A lot of people are not reaching their full potential, and the reason why sometimes boil down to their own self-belief. Abiola Abrams is a Spiritpreneur, a success coach, author, award-winning motivational speaker who helps women, coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs to be seen, heard, and create movements around their big ideas. Known as the Self-Worth Midwife, she is passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthroughs. In this telling interview, Abiola defines what a Spiritpreneur is and differentiates it from a regular entrepreneur. She also explains why it is equally important to receive as to give, highlighting how you should invest in your mind, your heart, and your future.

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Becoming A Spiritpreneur And Building A Business Around Your Calling with Abiola Abrams

I am excited about this. I have Abiola Abrams with me. She’s going to be joining us and get ready to be wowed by some very important information. She’s an awesome individual and I’m excited that she’s taken the time to share with us. Please get prepared to learn as we find more about Abiola. Before we get started with that, I want to say thank you to all of my readers. You guys are amazing. Thank you for making this possible. For those of you that have been following me all along, I want to say thank you. If you’re new here, a special thanks goes out to you. I realize that there are others, but you have chosen to read this. We really appreciate that.

Abiola Abrams is a Spiritpreneur Success coach, author, speaker and self-worth midwife. She helps women, coaches, healers and creative entrepreneurs to be seen, heard and create movements around their big ideas. She has given motivational advice on living your best in networks from MTV to the BBC. She has given talks and led transformational workshops from New York City to London. She has shared inspiration in publications from the DailyOM to Essence Magazine and held spiritual retreats from Bali to Belize. The award-winning motivational speaker, transformational author and advice columnist is passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthroughs. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Abiola Abrams.

Rodney, thank you so much for having me on the show.

Welcome to the show, Abiola. I know it’s been awhile since we initially connected and said we were going to actually do this interview. We got it and we made it in 2019.

I think we did three seasons or so because it was right before your amazing event that I heard was incredible. Congratulations.

Thank you very much. What’s going on with you? Tell us what are you working on? What’s new and exciting going on in your life?

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I am always honored and excited when I get to talk to amazing people who are doing things in the world and their audiences, so thank you for this. There are lots of great stuff going on as we are planning for this new season. My job, my calling, very similar to yours, is to be a leader to leaders, to help other leaders to get to where they need to be, women leaders specifically in my world. I am planning a lot of mindset work and programs in my Spiritpreneur Guru Academy. People can have all of the strategy in the world to do things, all of the inspiration, the motivation and all of that, but if the mindset is not tight, if the mentality is not in alignment, then things are completely off kilter. That’s one thing.

The next thing is that my third book I’m working on now. It’s going to be about spiritpreneurs. Usually, it’s all about women, but if I do include men, you will absolutely, of course, be on that list. For my podcast as well, we’ve only interviewed women, but I’m going to interview men for the next season, and you will be first on that list. I’m excited about putting into motion my next international retreat. I haven’t talked about it anywhere yet, but I’m thinking, between you and me and your amazing audience, it may be in the South of France. We may be going to a castle in the South of France. We’re working out the logistics now.

You go on these retreats, have a great time, then work on some mindset things and how to be better women in the world and better women leaders is what I’m imagining that’s taking place at your retreats.

It starts with how to be the best person you can be in the beginning because you can’t coach, speak, heal or any of that if you’re not the best you that you can be. I work with coaches as well, all the best coaches have coaches. I feel you’re a coach, you don’t get coached and you don’t believe in the system. You don’t believe in what you’re doing. I believe that it works. If presidents have a cabinet that advises them, Oprah and people like that have producers that advise them, coach them and lead them, we all need guidance to be the best person that we can be. On top of that, you go out and lead your tribe or whatever it is that you’re born to do.

What do you find is one of the most common challenges for leaders?

The most common challenge that I find and this is across cultures, across socioeconomic barriers, is the fear of being an imposter, being a fraud. People are thinking, “I’m going to be found out.” With women coaches, women healers and actually with people who are called to be coaches, healers, natural givers across the board, regardless of gender because it’s easy for us to give, but we’re not good receivers. A lot of us are undercharging ourselves and overworking ourselves because we’ll go to the bat for anybody and go above and beyond, but then we undercharge ourselves for that.

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Spiritpreneur: You can’t convince somebody else of their potential. It has to come from them.


There was a point where a couple of years ago I felt like, “I have a horrible boss who has me overworked, underpaid and I’m going to have to shut my business down because my boss is terrible and the boss was me.” I was already my own boss, but like so many people overworking myself, undercharging myself and having issues of imposter syndrome, fear of going for it. A lot of people are playing smaller than they’re meant to be. They’re hiding and not stepping out into their full power. That’s what most of my work is about.

I meet a lot of people in this space, I coached people in this space. That is one of the common challenges in this business, but I also find people that want to overcome that challenge, when we say we have to play bigger and find your maximum potential, your biggest potential, people have a hard time doing that. It’s a struggle for a lot of people. What is your advice when you find these issues, this challenge that people have and you say, “Your plan is too small. You have to play bigger?” Obviously for some people, they may feel like they’re playing as big as they can play, but from someone who’s been in the game understands that you can do more. You can expand your territory, expand your capacity of you. How does someone do that?

First of all, you can’t convince somebody else of their potential. It has to come from them, their own self-belief, their own belief in their potential. Most of us were raised by well-meaning people who did the very best that they could with what they knew at the time. A lot of their attempts to keep us safe are the same mentalities, the same programming that they put in us that then keep us small. There’s a bit of deprogramming we have to do as conscious adults who are wanting to play on a bigger scheme in life, a bit of deprogramming that we have to do and I call it re-parenting ourselves.

The people I’m talking about are not the people who that you or I would look at and be like, “They could be doing so much more.” If you feel genuinely in your life that you are at potential max and you are rocking it out, rock out. It’s an individual thing. It’s like whatever works for you. I’m talking to the men and women who are like, “I know that I could be doing more. I know there’s a bigger game for me. I know that I could be doing this more.” Usually for us as a tribe of achievers, of creators and of makers, we can make it look good on the outside.

To other people they feel like, “You’re winning it. You’ve got it going on. Look at Rodney, he’s rocking. He’s got his podcast. Look at Abiola, she’s got Spiritpreneur thing or whatever.”We know deep down inside that still small voice is saying, “I haven’t even gotten started yet.” What looks like a high achievement for us is just touching the surface. We can make what for us is 50%, for another person may be a zillion percent. It gets comfortable because everybody will hype you up and say, “You’re winning and you’re rocking it,” but inside you feel like, “I’m scratching the surface. I am not even close to doing what I was born to do.”

Those are the people that I’m talking to. Those are the women who I’m talking to who are saying, “If I truly believed in my potential, if I believed the things that I say I believe, what would my life look like?” I say begin with some self-reflection because you don’t know what you don’t know. Get with you, your God, your journal and start to ask yourself some questions about, “What do I believe about myself, about my life, about my potential, about what’s capable for me?” For example, knowing your story, “Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with me and the world.” The average person would say, “Those people know more about me, my body and my life than I do. It is what it is.” I’m going to play the hand.

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This is what they say, but you said, “No, I hear what you’re saying, but I know what I am saying to me.” That’s where we have to get where it’s not about the world who’s going to tell us whatever it is. Like, “You’re black, you’re a woman, you’re this, you’re that.” I know that. It’s about what we are saying to ourselves. That’s what it comes down to. You have to look at what you’re saying to yourself because a lot of times these voices are in our subconscious mind that we’re not even aware of. They’ve been there since we were four, five or a parent abandoned us or a teacher said, “That’s not for you. That’s the wrong path,” or whatever it is. We assume that these voices are part of our personality or a part of who we are, but they’re not, so we had to deprogram them.

With deprograming, we can reprogram. We can get rid of those thoughts and belief systems that we grew up with, that was ingrained in us. We can start adopting new patterns, new belief system and new beliefs about ourselves and that’s the most exciting part. You get to write the script and you get to create what it is that you want to create. I believe that God is so brilliant and magnificent in creating us because that’s part of our makeup. That’s part of who we are as human beings, to be able to imagine and create whatever it is that we want in our lives. What do you say to that?

I say that that’s absolutely what it is. I was talking to a client about this and she said, “I’ve been working on these beliefs. I felt like I had it and then life happened. I was with you in Belize. My life was good for a few months and then stuff happened.” I said, “That’s the design of it. Of course, stuff happens.” It’s like bathing. I can’t say, “I took a bath back in June and I was good.” You have to keep at it. If you leave a field, weeds grow naturally without you trying to, but if you want something more beautiful, you want a specific kind of plant, vegetable or flower, then you’ve got to be intentional about it. When you remove those beliefs, nature hates a vacuum.

You’re going to replace it with what you already know, your default settings. You’ve got to reprogram your default settings by installing new beliefs. If your belief system was very simply like, “I’m not good enough,” then you’ve got to install the new belief, “I am good enough.” Not just chanting mindless affirmations, that’s good too, but you need something underneath it. You need a foundation. What would it take for you to believe that about yourself? You take baby steps towards whatever it is that you’re trying to create, small incremental steps.

There’s a saying that the Ashanti people in Ghana have that says, “Small drops heal the mighty ocean.” Are you coming to God’s ocean with a thimble and saying, “I just want this much. Just get me through the month. If I could just make my bills, if I could just do whatever?” Do we come with this much with a thimble? If that’s what you’re coming with, you’re going to feel that. If you’re coming with your arms open and you’re like, “I am ready. I’m willing. I’m able, use me, take me.” That’s a different energy. You’re going to be filled up with something different.

What are spiritpreneurs? You mentioned that is something that you’re focused on creating. What is that?

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Spiritpreneur: Spiritpreneurs are doing what they feel their spirit is leading them to do. They are answering their calling and building a business around it.


I created the term spiritpreneur because often I was finding women like me who were wanting to coach, heal or be creative entrepreneurs and didn’t necessarily feel like they fit into the regular entrepreneurial spaces. There are a number of different designations between being a spiritpreneur and a regular entrepreneur. For example, I always use my uncle who’s an exterminator as an example. My uncle is good. He’s amazing. I love him. He created a business that sustains his family in a wonderful way, but he would not say that killing bugs is his passion. He would not say that. Thankfully for him, for previous generations that they did whatever that we could then have the luxury to perhaps say, “What is it that I want to do?”

He didn’t have that luxury or feel that he had that luxury, but that is his business and he’s an entrepreneur and he’s very successful at it. Spiritpreneurs are doing what they feel that spirit is leading them to do. That they are answering their calling and building a business around it, which usually is in the form of being an author, a speaker, a coach, a healer, some health or empowerment practitioner. The niche could vary from a love and relationship spiritpreneur or you could be an empowerment and spiritualities spiritpreneur, you could be a health and fitness spiritpreneur. You could be a beauty and fashion spiritpreneur. It’s that you’re feeling spirit-led to be able to change the world in this area and make that your business as well.

You’re monetizing your spiritual gift, so to speak. Being able to serve, being able to cultivate what you have and give it out to the world, but at the same time making a business.

Yes, and here’s the wonderful thing. When I talk about this, people think, “This is something new,” but we didn’t start the fire. For example, my great, great grandmother in Guyana, South America where my family is from. I’m the first person in my family born in the United States. My great, great grandmother was a midwife. She helped women to give birth to their babies and she also did a form of womb massage that helped women who were not able to have children to be able to have children. She was born in the late 1800s. She did this work and people paid her in chickens, goats, eggs and whatever it is.

We have a belief system. A lot of us who are doing this work, one of the things that keep us undercharging and overworked is we have a belief system that somehow that was more holy, you’re more righteous. It was amazing, but it so happened that chickens, goats and eggs were the currency of the day. It was a currency exchange. Currency changes and evolves depending on the culture. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are new for us because at the moment when we were born, it didn’t exist. I have a niece who’s four years old, so by the time she gets to my age, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will be regular to her. Like, “This has always been. This is how you pay for things.”

Having dollar bills and coins on it is no different than the way I tell them, my clients, to imagine it. I’m like, “Think about if you’re having challenges around charging for your work as a coach, as a woman who’s a fitness coach and you’re having challenges around it. You’re on the banks of Senegal and you’ve helped and empowered somebody around their body.” You say, “Go home and bring me back the sweet potato pie.” Except for in this case, it happens to be a Mastercard, Visa or whatever it is. It’s an energy exchange in different forms. God didn’t create an abundant universe. If you go to any park or ocean, you can see how expensive and abundant God is. God didn’t bring you here in order for you to suffer, give you your dreams in order for you to suffer or say, “Only people who are inheriting income or rich people, they get to do what they want, but the rest of us, we’ve got to suffer, we’ve got to duke it out, we’ve got to be hand-to-mouth or anything like that.” That’s not the truth.

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From your perspective, what do you feel is one of the biggest challenges for people making that shift in understanding that they are worthy of charging whatever is the market or charging in general? I hesitate because I know this is big for a lot of people, especially a lot of religious people. They feel that if I charge or if I get money for my gift or serving, it seems to take away the spiritual atonement of it. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I feel that it’s like you said. I think that the gifts that we have in life, the people that we are and what we are able to contribute is God’s plan. It was created that way. You’re here for that reason. In order to keep things in flow, to keep things reciprocating, I give of my gift and I should receive something for that. It goes back to I’m here but I’m not just here to merely exist. I’m here, life gave me a gift. God gave me a gift of life and it’s my job to give back to God or give back to life by cultivating and giving of myself. The more I can do that, the more I can give.

The more I give them of myself and I receive because I’m giving up myself, I can give more of myself. I can affect more people. My contribution is expanding and it should expand as I go along, but if I give and I don’t ever receive, then I have to ask, “How can I give more?” You eventually run out. Life is like air. You take a deep breath, you take away air, but yet there is more air. I say that because I feel that we as individuals, spiritual beings, sometimes we can be a little too spiritual, when it comes to wanting to receive or being able to receive. Maybe that’s the thing, it’s being able to receive. Sometimes we can be good givers, but when it’s time for us to receive, we’re too humble to receive or to spiritual to receive. That’s difficult for us to strike that balance between it being okay to receive.

I agree with everything you said except for one thing. Can I disagree?


What I disagree with is semantics. It’s terminology. I would never say that sometimes that we’re too spiritual. I would say that what we don’t realize is that receiving is spiritual as well. It’s interesting because I come from a long line of healers and people who had different terminology around that. My father’s a minister and he’s not, “Give me some money for another plane,” minister. He’s a, “Give until it hurts. Come live in our basement, take our food our money, the clothes off our back and we all suffer,” for the greater good minister. While I humbly love and respect that experience, it comes from the point of view of scarcity, a point of view of if you’re thinking, we’ll give until it hurts. Giving doesn’t hurt.

As a spiritpreneur, as an entrepreneur, as a human on this planet, we should be giving abundantly. We should be giving fully. We should absolutely be giving. It’s a part of the exchange. The beautiful metaphor of we’re gifted and loved here on this Earth that we don’t have to ask, “Can we take another breath?” We inhale, exhale and expect that that is going to be there for us. How loved are we? It’s an exchange because we’re inhaling the oxygen we need, exhaling CO2 that other plants and things on this planet need. It’s the perfect ecosystem. It’s the same thing with our businesses, services with the giving and the receiving. I don’t usually talk about this outside of my group but a few years ago, I was overworked, underpaid and had a horrible boss except the boss was me.

GCM 43 | Spiritpreneur

Spiritpreneur: It’s not only that your Maker thinks it’s okay for you to thrive, but your Maker wants you to thrive, expand, and be your best not just in terms of money.


I had quickly adapted my family patterns of giving everything away for free because I had issues and fears around charging. I had great programs that we’re getting people results, but they were filled with people who were there for free. The interesting thing oftentimes about people who are there for free, we value things less when we’re there for free. All of us have hard drives full of free things we’ve downloaded, we’ve read, looked at, opened or whatever it is. I was at this place where I was going to have to close down my vision, go and do something else. I knew that this is what I was called to do. It was a conundrum. One morning, very clearly, I heard the words, “Get up, it’s reaping season.”

My family is from Guyana. We are farmers on both sides, but I’m born in New York City. I don’t even know what this means. I had to google it to see because I wasn’t even sure, “What does this mean?” I know it wasn’t my voice because it’s not my language. It’s not a language that I use and I wasn’t even sure of what the terminology meant. For me, the gift was and is in helping us to realize that a lot of times when we put on that mask of that it’s not spiritual to charge as a coach, as whatever it is that you are feeling called to do, that’s an excuse. It’s an excuse for being able to play small, to hide, to shrink and to stay safe. There are many different ways that we do that.

I had this beautiful evolution. Ideas evolve when you are teaching and doing your work, what you’re meant to do, your own work evolves. We don’t keep talking about the same thing that we were talking about years ago. If something is wrong, when people say, “You changed?” “Yeah, of course.” I’m not doing all of this work to stay the same. We’re meant to evolve. That’s the nature of life. I had gotten to the place where it’s okay to charge, it’s good to charge, it’s good to be abundant, it’s all right. I realized that it’s not only okay to charge, it’s not only okay to be prosperous and be able to give abundantly or prosperously.

When we are growing up, if we have parents who are in a healthy mindset and people will do the very best that they can with what they know. Parents who are in a healthy mindset want their children to thrive. They want their children not only to be their best, but they want their children to surpass them. If that’s the truth, about our earthly parents, then it’s the same about our spiritual parents who brought us here, however, whatever language people feel comfortable with to define. I say God, but people can say whatever it is that they feel comfortable with.

It’s not only that your Maker, your Creator thinks it’s okay for you to thrive, but your Maker, your Creator wants you to thrive, wants you to expand, wants you to be your best, not just in terms of money. We get very caught up when we talk about abundance in terms of money, but there are abundant health, well-being and the ability to take a deep breath. There’s abundant love, relationships and friendships. There’s abundant communication and all of that. If you are in a one-sided relationship with money where you’re hoarding and feeling like, “I’m going to take it all for myself,” that’s out of whack, that’s out of alignment. It’s giving and receiving. It’s a natural balance.

I’m not in the convincing business. I have no interest in convincing anybody of anything. I think that people have the right to believe what it is that they want to believe. I’m speaking to the people that this is the message that they needed to hear. People who are wanting to think something else or think, “It’s not in my religion to charge for my services. It’s more in my religion to work for somebody else,” or whatever it is that they believe. There’s no shame in that. Do what works for you. I don’t believe that your Creator gave you gifts and talents and then at the same time, wants you to suffer, starve so that you’re not able to maximize and be who you were born to be.

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Just to answer that if I can. The fact that sometimes there’s a self-worth issue, there’s a hesitation to charge or we undercharge. We don’t feel that the value of our services is X, Y or is something less than that. Even I, I’d be the first to admit, I’ve had that issue. When I created the programs and the products, I knew they were good. I knew they could help people. They were getting results, but I felt like, “I don’t want to charge someone that much.” There’s a book that I’ve read, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

One of the things that stuck with me from that book is the fact that you want to give something to someone that’s greater in cash value, greater in use value than you receive in cash value. That’s how I live with everything. The things that I give is priceless. You can’t put a price on it. You can’t pay any amount of money that will add up to the value of what I’m giving you. I live by that. When it comes to pricing products, when it comes to really putting a value on the contribution that you are given to like, “Can someone go out and use that,” and does that use value greater than the cash value that you receive? If it is, you’re fine.

One of the questions I think that is always helpful is not what is the cost of this, but what’s the cost of them not doing this? What’s the cost of staying stuck in your life and be in the same place? That’s a greater cost for me. People will think nothing of, “I’ll go spend the same money on Beyoncé tickets or I’ll spend this money on a fresh weave, fresh sneakers or whatever it is.” People have the right to value whatever they value, but don’t say that you want your life to be different and yet you want to keep doing the same thing.

You can look at it this way. What has it cost you up to this point? What have you lost? What is the should cost of the life that you’ve been living? What has been costing you? What could you be if you had this information years ago or have you made that decision years ago? What would the value of your life be? Do you want to continue to do that for another few years?

I love investing in my personal development, in my evolution and my growth, but that’s my worldview. Again, somebody else may have a different worldview. I’m here to expand, to learn and to grow. A lot of us have invested a lot of money in university educations, me included, that haven’t done a darn thing. It had nothing to do with what we’re doing. I have degrees that have nothing to do with anything. Investing in my own personal evolution, betting on me turned out to be much more the way to go.

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love: The 11 Secrets of Feminine Power

Let’s talk about that. Let’s shift a little bit because we’re talking about making that decision to pay that price. What has it done for you in your life as a result of making that decision?

It has changed everything. I believe that we are here to give back and to help to make other people’s lives greater and it’s not a one-sided thing. Being able to not only enjoy my own life, but helping other people who are meant to lead their own communities, tribes or whatever, which can be as simple as a small group like their family or a larger group, like their own tribe, audience or whatever it is, it’s a ripple effect. It’s absolutely been incredible and I will always continue to invest in myself. People have various things that work for them. I did my annual firewalk. This is the second year. If I’m saying something to people, it’s important for me to live up to that. For people who read this blog and don’t want to buy your programs, the beautiful thing is that anybody who like you, like me, like the incredible women who I’m blessed to coach, they tend to have a lot of free materials.

If they feel that they’re not there yet, where they’re able to invest in something financially, this show for example, is something that’s free that they can listen to. They’re not making a financial investment if that’s not where they are, but I think it’s important to have a daily practice. I would say for everybody, have a daily practice. Find ten minutes in your day where you could be listening to something inspirational, like Rodney’s podcasts, my podcast, my YouTube videos or whatever. If neither one of us move you, then something else, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be me. It doesn’t have to be Rodney. Find at least ten minutes a day to invest in your mind, invest in your heart and invest in your future by having new information. We don’t know what we don’t know.

In addition to that, you have the book called The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, which won bestseller in the African American Literary Awards category. Talk to us about that book. What is this book about? I am big profounder of self-love. I’m excited about this.

My last book was called The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love. I reclaimed the word bombshell to mean a woman who loves, honors and cherishes herself. It’s a book about feminine power. If you have been living your life with external voices telling you that you’re not good enough or not whatever enough or all of those things, how do you love yourself? We all grew up with people saying, “Love yourself,” but we didn’t know how, number one. Number two, a lot of times the people around us couldn’t tell us because they didn’t know, even doing the best that they could. For example, my beautiful, amazing mother, best mom on the planet, I love her with my whole heart and being. She told me, “You’re amazing. You can do anything you want.” She was only able to teach me to love myself but to a certain degree because she would only love herself up to a certain degree.

People can only teach you what they know. A lot of times our parents, what looked like love for them was survival skills and survival skills are not what’s going to get us to thriving. We underestimate how much generational trauma we have in our families. My family in Guyana on both sides were farmers and four generations ago, were slaves. All of the things that they suffered through and went through didn’t disappear or evaporate as people went on. People passed on their beliefs and they passed on their survival skills and some of it was what we absolutely need to go on and some of it is not. It’s not a betrayal for us to do differently.

Dr. Maya Angelou has a line in one of her poems that says, “I am the hope and the dream of the slave.” How amazing is that? To think that somewhere in a slave cabin somewhere, some ancestor that you would never know, I would never know, prayed that their great, great, great and beyond grandchild could be sitting on some device they couldn’t have dreamed of. They will be talking across time, space and have the luxury of talking about such things. The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love is a series of practices, journaling and exercises to help you to fall more deeply in love with yourself.

What is one of your favorite things to do?

One of my favorite exercises in the book is called Self-Marriage Ceremony. People think that when you say self-marriage ceremony means you’re marrying yourself and that means you don’t want a partner. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve had a lot of women do self-marriage ceremonies who are married. It is about making a commitment to yourself to be the very best for yourself, which then echoes out throughout your family and your well-being. Doing it as a whole ceremony and you can have your partner, significant other, your children there or whatever it is and celebrate yourself and your life. Another one that I like is a forgiveness process called Ho’oponopono, which is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness healing process, because forgiveness, learning to be able to forgive is actually one of the most powerful things that we can do. We think that forgiving is about other people, but it’s not. It’s about ourselves and it’s an important personal process, an important healing process and an important spiritual process as well.

Where could people find your book if they wanted to purchase it?

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love is available anywhere where you would buy books. It’s on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, but you can also find it on my site. My site is Womanifesting.com and I have other free gifts there like my Spiritual Selling Secrets Masterclass for those who are spiritpreneurs who are scared to charge. Definitely the Spiritual Selling Secrets free masterclass, which they can access at RichGoddess.club and a lot of other awesome goodies that they can find there.

I want to thank you. This has been a wonderful conversation with you. You are amazing. I love the work that you are doing in the world. I love the fact that you’re doing it for women specifically, as well. I work with a lot of women. I find that because of some of the issues, whether it be divorce, domestic violence, the stigma of being a woman. I’m not a woman, so I don’t know how it feels. I haven’t experienced it but based on what I’ve been able to experience through others, it’s difficult sometimes. It’s a challenge. I applaud women that take that extra step to become a leader, to make a difference and not just this silent but make waves in the world and stand up. Even though they are a woman, they show a sense of strength, determination, not afraid to give their gift to the world and do it proudly. Being able to support them is good work. I applaud you as a woman, for doing that as well. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Rodney. This has been a wonderful experience and your audience can also come to hang with me throughout social media @AbiolaTV where the TV stands for Transformation and Victory.

Do you have any final words?

I know that it if you have found your way to this conversation, I don’t believe that there’s any such thing as an accident. I believe that you’re here on purpose, not only in this conversation, but in this life. If there’s a gift or a dream that has been put into your heart or put into your spirit, I don’t believe that it’s been put there without the way to make it happen. It’s going to take all of us making shifts, cleaning up our own corner of the world. If there’s a dream that you have in your heart, you are as young as you are ever going to be. You’re not too old. It’s not too late. This is your time. You are enough. Make it happen.

Thank you, Abiola, for joining us on The Game Changer Mentality.

Thank you, Rodney.

I want to thank my audience. Remember, greatness is your birthright.

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