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From personal and business success – to spirituality and purpose  – the GAME CHANGER MENTALITY Podcast is the place for motivational insights, powerful strategies, interviews, stories, tools, and actionable advice from people who have successfully ‘Changed the Game’ in some area of their personal and business life. Obtain a higher awareness of how to produce positive change, achieve optimal results, overcome challenges, and become resilient in the face of adversity, setbacks, and obstacles of life.

Join the conversation as Rodney shares how to expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance, and create a life you enjoy living regardless of past or existing experiences.  Adopt the Game Changer Mentality!


Episode Blogs


GCM 48 | The Successful Thinker
  What humans have in common is they are all tested at least one point in their life. However, where everyone differs is how they rise above every challenge and come out stronger. Bestselling author of The Successful Thinker, Corey Jahnke uncovers leadership strategies and the easy-to-follow blueprint for creating the most excellent relationships. As he shares the brilliant reading list and inspirations behind his book, find out the value system of successful thinkers for every
GCM 47 | Meditation
  Taking a vacation of the mind from the pressures of business and whatnots is a necessity for corporate athletes. The best destination is through meditation. CEO of Vacation of the Mind Briana Bragg created a unique meditation program that is an excellent tool for stress reduction, improved focus, and concentration. Author of the upcoming Journey into Tranquility: A Three-Step Process to Guided Meditation, Briana breaks down the different techniques on how to reduce the noise
GCM 46 | Living Happy
  People are seeking for genuine and lasting happiness in their lives. However, we must all be mindful of the path we’re walking if that indeed leads to real happiness. Valerie Sheppard, an author and CEO of The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery™, talks about her book, Living Happy to Be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle. The book is about the combination of investment in coaching, transformational workshops, and private counseling that will enlighten us
GCM 45 | Burnout
  Most people think putting yourself first is selfish. However, if you don’t prioritize yourself in some way, shape, or form, you’re not going to have what it takes to help, to do, and be there for your family. Whitney Gordon-Mead – CEO of Intuit Wisdom, LLC, speaker, certified life coach, and ordained minister – gives us a glimpse of the time she experienced burnout and dealt with fibromyalgia. She shares how her experience led
GCM 44 | Orgasmic Life
  Mastering something may have taken you thousands of hours of studying but stepping out and manifesting it to everything that takes place in our lives could be a whole new challenge. Michelle LLC has been through this dilemma, realizing soon after the incredible things that happen when you step out in recognizing your strengths, value, and worth. Now, she is a certified transformational life coach and the founder of Divine Vision Center and Thick
Real talk: When is the last time you even took a lunch break? Not that standing-over-your-desk, quick-bites-sandwiched-between-emails-and-phone-calls crap–a real, full lunch hour, away from the office, to feed your body and your brain what they need. You might think that working through your lunch break makes you efficient and sets you up for a successful day. It does not. Taking an hour break in the middle of your work day is one of the most
GCM 43 | Spiritpreneur
  A lot of people are not reaching their full potential, and the reason why sometimes boil down to their own self-belief. Abiola Abrams is a Spiritpreneur, a success coach, author, award-winning motivational speaker who helps women, coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs to be seen, heard, and create movements around their big ideas. Known as the Self-Worth Midwife, she is passionate about midwifing conscious women leaders to breakthroughs. In this telling interview, Abiola defines what
Mental Toughness Techniques for Better Performance
You’re driving towards the basket when you get bumped; then, suddenly, the ball is out of your hands and heading in the opposite direction. Sound familiar? How about this: Your team gets together to tackle a problem. The conversation begins, but before you know it, you have completely lost control. It spirals into chaos due to counteractive heightened emotions. Whether you’re on the court or in the office, there’s nothing more aggravating than a turnover–especially
GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen
Sometimes, life has a tendency of putting us on the hot seat. However, the challenges and the obstacles that we may have in our lives were put there to help us accomplish we should be accomplishing and contributing to the world. Business and life transformation expert and creator of The Miraculous Living Method Wendy Darling believes that you were brought into this world for a very special reason and purpose that no other person can
Your phone is blowing up, employees and co-workers have a million questions, your assistant is pressing you with meetings and messages, clients are demanding your attention, and on top of all that outside noise, your thoughts are running in circles. You have so much on your to-do list that you don’t know where to start. Stepping into the office can feel just like stepping onto the court – loud, noisy and hectic. But standing in