoming an epic husband. I’m working on becoming an epic father. There are a lot of books on those topics, but there’s no real book. There’s no syllabus. Our society is taught to focus on a syllabus and that’s what’s going to get us results and it doesn’t work. That’s why these eighteen-year-old kids that drop out of high school are making millions of dollars because they’re disrupting the system.

I met three, a kid and his brother by the time they were eleven made their first hundred thousand. By the time he was fifteen made his first $1 million. It started with somebody gave him a coin. He found out the value of the coin. He was like, “How much is this worth?” He posted it on eCommerce so eBay and he traded up one point, two points, and three points. Next thing you know $100,000 a couple of years later. He was passionate about it. He took that into cars. These kids are nineteen. He has sixteen cars and we’re talking know Ferraris. The cars you and I want, the Bentleys, the Rolls-Royce. These kids are crushing it. We get older and we get lazy. We take fewer risks. I remember jumping off of roofs before parkour was a thing. I wouldn’t do it now but imagine if you will. If you stopped watching TV for a couple of years.

This is one hack you can do to start reshaping your brain. Everybody is in business. Anybody breathing. Everybody wants to know what their why is. Find out what their why is. This is how you’re going to find out what your why and your purpose is. You’re going to grab your phone and go to Instagram or Facebook, any social media account that you have. You’re going to do a video. Your phone has a camera. Hold your phone out, hit record. Drop 30 seconds of knowledge or a conversation. If you think you don’t have the knowledge to drop, talk to your thirteen-year-old self. What advice would you give your thirteen-year-old self? You’re not talking to an audience. You’re talking to you of times past.

Talk 30 seconds. Stop recording. Hold your phone horizontal and then post it. Post it on a social media platform. I thought my mission was one thing a few years ago when I started, and then I realized who I was connecting to. What my audience started to look like. Don’t worry about what your niche is. That’s the wrong place to start. Start with your voice. Your voice is going to fall on the ears and the minds and the hearts of the people that it needs to. When it does, you’ll start to see the comments and you’ll start to understand who it is that you attract. What’s crazy is when I first started. I thought my audience was young, black males. I have more executive clients than I would’ve ever thought and none of them looked like me. Your past matches up with somebody else’s past regardless of your color, guaranteed. Start to diversify your thoughts. The only way you can diversify your thoughts is by diversifying your associations. If you have two more Rodneys, three more Doms and we all came together.

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Think React Lead: Leading is one of the simplest things to do yet the hardest.


I guarantee you our life experiences. You take away one or two things are predominantly the same? No matter where we live and treated the same way, no matter where we go to college, the military, the life experience it’s not a stretch. If you have a friend that’s Hindu, his of his or her life experiences are way different than mine. You’d find somebody who’s new to the United States and they’re Muslim, their life experience is way different than yours. Maybe somebody who’s in same-sex marriage, you don’t have to agree with it but they’re a person. They still add value. You act, you talk. Your life experiences are completely different. You find a multimillionaire if you’re not one, you’ll be amazed your life experiences might be the same. It’s crazy but diversifies your associations. Your thoughts will diversify and then you’ll start to engage what your purpose is. Do videos. I don’t care what industry you’re in, self-employed or not.

I want to get back to these kids that are crushing it now. One thing that I want to point to that I feel is contributing to that success is the fact that these kids are not coming out of high school and college looking for jobs. They are truly following their passion. You and I, when we grew up it were like, “Get good grades and get a good job so you can live like at the White House.” These kids, they’re not interested in that. It feels they’re not interested in getting good grades and getting in a good job, but they have more money than we do who were focused on getting good grades and getting a good job. The difference is passion. These kids are following their passion. It’s important to understand what you’re good at. The people you can serve, what gets you going and follow that. Go and do that. People our age they’re not doing that, but I think that’s the game-changing factor. If we can start doing that that now, that changes the game.

People our age will start doing it when they stay committed to getting up and going to the gym when they stay committed to changing their diet when they stay committed to treating their spouse right. As a man, when I wake up before my alarm. I get to the gym when there are only three people in there, I have a killer workout. I get home. I make breakfast for myself, for my wife, for my son, and I’m being that wholesome dude in that two, three-hour period. By the time my day begins, I feel I can conquer the world. I’ve already worked out. I was up when it was still dark outside. The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. She woke up to that. She woke up to breakfast. As a king, I’m treating my queen the way that I need to as I honor her. She leaves the house with a smile. My son hits the school with a smile. He’s ready to rock and roll. By the time I get back to my office, I’m unstoppable. My body’s right. I’ve read. I’ve done all the things mentally, spiritually, physically, but I’ve done everything. I’m whole and it’s 8:00 in the morning and my day begins.

I’m good, but we don’t operate that way. We hit the snooze button and we’ve all heard it many times. Don’t hit the snooze, just get up. If you can’t get up, look at it like this. Somebody died last night and they would love the opportunity. Somebody left children behind. Somebody left his spouse behind. Somebody left dreams behind left them on the table. They would love a do-over. They would love to have another chance to wake up and even use the alarm. Not hit the snooze, turn it off and get out of bed. You have that opportunity. Tomorrow’s not promised. What are you going to do with now? If you don’t like your whole day, break it down into a one-hour chunk. What am I going to do for the next 60 minutes? It’s simple. Nobody said you had to be dialed in and engaged the full 24 hours. Start with 60 minutes. An hour, what are you going to do? Get up and go outside for a walk. Get up and go outside. Oxygen and that fresh air do wonders for your brain.

What you’re mentioning are things that you can do to get grounded before you start your day, which is helpful. Dom, thanks for being on the show. If people wanted to connect with you for whatever reason, to learn more about you, get coaching from you, how can they find you?

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I have a website, but the only people that use it are people that see me on the news and my mom, which is ThinkReactLead.com. You can DM me on Instagram, @DomFaussette. I have Facebook. There’s ThinkReactLead. There’s @DomFaussette. I have a phone number 602-481-0650. Shoot me a text. You call me it will go to my voicemail, but text me I will reply.

This has been amazing. Thank you for pouring into us and imparting your wisdom upon us. This has been awesome and I enjoyed you. Thank you for being on the show. Do you have any final words for the audience?

This is to the individual, not your entire audience, this is probably one or two people who struggle to start their day. I’ve been there before to the point where I couldn’t even get my feet out of the bed to touch the ground. I want you to know that you don’t know who they are, but you are somebody’s hero. There’s one person looking up to you and they won’t move until you move. Know that as you move, as you’re moving and as you’re getting a win here and a win there. What’s behind you isn’t your shadow, it’s that individual that looks at you as their hero.

I’ve had a wonderful time with you. For those in our audience, thank you for reading. Dom has ThinkReactLead. He’s broken this down for us and for that person who is there that is having a struggle getting out of bed. We don’t know who’s watching us and we don’t know what difference we are making in our lives and we have to keep moving forward, getting better every single day. It’s important because that can be the game-changing moment. Dom, thank you for being on the show.

Thank you.

Until next time, remember, greatness is your birthright.

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