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Featured Articles

Getting Down To The Root Cause Of Limiting Beliefs with Chris Salem

By Rodney Flowers on February 15, 2019

  We grow up picking certain things along the way that either work for us or against us. Life and business strategist Chris Salem identifies these as our limiting beliefs. What we got as we continue on in our life’s journey could affect us throughout various aspects – from business to our wellness and relationships. Chris shares a process and strategy for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and even organizations to get down to the root cause Read More.

Discovering Your Superpowers: Starting Young In Business with Neva Lee Recla

By Rodney Flowers on February 8, 2019

  Paying attention to the desires of your heart can help identify what it is that you’re supposed to do here on earth to support others. We all have gifts and we have to find those gifts, exploit them, and use them in a manner that’s going to help humanity and help life altogether. Neva Lee Recla is an example of that. She is a nine-year-old entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She just finished writing her Read More.

Falling in Love with the Process

By Rodney Flowers on February 7, 2019

Imagine a destination you want to reach. Get it clear in your mind–figure out exactly why you want to go there, map out the path from where you’re standing, memorize the roads you need to travel, what hotels you’re going to stay at along the way. Calculate how much gas you’ll need and where along the way you’ll buy it. Are you there yet? Of course not. Calculations and mapping and getting clarity for your Read More.

Creating A Sexy Business with Kim White

By Rodney Flowers on February 1, 2019

  Who would not want a business that attracts customers? More often than not, people end up being in a big ugly business that might be making money but can’t make them enjoy life. This is because the business is owning them. The way that you get people to chase you with money, which is a sexy principle, is when you give so much value that people everywhere will want to find you and give Read More.