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From personal and business success – to spirituality and purpose  – the GAME CHANGER MENTALITY Podcast is the place for motivational insights, powerful strategies, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully ‘Changed the Game’ in some area of their personal and business life. Obtain a higher awareness of how to produce positive change, achieve optimal results, overcome challenges, and become resilient in the face of adversity, setbacks, and obstacles of life.

Join the conversation as Rodney shares how to expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance, and create a life you enjoy living regardless of past or existing experiences.  Adopt the Game Changer Mentality!


Episode Blogs


GCM 16 | Remote Hiring
  Serial marketer and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce, Nathan Hirsch, brings in some great insights into the world of being an entrepreneur, in finding value in what you do, and in pursuing what you love. His success story began in his college dorm room selling books, which later introduced him to Amazon and eventually led him to discover the business of remote hiring. Since then, he has co-founded his own company called FreeeUp,
GCM 14 | Food Addiction Recovery
  Hitting rock bottom from her own personal experience of losing a son gave Dr. Carolyn Ross a new meaning to her medical career. Ten years after his freshman year in college, her son died as a result of his depression, and it was a life-changing experience for Dr. Ross. At that point, she shifted her career to focus on mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, as well as addictions and eating disorders. When
GCM 14 | Futurize Yourself
  Our body and mind work hand in hand. When dealing with a stressful situation, we tend to lose ourselves by thinking too much that we end up doing the wrong thing. By being present and getting your body in condition, you can align your mind to that moment and feel freer to decide on the next step. Author of Futurize Yourself, Tom Meyers, talks about osteopath and its effects on not only the body but the
GCM 13 | Living Life Fearlessly
  Is there a secret to living life fearlessly? The game changers, the people who are incredibly successful in life – they understand that failure is part of the process. With the right mindset, failure can be truly liberating. Racquel Walters discusses ideal life and career strategies with a twist: facing the fear of failure head-on instead of trying to avoid it. Always note that you have whatever potential inside of you to make changes
GCM 12 | Extreme Focus
  In sports, attaining peak physical condition for a game is never enough. You need peak mental performance as well. A lot of people see the greatness of getting that goal. You see the people holding up the trophy and they feel great, but there’s pain and hard work to get to that goal as well. Shane Austin, quarterback for the Arena Football League and president of Extreme Focus, wants you to go out there and make
GCM 11 | Pivot
  A lot of people are unhappy with what they do to earn for a living. Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Adam Markel says he money and success aren’t enough and don’t provide fulfillment, and success without fulfillment feels like failure. Adam’s latest book is the bestselling PIVOT: The Art and Science of ReinventingYour Career and Life. He also hosts The Conscious PIVOT podcast, where he shares his insights on pivoting in today’s fast paced market and
GCM 10 | Change Your Life
  Sometimes in life situations happen and things show up. It happens to all of us. No one is exempt from trials and tribulations. No one is exempt from challenges and obstacles. At what point are you going to stop making excuses for yourself, creating roadblocks where there are none, making mountains out of molehills, and blaming your failures on everyone but yourself? We have to get real with ourselves. Friends, I don’t believe in
GCM 09 | Potential, Productivity And Performance
  Today, understanding, cultivating, and maximizing the given talents and abilities we possess is the key to living and performing above the social norm. The ability to test the waters and discover new territory including personal thoughts, perceptions, capabilities, performance levels, wants, and desires for oneself marks the difference between an individual harnessing their power and achieving optimal performance or settling for an average life. Discover the strategies that will get you, your surroundings, and
GCM 08 | Progressing Beyond Resistance
  Why is it most individuals fail to reach their full potential? What stops them and keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle of mediocrity? It is because these individuals couldn’t effectively manage resistance and progressing beyond resistance is a very difficult challenge for them. Something that’s going to be an obstacle or a challenge or something that’s pushing you back from doing the things that you want to do, accomplishing the goals that you
GCM 07 | Overcoming Insurmountable Barriers
  Whenever we reach for our hopes and dreams, it sometimes seems like the obstacles and challenges that stand in our way are larger than life and we’re constantly overcoming insurmountable barriers and limitations. However, whenever drastic experiences or situations occur in our lives, we have a choice how we allow these events to affect us. The question is, what do you do when facing this type of situation in life? The barriers and the