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From personal and business success – to spirituality and purpose  – the GAME CHANGER MENTALITY Podcast is the place for motivational insights, powerful strategies, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully ‘Changed the Game’ in some area of their personal and business life. Obtain a higher awareness of how to produce positive change, achieve optimal results, overcome challenges, and become resilient in the face of adversity, setbacks, and obstacles of life.

Join the conversation as Rodney shares how to expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance, and create a life you enjoy living regardless of past or existing experiences.  Adopt the Game Changer Mentality!


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Imagine a destination you want to reach. Get it clear in your mind–figure out exactly why you want to go there, map out the path from where you’re standing, memorize the roads you need to travel, what hotels you’re going to stay at along the way. Calculate how much gas you’ll need and where along the way you’ll buy it. Are you there yet? Of course not. Calculations and mapping and getting clarity for your
GCM 32 | Sexy Business
  Who would not want a business that attracts customers? More often than not, people end up being in a big ugly business that might be making money but can’t make them enjoy life. This is because the business is owning them. The way that you get people to chase you with money, which is a sexy principle, is when you give so much value that people everywhere will want to find you and give
Once you’ve created your game-changing vision, set a game plan, and accepted the changes ahead, it’s finally time to live your vision. Living your goals, dreams, and aspirations is all about sticking to your vision and never giving up. Wake up every day with renewed motivation and continue to pursue and persevere. “The most important thing is to never give up, never give in to circumstances, believe in yourself, and to soldier on, no matter
I want to share a personal story with you. Going into my Sophomore year of high school, I thought I knew the vision for my life. I was so confident of the path ahead of me and I knew the exact steps I needed to take to reach my dreams. I thought I knew where I was going and who I was. That all changed when I was in a tragic accident and became a
GCM 31 | Domestic Violence
  Domestic violence can put individuals, especially women, in a place of feeling stuck and being paralyzed. Imagine going through something like that and wanting to forward your life? A lot of times, there are issues with confidence and self-esteem with women going forward after experiencing something like this. Amilia Powers of Value Ur Self is an advocate for women who have suffered some type of domestic violence. She’s an author, speaker, writer, and she’s
Once you’ve succeeded in creating your game-changing vision statement, it’s time to create a game plan for pursuing and progressing towards your vision. To achieve your vision, it is important to map it out and follow the guide you set. Before you can start setting your game plan though, you must believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, your vision will never be realized. You must wake up each day with the mindset
When it comes to creating a vision, many stop at setting goals. Vision is about more than having goals. Goals are single accomplishments that you collect like tokens as you go through life, however, vision addresses your identity and desired outcomes surrounding how you live your life. Your vision includes your aspirations, hopes, dreams and who you desire to be. Establishing a clear and well-thought-out vision statement for your life is one of the most
GCM 30 | Writing A Book
  Everyone has a book in them. If you are interested in writing a book, you want to tell your story, and you want to get things out into the world, Cevin Ormond is the guy for you to talk to. Cevin is a personal leadership, credibility, and influence expert. He’s also a keynote and inspirational speaker. Having been through a lot himself as a cancer survivor and a war veteran, he helps people with
GCM 29 | Psychology Of Productivity
  Many people tend to think that being productive means finishing a number of tasks in the shortest amount of time. However, what lies underneath that is far more rewarding than merely getting off work fast. Penny Zenker, international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author proves why she is one of America’s leading experts in the psychology of productivity. She talks about how we can eliminate distractions, perfectionism, and self-sabotage in order to maximize
It’s 2019–how many people have asked you what your New Year’s resolutions are? As someone whose public life revolves around personal growth and development for myself and others, I’ve already been asked about my resolutions many times. People are always surprised by my response: I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get me wrong. I think taking time to reflect on the past year and charting your course for the year to come is